What is the Best Leaf Canister for Pool Vacuum in 2023

If your pool is surrounded by trees like HOE, then the floating leaves fall into the water.  As a result, leaves, and debris go into the pump skimmer basket that occurs clogging.

In other words, your pool cleaner gets clogged that decreases its cleaning efficiency. In return, your pool water loses its quality for swimming.

Indeed, cleaning the floating leaves from the pool is a pain in the ass.

So, is there any solution to increase the efficiency of your pool cleaner by removing leaves from the pump?

Fortunately, our editorial team reviewed some of the best leaf canisters for pool vacuum.

You can put it in line between vacuum and pump. It ensures all leaves and debris will go into the canister, not in your pump. So, no clogging will occur.

Best Leaf Canister for Pool Vacuum

So, let’s check out the list to give a whirl to your pool vacuum for optimum pool cleaning.

What is the Best Leaf Canister for Pool Vacuum for You

Are you looking for the best leaf canister for pool vacuum? We’ll take a look at some of the top products on the market and compare them to see which is right for your needs. We’ll also offer some tips on how to get started with your purchase. There’s no need to waste any more time – let’s jump into it!

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: Hayward W560 PoolVac Leaf Canister
    “It will be the best pool leaf canister for its large basket that stores a lot of dirt & leaves and traps them to go into the cleaner system. In return, it doesn’t only save your time but also increases the efficiency of your pool vacuum.”
  2. Best for Large Capacity: Hayward W530 Leaf Canister
    ” Its ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to open it and empty the dust. Besides, the superior design lets the spontaneous water flow to your system to maintain the vacuum’s efficiency.”
  3. Best for Performance: Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf Trap
    “It will be your go-to leaf catcher for its fine mesh bag. It captures all fine dust, debris, and leaves and stops them going through your pump filter for maintaining ultimate cleaning ability.”
  4. Best Budget Leaf Canister: U.S. Pool Supply in-line Pool Leaf Canister
    “If you look for an efficient canister for leaving out debris and leaves from the pool, then this is what you get. Its inline pool leaf catcher ensures to capture all fine dust & leaves before reaching your pool filter. However, this canister will be not for you if you look for an easy-to-open lid.”
  5. Best for Suction Power: Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister
    “It will be your best pick for its advanced cyclonic technology that ensures dynamic water flow to prevent the leaves & dust from going through your pool filter.”
  6. Not Recommended for Low Powered Pumps: Kokido K918CBX Leaf Canister
    “It will be your ideal choice if you have an automatic pool cleaner. Therefore, its ergonomic handle makes it easy to open and clean. However, if you have a low powered pump, then it will be better to look for an alternative.”
  7. Best Budget Large Capacity Leaf Canister: VINGLI Leaf Canister with Plastic Mesh
    “If you are on a budget but looking for a large capacity canister, then the VINGLI leaf catcher will be your best bait.”

Top Rated & Best Leaf Canister for Pool Vacuum

1. Hayward W560 PoolVac Leaf Canister: (Best Overall)

Finding the best leaf catcher that is compatible with your existing pool system is challenging. After scrutinizing the market, we found the best deal for you: Hayward 560, which works with every pool system.

No matter what pool systems you have, like Pentair or Zodiac, you can install the Hayward Leaf Canister with them.

On top of that, its ergonomic & durable design fits it with your all vacuum application.

To maintain the efficiency of your pool vacuum, it offers dynamic water flow to your pump.

Hayward W560 PoolVac Leaf Canister

Afterward, the see-through design of its canister makes the dumping workflow easier. You can see when the basket requires you to empty it. On the flip side, its easy-to-open lid makes it a breeze to clean the basket by removing leaves & debris.

The only con of this Hayward canister is- it is a bit challenging to pull out the lid as the 0-ring is very tight. However, you can use lube on the ring often to avoid this problem.

Extra-large basket

Remove the leaves from the filter or skimmer strainer and clean them often is a pain in your neck. To save you from the hassle, this Hayward pool leaf catcher comes with an extra-large basket. It stores a large amount of debris & leaves and traps them before they go into your pump. So, you don’t need to empty the canister often, which is a huge time saver.


  • Large canister capacity.
  • Maintain your pool cleaner efficiency by trapping the leaves & debris.
  • Easy to use & clean.
  • Easy installation system.


