Tile Redi Shower Pan Problems

The bathroom space is personal and intimate. When you start to notice a soggy carpet, water stains surrounding the walls or baseboards, or water stains on the ceiling of the room below, you can bet that your shower pan is faulty. One of the most annoying problems for a homeowner is when the shower floor wreaks havoc in the bathroom.

The purpose of your shower pan is an essential part of your shower. It keeps the water funneling down the drain and protects your floor and subfloor from any water leaks. Several types of shower pans are available in different waterproof materials including acrylic, fiberglass, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC shower pans from brands such as Tile Redi.

Some homeowners, bathroom specialists, and professional contractors appreciate the Tile Redi shower pan for its easy installation and great fit. However, there are folks who find problems with the Tile Redi shower pan. In this article, you will learn what issues could arise with a Tile Redi shower pan, and how to handle them. First, you will read a brief introduction of what a shower pan does, where it is located and the different materials used.

Tile Redi Shower Pan Problems

Tile Redi Shower Pans

Tile Redi is a manufacturer that constructs all things for the shower including pans, shelves, doors, and all of the finishing touches. Known for its shower pan products made of PVC, Tile Redi shower pans are available to DIY homeowners, contractors, and builders through home improvement retailers, mom and pop stores and online.

The pan is a pre-measured one piece that is inserted right onto the shower floor to create a stable surface, and a leak-free shower environment. Customers can choose from a wide selection of pans of different floor colors, sizes, drain placements, single, double and triple curbs, and curbless for walk-in and wheelchair access. A variety of design-friendly drain colors are also available including chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, black and more.

The Tile Redi shower pans were designed to make installation simple for all user levels. Based on saving time Tile Redi instructions help you install your shower pan. You do not need to be professional. It is not recommended to cut this pan or change its surface. Utilizing mortar, a waterproof sealant, and a Tile Redi flashing kit, the Tile Redi installation instructions are straightforward.


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Tile Redi Shower Pan Problems

With any home improvement installation, you want to get it right the first time, otherwise, it ends up costing you more and you’ve wasted materials. No one wants that problem.

When shower pans are now installed accurately, your shower and bathroom can be exposed to mold, mildew, and unstable surfaces.

From difficulty with its epoxy adhesive and water not properly draining, there are some noted and frequent issues that could arise when you choose a Tile Redi shower pan product.

Adhesive Problems

Redi Poxy is included when you purchase the Tile Redi shower pan. This epoxy adhesive has been reviewed by a community of users who have found that Redi Poxy isn’t strong enough to hold the shower pan to the base. When the pan isn’t properly adhered to or set securely to the subfloor/concrete, the potential problems include grout cracking and the curb cap breaking.

Some DIY-ers suggest ordering additional epoxy in case what comes in the kit isn’t enough. And do not use thin-set when you tile.

Mortar Issues

Some people have issues with the mortar. When you don’t calculate the ratio appropriately your shower pan will not lay correctly. Follow the Tile Redi enclosed installation instructions. Some installers find that the mortar needs to cover as much area space in the ribs as much as possible and be aware when working around the drain. It is recommended by home improvement professionals to lay something heavy on the shower pan as it sets.

Be sure to use the suggested mortar for these shower pans. And, always prepare ahead. Make sure you have enough mortar and materials.


Because the Tile Redi shower pan products come in set standard sizes, you need to be extra careful that the shower pan you do purchase is the right size for your shower, especially when you are building a custom shower.

Shower pan pitch

Although the Tile Redi shower pan is constructed with just the right slope to help water drain, it has caused homeowners problems. Depending on your shower, you might find that once the pan is installed it isn’t properly aligned. Always test the fit before using the adhesive. When the pan isn’t fitting snugly angles are created on the floor, and a pool of water will accumulate at the base edge.

For many homeowners, taking a shower is both practical and sacred. DIY-ers and professional plumbers seek to work with reliable brands. Although the Tile Redi brand seems convenient with a seamless installation, it is advised to read the instructions thoroughly, ensure that you have measured correctly and you consult with the various YouTube videos online produced by professional plumbers.

You can avoid some of the common issues and problems customers have faced in the past by preparing ahead. This in turn will give you a functioning shower space that avoids water damage, leaks, mildew, and mold.

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