Purex Vs. Persil: Find Out Which Laundry Detergent Is Best

Purex and Persil Laundry Detergent have almost identical names, but the fact is that one is much more expensive. Many people still live under the impression that buying expensive products equals a high-quality product; this is not always true.

Purex is a laundry detergent brand available for purchase in most grocery stores. It claims to be gentle and robust, with no added dyes or perfumes in its detergent. However, it does contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil which may cause allergies. Its central advertising claim is that it can remove stains from the very fabrics that have been stained, like silk and cotton.

Both Purex and Persil lather well and can be used without compromising the texture of your clothes, but they both lack the power to remove stains, especially tough or regular deep stains.

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Differences Between Purex And Persil Laundry Detergent

1. Cost

Purex is much cheaper than Persil. This fact defeats the purpose of buying an expensive laundry detergent, especially when they both do the same job. Purex is priced at $27 for 86 loads, unlike Persil at $33 for 71 loads. The truth is that there are a lot of good quality laundry detergents in the market right now that would cost you much less than both of these brands and do just as good a job of cleaning your clothes without causing any allergic reactions.

2. Special Features

Purex is advertised as a bulletproof detergent, meaning it can clean any item of clothing and remove any stain. However, this is not true.

Persil, on the other hand, also has a deep cleaning feature which helps to remove even more stains when compared to Purex.

Both products use mild surfactants and enzymes in their composition, but Persil stands out from Purex regarding enzyme concentration. It also contains optical brighteners and brightens after washing; this means that your clothes will look brighter than before.

3. Evenness of Laundry Detergent

Purex and Persil are both fines in terms of being even. The problem lies in their need for more power to remove stubborn stains. The fact that they are acceptable does not mean that they do not lather well, although it takes slightly more effort to foam up than other brands. However, if you only care about having a laundry detergent that makes your clothes smell good or have a just-washed look, these products will work for you.

4. Concerns and Side Effects

Purex can cause allergic reactions in people allergic to coconut oil; therefore, if you have a baby and use Purex, be sure to test whether or not the baby’s skin reacts to it.

Persil also has a ‘skin friendly’ claim but does not mention whether coconut oil is an ingredient. Both brands are safe for babies as most components are gentle on the skin.

5. Accompaniment For Detangling

Purex is an excellent companion for detangling hair because it easily removes the tangles. It is especially nice if you have naturally curly or unruly hair.

Persil, on the other hand, is less effective at this because it has no surfactants to help with the tangling. If you are looking for a friendly laundry detergent that will leave your hair soft and manageable, then Purex will work for you. Persil contains no surfactants that could make your hair feel rough or crispy.

Similarities Between Purex And Persil Laundry Detergents

1. Cleansing Power

Purex and Persil both contain optical brighteners, enzyme cleaners and surfactants/surfactants. Both brands have similar cleansing power regarding regular stains, but deeper colours still require a little extra effort from each brand.

2. Safe for All Colors

Both Purex and Persil are safe for all kinds of fabrics so long as you do not use too much detergent at once. Using the recommended amount on the label is advisable, but using a little extra will not ruin your laundry either. If the clothes are left in the washer or dryer too long, damages may occur, especially for clothes that must hang dry.

3. Safe on Delicate Fabrics

Purex and Persil are safe for delicate fabrics, especially silk. Sometimes we need to wash our delicates separately to guarantee they do not come into contact with other clothes and get damaged, but this is only occasionally necessary with these products. Both of them have gentle surfactants and enzymes that clean the skin oils and residual dyes out of the fabric without damaging it.

4. Easy to Use

Both Purex and Persil are easy to use. They are very similar, which makes it very hard to choose either one over the other. Both lather easily, although Persil foam up more than Purex.

If you like foam, I recommend using Purex, but if you prefer a finer or gentler foam than the Persil or Purex could offer, other brands will be a better fit for your needs.

5. No Dyes or Fragrances

Both of the brands have no added dyes or fragrances. It makes the clothes more natural and, at the same time, reduces allergic reactions. You will only have a fresh, clean scent that will not bother your allergies.

6. Longevity of Product

Purex and Persil appear to last longer than products from other brands because they do not contain soaps or detergents, which can leave residues in your clothes which attract dirt and stains. However, both brands are only for external cleaning purposes; therefore, overuse can damage your fabrics.


Purex vs Persil are excellent laundry detergents that can be used for any clothing, especially delicate fabrics like silk. They both have a cleansing power to remove regular stains and a deep cleaning power to remove stubborn stains without leaving residues.

Both of them also have the same mild surfactants and enzyme composition, so they are also safe for use on delicate fabrics. They both have been dermatologist tested and did not cause allergic reactions, which makes them a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Although they do not irritate the skin, they may irritate the eyes without proper precautions. Finally, both brands are fragrance-free and dye-free, so they will not cause allergic reactions.

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