  • The 0-ring seal is very tight that makes it a bit difficult to open the lid.

2. Hayward W530 Leaf Canister: (Best for Large Capacity)

Hayward is our second pick for its multi-pool adaptability and superior design.

You can connect the canister with any pool cleaner system. Therefore, its high-quality design ensures the water bypass through the canister to your pool pump. As a result, the cleaning ability will increase and suck away dust & debris from your pool efficiently.

Hayward W530 Large Capacity Leaf Canister

Therefore, the easy-to-open lid makes it easy to access the basket quickly. On top of that, the see-through construction lets you know when you need to empty the basket. So, you can vacuum your pool without any disturbance.

The only con of this pool canister is- it’s a bit challenging to install it with your pool system without the adapter.

However, you can invest extra $22 bucks to purchase adapter pieces to make the installation breeze.

Large Capacity with Mesh bag & Ergonomic Handle

Like our top pick, the Hayward 530 also comes with a large canister capacity. But the twist is its replaceable mesh bag. You can replace it anytime if it gets damaged over time. Therefore, the subtle hole of the bag traps the leaves & debris, ensuring water flow to the pool cleaner system. Besides, its ergonomic handle allows you to empty the canister by holding it.


  • Extend your pool cleaner life by trapping the debris.
  • Easy to open & clean.
  • See-through housing lets you know when you need it to clean.
  • Convenient to install.


  • It would be great if it comes with adapter piece.

3. Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf Trap: (Best for Performance)

If you hustle to find a pool canister to put together with your Kreepy Krauly pool, then this Pentair R211084K is just for you.

Its extra-large capacity makes it ideal for a large pool loaded with heavy leaves that require cleaning once a week.

The Pentair R211084K comes with a 5-liter large capacity bag. As a result, it can store a lot of dirt and debris. So, you don’t need to detach it from the system to empty it often.

Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf Trap

Besides, the snap-open hinged lid allows you quick access to its basket. On top of that, the large handle makes it easier to clean the leaf canister.

Therefore, this best leaf catcher comes with hose connections with the adapter. So, you can easily install it with your pool system.

The only drawback of the Pentair Leaf Canister is its plastic float top on the water. So, air can easily sneak into it that makes you priming and dealing with air in your pool lines.

Fine Mesh Polyester Bag

The best feature we spot out of this canister is its fine mesh polyester bag. It ensures you to capture sand & fine dirt and traps the dust to reach your pool filter. So, no clogging will occur that maintains your pool vacuum efficiency and prolongs its life at the same time.


  • Traps fine dust, leaves, and debris to ensure optimum cleaning power.
  • Convenient to open for easy debris removal.
  • Large canister capacity extends time between cleaning.
  • No tools or plumber need to install it.


  • It would be best if no air leaking occur due to its plastic float on top of water.

4. U.S. Pool Supply in-line Pool Leaf Canister: (Best Budget Leaf Canister)

At number 4, we bring U.S Pool Supply Professional Leaf Canister for its compatibility and quick access to the basket.

The screw on the lid makes it simple to open the canister and offer quick access to the basket. As a result, you can remove out the dust quickly.

At the same time, the transparent body of it allows you to see when the leaf trapper requires you to empty it.

U.S. Pool Supply in-line Pool Leaf Canister

For quick installation, it comes with 1-1/2″ hose adapters. Therefore, you can attach it to any manual or automatic vacuum cleaners.

The only draw of the U.S Pool Leaf Canister is- it’s a bit hard to open the lid.

In-line leaf canister

The noteworthy feature we spot of the U.S. Pool Catcher is its in-line leaf canister. With it, this leaf trapper is ideal for capturing leaves, twigs, other debris before going into your pool filter. In return, less clogging will occur, which reduces filter servicing.


  • Prevent your system from clogging by trapping the leaves before reach to the filter
  • Compatible with almost every pool system
  • The transparent body lets you know when it requires emptying


  • A little bit hard to open

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5. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister: (Best for Suction Power)

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister is another best leaf catcher for pool vacuum.

The canister continuously captures debris, leaves, and dust before they reach the pump, skimmer, and filter. As a result, the cleaning work pressure of your pool system will decrease and maintain its efficiency and prolong its life as well.

