Vinyl Flooring in Bathroom: Pros and Cons, is it Good?

If you have a basic idea about vinyl flooring, you probably have an idea about its popularity, reliability, and sensitivity at the same time. But have you ever thought about using vinyl flooring in your bathroom?

People often ask about the vinyl flooring in the bathroom pros and cons. Don’t worry; we got your back here. Even professional designers seem to recommend vinyl for bringing a cohesive appearance to your bathroom.

The appearance and its water-resistance quality are also additional factors for choosing vinyl as bathroom flooring. Well, before you make any decision, you better get some learning. Then you can say by yourself is vinyl good for bathrooms or not.

Vinyl Flooring in Bathroom

Is vinyl flooring safe for bathrooms?

Yes, you can consider vinyl flooring safe for the bathroom. It will give you a stunning shine along with protection. As vinyl is water-resistant, you won’t hold any massive damage risk. It is a better option for winter too. Vinyl doesn’t get as cold as tiles and other floors. So, you can expect a better comfort level with this flooring in your bathroom.

But make sure you’re not going for cheap quality vinyl for your bathroom. It should be PVC-based luxury vinyl. If you take good care of the flooring and maintain it well, it will sustain years after years. Even some professionals recommend vinyl as the safest pick among all. 

Let’s discuss Vinyl flooring in the bathroom pros and cons.

Now that we are confirmed that we can use vinyl flooring in the bathroom, let’s dig deeper here. Although vinyl is quite a good option, it’s not the best one. Vinyl flooring has some cons too. If we learn about both pros and cons of vinyl, it’ll give us a better perspective. Then, you can find out if vinyl flooring is suitable for bathrooms or not.

Pros of choosing vinyl bathroom floor:

Give a quick check over factors that will influence you to choose vinyl as your bathroom flooring:

Easy to install: 

The biggest issue appears while choosing to floor the installation hassle. Sometimes it costs more than the flooring if we hire a professional to install the flooring. You’re safe here with vinyl. If you’ve some experience or interest, try installing the vinyl flooring by yourself. It’s swift and easy. With vinyl flooring, you’ll find tile, plank and sheet options. Try any of these according to your choice and budget. However, vinyl planks are easier to install. These don’t carry the issue of measuring and cutting. Vinyl tile also is available as the self-stick. These are easy to install by peeling and backing the pieces. 


Cost is another critical issue while installing any flooring. You might have heard viny is a sign of luxury. But interestingly, it is more cost-effective than other expensive types of floorings. Well, it can cost you around $.50 to $5 per square foot of vinyl flooring. The rate can increase according to the quality of vinyl. But you should never settle for any cheap quality vinyl as they are going to serve you for a long time. 


Here comes a fantastic vinyl flooring specialty. If you install vinyl flooring in your bathroom, it will be way more comfortable. Vinyl can match the room temperature. So, you can easily walk barefoot over your vinyl bathroom flooring. Usually, the moisture and water will keep the bathroom flooring more cold than usual. But when you’re relying on vinyl, the bathroom floor will turn cozy and warm. 


Vinyl is always popular for its durability and reliability. You can expect a better reliance level in the long run with vinyl flooring in the bathroom. Such flooring will be resistant to dents and rots. With a similar attractive appearance, you might not find the same reliability on other floorings. You’re free to rely on daily usage with vinyl flooring. 


People who believe in luxury and want some beautiful appearance in their bathroom can definitely try vinyl flooring. Vinyl comes in different designs and structures; You can get ideas from interior designers for choosing the right design of vinyl flooring in your bathroom.


Another great factor about vinyl flooring is the water resistance level. Vinyl is absolutely waterproof and easy to clean. It will give you the beautiful appearance of hardwood, But hardwood gets swallowed because of moisture. In contrast, you can use water and cut off the fear of damage over vinyl flooring. 

Cons of choosing vinyl bathroom floor:

Now you can get into the factors that might make you realize vinyl flooring weaknesses for the bathroom. Get a quick check and try to maintain these cons:

Tough to remove:

Although vinyl is durable, you might have to change it or replace the flooring. Well, then it will create an issue, as vinyl flooring is not that easy to remove. Vinyl flooring is set by a typical type of glue. Such glue seems strong and needs some time, effort and energy to detach. 

Damage risks:

Well, vinyl is a sensitive type of flooring, without any doubt. If you fail to take good care of the flooring, it will get damaged easily. You have to be more careful while placing and removing the furniture. Furniture can easily damage vinyl flooring. You better measure the area and use a rug to cut off those damage risks. Without perfect precaution and maintenance, vinyl can be easily damaged.

Not UV resistant:

Vinyl flooring is not Uv resistant at all. If your bathroom has enough space for sunlight, the flooring can be discolored in a short time. It’s not recommended for the bathroom where the sunlight can’t be restricted.

Can’t be recycled:

Another drawback of vinyl flooring is, it can’t be recycled anyhow. As a conscious human being, you should know vinyl is not so friendly with the environment as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use a rug over vinyl flooring in the bathroom? 

Yes, using a rug over vinyl flooring in the bathroom is absolutely a safer idea. Vinyl can be damaged by a lot of factors. The rug can keep you protected from such issues. Also, rugs will get you a better comfort level too.

How much will it cost to install vinyl flooring in your bathroom?

Well, the exact cost of installing vinyl flooring in your bathroom will vary according to the size of the bathroom and the quality of vinyl. Approximately, the entire cost can be somewhere around $600 to $2,000. 


Vinyl flooring is considered a wise choice according to many sites. Its attractive appearance will amuse anyone without any doubt. But you would obviously not want to change or replace the flooring frequently. It is going to cost you a lot of time and bucks. So, it’s essential that you’re learning about vinyl flooring in bathroom pros and cons in detail. It is going to get you a clear perception before you tear up the flooring. Hopefully, now you have a better idea about vinyl flooring. Try to know more and pick the best one in your budget.

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