Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10: Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison

If you want us to name the best cordless vacuum cleaner in the market, the first name that will come to our mind is Dyson Cyclone V10. Dyson is a renowned brand in whatever it manufactures. But its cordless vacuum cleaners hardly have any competition as they are the most powerful. And among the best, Dyson V10 is the very best.

Just a few years back, finding a worthy rival to Dyson was pretty tough. But not anymore as the Chinese brand Tineco has held the ground pretty strong in front of Dyson. Its vacuum cleaners are less pricey but pretty similar to the cordless vacuum Dyson makes.

So, here we have Dyson V10 as the supreme vacuum cleaner. And to compete with it, we have two different Tineco cordless vacuum cleaners. They are pretty much the same with slight differences. We are talking about Tineco A10 and A11. Let’s have a look at the similarities and dissimilarities all the three have in them. In the race of Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10, let’s see which one wins.

Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10

Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10

So, here the competition is not between the brand Dyson and Tineco. Even the two versions of the Tineco vacuum cleaner are vying here. First, have a quick look at what these cordless vacuum cleaners offer.

Tineco A10

Tineco A10 has a very light main body that weighs only 2.87lbs. The lightweight main body increases the maneuverability of the cordless vacuum. One can reach the high corner of the room due to the low weight.

Tineco A10 comes with two batteries. Both are Lithium-Ion batteries. In regular mode, you can vacuum for 50 minutes. For charging the batteries, you have a dual pin adapter. You can charge both the batteries together or separately. The batteries can be charged, keeping it installed in the vacuum cleaner, or you can uninstall them and charge them the way you wish.

It has a massive suction power of 110W, that too at the max mode. That is because the vacuum operates with a high-performance 350W motor. In the max mode, it will ensure a quiet ambiance and clean for 20 minutes. Each battery in max mode can last up to 10 minutes. So, you can cover a good portion due to the dual battery system.

Its 4-stage fully sealed filtration system locks the dirt in and doesn’t let even a particle of dust, bacteria, allergen leak in the air. The dustbin capacity of it is 0.4ltrs.

To clean every single particle of dirt and debris, you get four tools with the vacuum. You have a multi-tasker power brush with LED light on it, and an LED soft-roller power brush, a dusting brush, and a mini brush to use with the handheld vacuum.

Use it either triggering on specific areas or have a continuous power mode with the power button switch lock. The switch lock saves you from tired fingers as you don’t have to hold the button while cleaning for a full 50 minutes.

Tineco A11

A11 operated with a 450W brushless motor has a suction power of 120W. You have two batteries that let you work for a full 60 minutes in a regular mode. It is a high-performance quiet cordless vacuum so you can have a deep clean on any surface with it. You can deep clean your house for about 24 minutes with this stick vacuum cleaner.

Like any other high-quality vacuum cleaner, Tineco A11 also has a fully sealed filtration system. It filters the dirt and debris in 4-stages. So, it is basically sucking up 99.99% of germs and bacteria. You have to use the switch lock feature to have a continuous running vacuum without using your hand.

To gather the dirt, you have a 0.6ltrs capacity dustbin. You can empty it with just one push in the button. The dustbin is detachable, so cleaning it is super easy.

A11 includes a dozen of attachments with it. Let’s start with the LED multi-tasker power brush that deep cleans like no other. You have not one but two crevice tools. One a regular crevice tool and other a long flexible crevice tool that reaches the spot that even the regular crevice tool can’t reach.

Then, you have the mini power brush, 2-in-1 dusting brush, and soft dusting brush. Attach them with the handheld vacuum and reach the tough to reach spaces. You get a hair cleaning tool, too, with it.

Last but not least, you get two pre-filters, and an auto pre-filter cleaning tool. Clean the filter by installing it in the rinse-free cleaning tool. You just need to fix it to the handheld vacuum and press the power button, and it will be ultra-clean and ready to use.

Dyson V10

You are going to get three types in Dyson V10- Motorhead, Animal, and Absolute. But here we are aiming the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal. If you are not using a motorized tool with it, this one works for a whopping one hour straight. And if you are using the soft roller cleaner head with it, then you can work with it for 40 minutes, which is not bad at all.

The V10 Animal works with a digital motor. Where instead of steel, it has used a ceramic shaft. Due to that, it spins up to 125K RPM. The suction power thus is pretty high. As high as a full-size vacuum.

It has three power modes. Depending on the need, you can use any of the modes. You have the instant release trigger, which helps you to save the charge as when you are not cleaning, the machine is not on for a second.

Like the other two, this one also uses a fully sealed filtration system. This filtration is capable of trapping 99.97% particles, which includes even the smallest 0.3 microns. As it’s sealed, nothing is leaking back in the air.

The vacuum has a large bin with a size of 77 liters. So, you do not need to empty it frequently. Though you have to clean it by removing, washing, and drying, the process is easy.

You have to set the wall-mounted dock for storing and charging it. When you are done cleaning, just hang the vacuum on the dock. There is no way you can forget to charge it, as once it is mounted, it is charging.


In Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10, you have some features that are present in all the three.

Fully Sealed Filtration System

All three cordless vacuum cleaners ensure to clean 99% of germs and bacterias. This is an absolute necessity for a thoroughly clean ambiance, especially for those who have a dust allergy. These are fully sealed, so there is no chance for the dust or bacteria to get leaked back in the air. Once it’s vacuumed and filtered, it’s gone. Such filtration systems are efficient enough to trap even the 0.3 microns particles. So, all three have the very best filtration system.


Without additional tools, stick vacuum cleaners don’t work as a complete cleaning tool. You will have to spend on accessories and other stuff for the proper cleaning of your whole house. But all these three stick vacuum cleaners come with necessary attachments. A10 might not be filled with dozens of attachment tools, but it comes with the essential ones. The same can be said about the Dyson V10. However, it’s the Tineco A11, which is the only vacuum cleaner that comes with so many attachment tools with it. That’s a rare case at such a price.

Handheld Vacuum

All three stick vacuum cleaners can be turned into handheld vacuum cleaners. So, you do not need to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner separately to reach and clean tight spaces. You get extra tools with the cleaner to use with the handheld vacuum cleaner. So, the areas you cannot reach with the stick vacuum, you can clean with the handheld one. A handheld vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning the bed, crevices of the sofa or bed, car or furniture upholstery, and so much more.


Right above, we discussed a few similarities. But what about the dissimilarities! Let’s discuss the contrasts as well.


Both the A10 and A11 come with two detachable batteries. That is not the case for Dyson V10. It doesn’t have a removable battery; neither it comes with two batteries. Though at a regular mode, V10 is going to work for 60 minutes, that too with one battery that is set in the vacuum cleaner. So, you can consider it as a great thing that just one battery can last for an hour in V10 compared to the two batteries in A11. And the A10 battery lasts for 50 minutes, even with two batteries, unlike the other two. You can charge one battery and work with another in the case of Tineco vacuum cleaners. But you cannot do the same if you have a Dyson V10.


A1o has a high-performance 350W motor with a suction power of 110W. And A11 has a 450W brushless motor with a 120W suction power. So, the former runs for 50 minutes and the latter for 60 minutes. In the case of Dyson V10, the motor is entirely different. It uses a digital motor. The motor V10 uses a suction power of a full-size vacuum. The reason lies in the ceramic shaft that is used in place of steel. Due to the ceramic shaft, the motor can spin up to 125000rpm. So, though it comes with one battery, the battery lasts for an hour with maximum suction power.

Charge System

All three vacuum cleaners have different charging systems. A10 comes with a dual pin adapter for charging its batteries, whereas the A11 is a dual charging powerhouse. But to charge the V10, you have to drill the wall-mounted dock on the wall. You have to mount it on the drop-in dock, and it will charge automatically. It is super easy to grab to start cleaning, compared to the Tineco cordless vacuums.

Dustbin Capacity

A1o has a 0.4ltrs dustbin and A11, a slightly bigger one, a 0.6ltrs dustbin. And V10 has a bin volume of 0.2 gallons. All the three, empty with one click and equally easy to wash and clean.

Filter Cleaning

With A10 and A11, you are going to get a rinse-free filter cleaning tool. You just need to attach the tool with the vacuum and trigger the power button, and without using your hands, the innovative feature will clean the dirtiest of filters. But in the case of Dyson V10, you will have to remove the filter, wash and dry it to reuse the filter.

Final Thoughts

The biggest take away from the comparison among high-quality products is that deciding the best is subjective. The one we might have liked and thought as the best might not be the one you are going to buy. The case is the same when we have analyzed and constructed a thorough analysis of Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10.

On one side we have Dyson V10, the renowned name, years of experience with full of features and a sturdy, long-lasting cordless vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, we have two from Tineco, quite similar but with significant differences than the Dyson one. More importantly, the A11 is an updated version of A10. So, even the two from the same brand are slightly different from the other.

Dyson V10 will be pricey, and if you can afford it, it will be worth every penny. On the contrary, both A10 and A11 by Tineco are within a limited budget. Both come with two Lithium-Ion batteries. So you can charge one and use the other. That is going to give you more working period.

Between the three, A10 and A11 comes with an innovative rinse-free filter cleaning tool, and Dyson doesn’t have that. So, you will have to remove the filter, wash, rinse and dry and then use it again.

The battery’s lasting power is full 60 minutes in V10 and A11. But it’s 50 minutes in A10. These are just the highlights, and there are several other differences and similarities in the three vacuum cleaners.

Your Choice

So, it is entirely up to you which one you think is the best among the three. The choice is yours whether you want to go with the renowned brand or want to trust on the comparatively new but very well constructed Tineco vacuum. It is up to you whether you want a few tools and features in a Tineco vacuum cleaner or you want to spend on the vacuum cleaner from the same brand that has a lot more.

Best Bet

In our opinion, in terms of features, construction, look, extra accessories, and price, it is the Tineco A11, which is the best hands down. Let us know which one you think is the best among the three.

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