Afterward, its easy connecting fittings allow you to install it with your system in a second. On the other hand, Easy Release Twist-Lock Top makes it a breeze to clean & empty the canister.

Therefore, the ergonomic handle of this pool leaf catcher allows you to clean it easily without touching the dirt.

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister

Advanced Cyclonic Technology

The best feature we find of this Zodiac canister is its advanced cyclonic technology. For this, it creates dynamic water flow to keep away the leaves & debris from clogging your pool cleaner.


  • Convenient to install and use.
  • Strainer basket with squeegee bottom prevents your hand from touching the dirt.
  • Work with almost every suction pool vacuum.
  • Easy to clean


  • It would be best if the canister does stay upright in the pool.

6. Kokido K918CBX Leaf Canister: (Not Recommended for Low Powered Pumps)

If you hustle to find a leaf canister to attach with your automatic pool vacuum, then Kokido K918CBX is just for you.

You can put this canister together in between standard hoses of any automatic pool system.

The Kokido K918CBX Canister traps fine dust, debris, pebbles, and leaves from going into the pool system. As a result, no clogging will happen that prolongs the life and increases your pool vacuum cleaning ability.

Therefore, the see-through housing allows you to see if the leaf canister requires to empty.

Kokido K918CBX Leaf Canister

Ergonomic Handle

The sweet feature of the canister we spot out is its ergonomic handle. For this, you can retrieve it from your pool water with ease, which makes it easier to clean.


  • Extend the life of your pool pump and motor by preventing clogging.
  • Easy to attach with automatic pool cleaner.
  • Convenient to use and clean.


  • The male connector of this canister is a bit small.

7. VINGLI Leaf Canister with Plastic Mesh: (Best Budget Large Capacity Leaf Canister)

At number 7, we bring VINGLI Leaf Canister for its affordable price and large capacity.

The VINGLI leaf catcher comes with a 17.71″ long x 6.10″ basket. As a result, it can store a lot of leaves and debris. For this, you don’t require to empty it often for no-disturb cleaning performance.

Therefore, this canister is excellent to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from reaching your pump. In return, your pump can efficiently clean your pool as no clogging will occur.

Besides, its easy-to-open lid allows you to open the leaf trapper easily.

VINGLI Leaf Canister with Plastic Mesh

Crystal Clear Body + Easy emptying

The features that melt our editorial mind are its solid clear body and easy emptying system. The crystal body allows you to see the rubbish and let you know when it is required to empty. Therefore, you can easily open the lid to quick access to the basket for emptying.


  • Easy to empty & clean
  • Prevent leaves, larger debris from being stuck in your pool plumbing
  • Simple to install
  • Durable


  • A bit hard to open

Buying Guide for the best pool Leaf Canister

A leaf catcher for pool vacuum helps to trap the leaves & debris from going into the pump. In return, you can easily remove the leaves from your pool, maintaining the efficiency of your pool cleaner.

So, you should pick the right leaf canister wisely. The following considerations will help you to choose the best one.


The most crucial feature you should take into account is- whether the leaf canister compatible with your existing pool Vac or not.

What’s the leaves catcher work if it doesn’t fit with your pool system? It will be just worth nothing- except wasting.

Regarding this, you can opt for any of the Hayward leaf catchers (560 or 530). You can install them with your pool system- no matter what systems like Pentair or Zodiac you have.

Canister Capacity

Choose a leaf catcher that comes with a large basket. It stores a lot of leaves and debris and traps before reaching them to the filter. As a result, you don’t require to empty the bag frequently, which saves your time & ensures optimum cleaning.

Regarding the basket capacity, you can go either for Hayward 530 or VINGLY leaf canister for their large capacity.

Easy to open

Consider a pool canister that offers quick access to the basket and let you empty it easily.

Fortunately, all of the leaf catchers we enlisted are easy to open. Most of them come with a lid that allows you to unscrew them effortlessly.

So, removing the leaves out of your canister is a breeze now and makes it fun to clean the pool.

See-through Canister

Always pick a leaf catcher that is crystal clear to see what is in the basket. It makes it easier to inspect whether the bag is getting full of dust & debris or not without shutting the pool vacuum down. So, you can continue the pool cleaning workflows without any disturbances as you know when you need to empty it.

