Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10 – The Better Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool for everyone. Considering the price point, gone are the days of just dusting with a broom and dustpan. Because to be honest with a broom, you are just sweeping away visible dirt. You are throwing it away using the dustpan, but the smaller particles are back in the air. Then you have the harmful bacteria and germs which are almost invincible when one is dusting with just a broom.

However, when you have a cordless vacuum cleaner, first, you are trapping the germs and bacteria. Next, all the dirt that the vacuum trapped is never going to leak back into the air.

But the condition is to get a high-quality vacuum cleaner. A high-quality vacuum cleaner uses a sealed filtration system to ensure an ultra-clean ambiance. So, you are trapping and getting rid of almost 100% dirt, germs, and bacteria. So, you might be wondering about the high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner. And we have two for you. One is the very popular and the best in the market Dyson Cyclone V10, and the other is the very effective Moosoo K17.

Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10

Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10

Our purpose is to analyze both the vacuum cleaner and build an informative Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10 review. Which one is better, we might give you the answer at the end. But keep in mind that what is best for us might not meet your expectations. Both these cordless vacuum cleaners are the best. And when the two best compete, it always comes to the users’ personal requirements from a product. So, without further ado, let’s just talk about both the cordless vacuum cleaners in detail and see whether we find the better one or not.

Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson makes the best vacuum cleaners, and its Cyclone V10 is the best in the market. In terms of look, it is super sleek, and in terms of work, it is supremely efficient. Dyson v10 works well on all types of hardwood floors and cleans the carpets equally well.

With it, you get a torque drive cleaner head. Not just that, to attach with it, you get four tools- a combination tool, a crevice tool, a mini soft dusting brush, and a mini motorized tool.

With just one click, this stick vacuum cleaner turns into a handheld cleaner. You can easily carry it to clean the high spots and corners of the house. Use it to clean your car too.

The high-performance digital motor can clean for about 60 minutes in a regular mode. The battery is Lithium-Ion and has that much power to it.

Moosoo K17

Moosoo K17 is an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner with full of amazing features. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy tube. So, sturdy but easy to carry and clean high spots.

The brushless motor has a suction power of 17kpa and works for 15 minutes with a fully charged battery. And if you are using the regular mode, the suction power comes down to 10kpa, and you can use the cleaner for half an hour. While the high suction is excellent for all types of dust and particles, the medium suction works great on lightweight dirt.

K17 works great in cleaning every hardwood floor, even the tiles and also the delicate carpets. It is an ultra-quiet vacuum so you can work at night and also when your kid is in deep slumber in the day.

To use the stick vacuum and transformed handheld vacuum, you get a few tools with it. You have the crevice nozzle with which you can clean the narrow places in the car and crevices of the sofa and bed. Then you have the 2-in-1 cleaning brush with LED light and 2-in-1 square brush for furniture cleaning.

The above is just a brief description of the vacuum cleaners. But to establish the comparison of Moosoo vs Dyson we need to consider what is common between the two and the uncommon features as well.

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Both are well-constructed cordless stick vacuum cleaners. So, there will be some similarities in them. Let’s have a glance at them right beneath.

Filtration System

For any vacuum cleaner to be the best, the filtration system seals the deal in actuality. If the filtration system is not efficient, then the vacuum cleaner cannot provide you an ultra-clean ambiance. And among all the filtration systems, it’s the HEPA filtration, which is the most effective on trapping every bit of the dirt. This filtration system ensures a fully sealed filter where your vacuum is going to trap 99.99% dirt, germ, and bacteria. Not even the smallest 0.3 microns particles will remain unnoticed. Not just that, as it’s fully sealed, there is no chance of the trapped dirt leaking back into the air.

We have the K17, which claims to capture 99.99% of microscopic dust with its 4-stage fully-sealed HEPA filtration system. And then we have the V10, which traps 99.97% of particles with its fully sealed filtration system and doesn’t even leave the smallest 0.3 microns ones. The percentage of capturing dirt is pretty close, almost the same. Both are equally efficient in filtering the dust.


You expect the stick vacuum to be transformed into a handheld vacuum. These two are no different. These can be transformed into handheld tools, and to use the handheld feature, both come with handy tools as well. So, reaching the tough-to-cleaning spots and crevices become so easy with both the stick vacuum cleaner.

Wall-Mounting Dock

To charge the Moosoo K17 and Dyson Cyclone V10, you get the dock that you need to drill and mount on the wall. So, they are both easy to store and reuse. But we are talking about Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10 here. Thus, the comparison is inevitable. The charging system is a bit different in the two. The Moosoo K17 has a cord system that you will have to always plug-in to charge the vacuum. You will have to remove the cord to use it after charging. However, here Dyson V10 hands down have used the most innovative charging system. In it, you just have to drill the dock in the wall. The moment you mount the vacuum on the dock, it starts charging automatically. No cord is visible. It is all hidden behind the wall. It looks less flimsy as there is no cord hanging from the cordless vacuum or dock while charging.


