What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors

What is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors? Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and durable to use. However, every work needs some guideline and there is some small trick to keep the floor clean and shiny.

Ceramic tiles are durable but they will get scratch if there is sand or grit and they are grinding against the floor. To keep the glaze of the ceramic tiles one needs to ensure the routine cleaning.

What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors

Using natural ingredients during the cleaning will preserve the floor for a longer time. Instead of banning children from running over the floor, make sure to clean up spills or dirt tracks with cleaning machines. Normal household tools are great for cleaning ceramic tiles.

What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors

Step 1: Sweeping and Vacuuming

Quick sweeping or vacuuming the dust, dirt, or derbies from the floor is the first step to clean the floor. Then mop with warm water or use the manufacturer recommended product to wipe the floor. For the kitchen floor, there might need sometime more to clean it. For residue or other types of oil stains normal water is not sufficient. Let us learn some techniques to clean the ceramic floor.

Step 2: Clean Ceramic Tiles with Natural Ingredient

So, how to clean ceramic tile floors naturally. Let us talk about how to clean ceramic tile floors with vinegar. Cleaning ceramic tile floors with vinegar and baking soda is a century-long tradition. The Babylonians discovered that vinegar slows down the activity of bacteria and stop spoiling foods. With a gallon of warm water, mix about ¼ cup of white vinegar. You can also use lemon water. This is effective against bad odor and they are natural disinfectants. It is also great if you have pets or children in the house.

Before moping, you should clean the floor and rearrange the removable furniture or other objects that might be damaged by water. After the liquid is ready to mop with rotating microfiber mop or microfiber towel or wet mop. After cleaning with a mop, the water should be rinsed and the dirt should be cleared.

Step 3: Cleaning the Grout

Using Natural Ingredient

Ceramic tiles are held together by grout. Over time, dirt might stick there and make is discolored. Even your ceramic floor is clean but discolored grout will make it looks like not cleaned. Using hand brush and gentle rub might clear this. If necessary, make some paste with baking soda and add the same amount of water with it. Apply it with the brush on grout. Add the same amount of vinegar to the same amount of warm water. Spray it and wait for five minutes. Scrub the grout and wipe it clean. It is recommended to reseal the grout if necessary.

For stubborn grout stain, there might need to do something more. Wash with hot water and detergent, professionally recommended are the best. Then spray some hydrogen peroxide. It will help to clean the stain completely. For adhesive or grease stains, you can try club soda and water. If the stain or mark is dried out then keep it wet some time with some diluted bleach. By allowing it to become diluted so it can be cleared with a mop.

Using Commercial Ingredient

Home make ingredients are not always perfect. Professionals cleaner are strong in that way. However, they might have a strong odor and can affect ceramic tiles in the long run. If it is necessary to use a professional cleaner then use it in a well-vented area.

Step 4: Choose the Mop

You should also choose mop properly. Cleaning with a hard object or metal brush will leave mark on the floor. Microfiber mops are best for ceramic tiles. They come into different sizes. They are lightweight and washable. Some of them are handheld and the microfiber is reusable. They cover almost all surface and the microfiber pads can be washed into the washing machine. If the microfiber is not available then use rag or chamois mop. But never use a sponge mop. They push dirt’s into the grout lines. Besides, they are not great at absorbing water.

The mop head should also clear properly. If the mop does not wash properly or did not dry out properly, it might start odor. Sometimes the mop is not washed and dried properly then mold and mildew might start growing on it. If the mop spread odor then soak it into a mix of one-cup white vinegar or one cup of hydrogen peroxide into a gallon of water. Sit is overnight then rinsed it properly and completely dry in the sun.

Cleaning with a Steam Mop

You can also choose a steam mop. They are different from normal mop. This steam mops clean the ceramic floor with steam and pressure. There is no need to use any type of detergent in a steamy mop.

Nellie’s Wow Mop is one of them. It has nearly every feature that a smart steam mop has. It is a battery-powered floor cleaner and has spraying and scrubbing and sanitizing features. When it is on, the oscillating mop pad provides the perfect motions to clean the floor and make it shine. As it is battery powered, so the cordless operation allows cleaning the house more perfectly and precisely. The small and thin mop head allows you to go it under furniture and tight spaces. The review of its user said it is the best steam cleaner out there. And also it is very low maintenance.

Bissell is another amazing steam mop producer. It is not only effective in cleaning but also efficient in the budget. They are easy and convenient in use, it only takes thirty seconds to warm, and you are good to go.

Careful when cleaning the ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are slick when they are wet. Also walking on the wet floor will leave a footprint. You should clean it taking safety measures. Keep the area well ventilated to dry off the excess moisture from the floor. Try to sweep the floor regularly and mop every twice or once in a week.

So what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors? You should try home made ingredients first, because they are easy to use and no side reaction. They are also great for animals or children who have more smell sensitivity than we do.

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