Fortunately, every pool leaf canister we enlisted comes with a crystal clear bag. So, you can pick any of them without any confusion.

Dynamic Water Flow

You should also consider how well the water bypasses the canister to your pump. It ensures water flow to your system that doesn’t let the debris & leaves clog your pool vacuum or cleaner.

We recommend you use the Hayward or the Zodiac pool canister. Their advanced cyclonic technology offers dynamic water flow to the pump.

Easy Installation

If you don’t want to give some bucks to a plumber instead save, then find a canister that is easy to install.

Pick a leaf pool catcher that comes with connecting fittings to attach them with your system.

Easiest Way To Clean Leaves Out Of Your Pool On A Budget

The best and effective way to clean leaves out of your pool is using a pool leaf canister.

To remove the leaves from your pool, first off, purchase a decent leaf catcher like Hayward 560.

Then, attach it with your pool vacuum cleaner by putting together it with the help of a hose.

Make sure the hose you are going to use is extended and stretchable.

Next, turn your pool cleaner unit. The vacuum starts moving around your pool and collects leaves & other debris and stores them in the basket.

When the canister basket is full, bring the pool leaf catcher above from underwater.

Then, unscrew the lid and empty the basket.

In this way, you can easily clean leaves out of your pool.

However, you can also use a custom cover to stop all the leaves from falling in your pool.

How does a pool leaf canister work?

A pool leaf canister worked by getting power from your pool’s system filter.

It means how efficiently the leaf catcher traps leaves & debris depends on the suction of your pool vacuum.

In simple words, the performance of the leaf canister entirely depends on your pool cleaner power.

The main use of a leaf catcher is to trap the leaves and debris from going into your pump filter to maintain your vacuum’s efficiency.

The canister has a basket into it and two hoses- one its front and another in its back.

You need to connect the hose that comes from the skimmer to the canister’s back. And attach the main hose that is in your pool to the leaf catcher’s head.

Finally, turn on your pool vacuum. Now, it will start collecting the leaves and dirt and gather them in its basket.

In this way, a pool leaf canister works and traps leaves & debris.

How do you use a leaf canister?

A leaf canister has two hose holes- on its front and another on its back.

Now, you need to connect hoses to the leaf canister.

To do this, first, attach the hose that comes from the skimmer. Connect the hose to the back holes of the leaf catcher.

Secondly, put together the hose (suction hose) that is in your pool to the male hose hole or the front hole of the leaf canister.

Finally, turn on your pool cleaner system to start collecting dust & leaves and trap them into the canister basket.

How to open the pool leaf canister?

Opening a pool leaf canister is simple.

First of all, disconnect the hoses of your leaf catcher from the pool cleaner.

Then, unscrew the opening lid. Some of the canister requires you to pull out the lid to open it.

Pool canister like Pentair has a button to pull to open the leaf catcher effortlessly.

Thus the way you can open the leaf canister by disconnecting the hoses and pulling out the lid.

How do you clean a Hayward leaf canister?

First off, disconnect your Hayward leaf canister from your pool vacuum or cleaner system.

To do that, detach the hoses from the system that is attached to your pool canister.

Secondly, unscrew the opening lid. Then, pull out the lid to open your canister.

Thirdly, remove the basket from the canister and pour it over to eliminate leaves & debris.

Finally, rinse the basket as well as the Hayward leaf catcher to clean it evenly.

Will a pool vacuum pick up leaves?

The answer is yes. But the heck is your pool vacuum cleaner gets clogged often when the leaves go into your pump.

To avoid this problem and increase the efficiency of your pool cleaner, you can use the pool leaf canister. It traps the leaves & debris from going into your pump.

As a result, the pool cleaner can efficiently sanitize your pool and helps you to clean leaves out of your pool.

Final Words

After researching the market thoroughly, our reviewer included those 7 best leaf canisters for pool vacuum.

So, you can pick any of them from the list without any hesitation.

But, we recommend the Hayward 560 Leaf Canister most. It comes with a large capacity and superior design. As a result, it traps every floating leaves & debris from reaching your pool pump. On the other hand, its upgraded design ensures the water flow to the filter for ultimate cleaning efficiency.

However, you can also choose other leaf catchers from the list based on your personal choice.

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