Both the brands offer a two-year warranty on their vacuum. Most of the well-made vacuum cleaners come with a warranty. Dyson, being the best in the market, having a warranty was kind of expected. But what caught our attention is the Moosoo K17 having the same period of warranty at such an affordable price point.


Till now, we have talked about what is similar between the two vacuum cleaners. Let’s come to the dissimilarities, and there are dozens. But we are going to touch upon a few glaring ones.


Both the vacuums are easy to use to clean the highest points of your house. And this is only possible when the stick vacuum cleaner you are using weighs less. Although both the vacuums are light and easy to carry with just one hand, there is still a stark difference in their weight. Moosoo K17 weighs 4.6lbs and Dyson Cyclone V10, 5.9lbs. You might consider the weight pretty close, but still, a 1.3 pounds difference remains when it comes to moosoo vs dyson. The Moosoo K17 is comparatively lighter.


In Moosoo K17, you get two modes to work with. You have the standard and the max mode. But when it comes to Dyson, all its vacuum cleaners come with three modes. A regular, a medium, and then comes the max mode. The power of the vacuum varies in different modes. Depending on the dust and its cleaning requirements, you must use the modes. The max mode is not what you need to use while cleaning the whole house. A regular mode is the most used to clean with the vacuum. It applies to both K17 and V10.


K17 and V10, both come with one battery. K17 is powered with an eight-cell, 22.2V Lithium-Ion battery. On the other hand. V10 uses a seven-cell, 120V Lithium-Ion battery. The former has a detachable battery, so you can buy extra batteries to extend the working hour with it. Although, you will have to charge the battery while it is set in the vacuum. But V10 has a battery intact in it. You are compelled to use that one battery all the time by recharging. Though the battery is powerful and you do not need any extra battery; still some of you might not be too impressed with it. So, both the vacuums have a few upsides and downsides when it comes to their battery.


V10 uses a powerful digital motor. The specialty of this motor is that it uses a ceramic shaft instead of steel. The use of ceramic gives it the power to spin 125000 RPM. That kind of power you can only get from a full-size vacuum. On the other hand, K17 uses a 200W powerful brushless motor. If you do not know, then brushless motors are the reason for a quiet machine. They cause less heating and no friction, and that automatically increases the vacuum’s shelf life. The motor spins a total of 50000 RPM.

Swivel Head

K17 has a super maneuverable swivel head. It turns 160 degrees and moves up and down, a full flat on the floor to a full 90-degree. So, reaching beneath the furniture gets easy. You can stand straight but rotate your vacuum the way you want. The Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10 gets intense here as its neck to neck competition. V10 is also easy to maneuver but doesn’t have such a versatile swivel head. It turns pretty well, reaches beneath the furniture too, but not as good as the K17.

Run Time

With the digital and brushless motor, the two vacuum cleaners run for a specific period in standard mode. V10 runs for a whopping one hour at one go. No other vacuum cleaners run that long with one single battery. That is why Dyson V10 is one of the best vacuum cleaners and everyone’s favorite. In the max mode, you can clean with V10 for 5-7 minutes. Though K17 runs for half an hour in the standard mode, you can work with it for 15 minutes in max mode. You might be thinking K17 offers better run time in max mode. But keep in mind the power of suction is not the same in the two vacuums. Dyson V10 is bound to be more powerful in max mode than Moosoo K17 as it has a medium mode in between.

Dirt Bin Size

There is zero competition to V10 when it comes to the bin size. Dyson V10 has the biggest dirt bin, which is 77 liters. Moosoo K17 has a small dirt bin, just 400ml capacity. To vacuum the whole house, you might need to empty the container a couple of times in case of K17. But with V10, even the dirt of the largest apartment with heavy traffic will hardly fill the bin.


Dyson V10 is loud. It doesn’t claim to provide a quiet working atmosphere. So, if you need a silent vacuum cleaner, get the Moosoo K17. It ensures a 67db quiet mode. So, you can use it without disturbing your kids and pets.

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Final Thoughts

In terms of price, our preferred vacuum cleaner without any doubt will be Moosoo K17. Such strong features at an affordable price are rare. At least you can be sure of not getting such a high-efficiency filtration system and warranty at this price. So, it is the go-to vacuum cleaner for our limited-budget vacuum cleaner users.

However, when it comes to efficiency, innovation, and vigorous cleaning, it is hard to beat Dyson V10. So, we have the winner for you, though both the vacuum cleaners are great in their own way. But when it is about Moosoo K17 vs Dyson Cyclone V10, we have a clear winner.

In our opinion, Dyson V10 Cyclon is the better one between the two vacuum cleaners we just analyzed thoroughly. It is too pricey, so it might not be afforded by many. But if you buy it and use it, you will see why it is so good. But that was our opinion. What is yours, we are keen to know. So, let us know which one you preferred between the two best cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market.

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