How to Vacuum Intex Pool

When we are talking about a dream house, a swimming pool should be included at the top list. Even though you couldn’t have one due to the reasons of inconvenience, now it is the best opportunity to have one. Now is the time where you can get a different choice for pools. You can have an in-ground pool, and you can construct semi-buried or fully buried above ground pools. If all of these are not suitable for you to have, you can simply try the Intex above ground pools.

However, the pool always makes you worry about its cleaning system. You need to invest a reasonable amount of time and money in maintaining it. But vacuuming an Intex swimming pool is a usual maintenance process. Sometimes you use skimmers to remove floating and suspended dirt and debris in the water. But you are not able to clean the bottom of the pool or stick to the sides properly. So you need a intex pool vacuum, particularly if you want fast results.

How to Vacuum Intex Pool

Intex above Ground Pool

Intex above ground pool is a short kind of pool that is made of Intex materials. There have several types of frames, such as the metal frame or patented ultra frame of the Intex pool. It is a space savings pool that takes less space than the traditional pool. A conventional pool requires days to construct and need more space too, and for an Intex pool, it is both special savings and time-consuming. If you live in a rent house or any temporary residence, then an Intex pool can be the best for you. You can enjoy a good time with your family in the Intex pool. This is a simple and portable pool. Henceforth just buy it and choose a suitable space and set it up. Now fill it with water, and thus it’s ready as swimming. Though this inexpensive pool is not long-lasting, through the Intex pool, you can reveal it to drive into the water. Its maintenance can be effortless, and if you follow the proper steps, it cannot be a bit tough to clean.

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Why do you need a vacuum and sand filter for your swimming pool?

There are many explanations to purchase an Intex pool filter and expert pool vacuums that can make you happy to clean your Intex pool. The pool vacuum is specially made for its exceptional system to maintenance pools ground. They have an excellent system in place which eliminates unfiltered debris from the water since little waste could get into the pump and damage it.

On the other hand, the Intex vacuum captures away debris from the pool’s bottom and puts the debris into a filter bag to remove it out of the pool successfully. So Intex poll vacuum will be the excellent choice to clean your swimming pool, particularly when you use along with an Intex sand filter.


The skimmer is another easy way that keeps your Intex ground pool clean. There are different kinds of skimmers are available, and some of those are made of high-quality PVC material. Now a day’s, you can appoint robotic skimmers also. What kind of skimmer you use for your Intex pool is up to your choice, but you must need to emphasis on the skimmer net. As you know, skimmer mainly holds all the dirt, leaves, dead insects, garbage, and all other floating debris before they reach into the bottom of the pool water. So its cleaning method is much harder. For an Intex above ground pool cleaning, you must have a skimmer. Intex pools are not too deep, so only a skimmer can keep the pool water clean. You need to emphasize on regular based cleaning that provides you crystal clear pool water.

The Vacuum Process

A standard pool vacuum utilizes with the vacuum force in the skimmer lines. It produces vacuum by the circulation pump into the skimmer lines and makes a back force to the pump under negative pressure. Then it contains a positive pressure for the water pumped through the sand filter and fetched back to the pool through the return pipe.

How to vacuum your pool manually

It would be best if you made ready all your equipment to go cleaning the procedure.

  • Prime the vacuum

The first thing you have to do is to prime your vacuum by purging all the air from your vacuuming system. You notice there will be the air pockets that can make your unit lose suction, so take it out ahead and help keep the system going longer.

Take a telescoping pole to snap the vacuum head into the water, and you can quickly move vacuum head into the bottom of the pool floor.

  • Connect to the pump

Connect your vacuum to the pool’s pump that will circulate the whole water. Then plug your vacuum hose to the suction port at the bottom of the skimmer.

  • Vacuum your pool

Next, you just need to move the vacuum head back and forth along the surface of the pool tile it’s clean. If you lose suction, check your connection, and reset it properly. When you start vacuuming, you will see air bubbles floating up from the vacuum head, don’t worry, the air is flowing through the hose.

The vacuum will suck all the dirt and debris. All of these things go right inside the debris bag by a hose. You should have to clean the bag often. You just hold the handle to reach the corners, narrow spaces of the walls.

Brush your pool

Using a brush is very helpful to clean hard dirt. Where vacuums or other cleaners might not be effective in removing stain and algae from the pool sidewall, brush can do it easily. So with the help of a brush, you can scrub them enough to clean the surface.

For cleaning your Intex pool, you can appoint other tools. But an automatic vacuum can be the best. When you also need some other cleaning method for the proper pool maintenance, make sure to take correct care of the tools after using them, especially for debris bags and baskets. You also need to check the pH level of the pool water. And I recommend covering your Intex pool when it is not used. These also provide purified pool water.

Use an Automatic Vacuum

The automatic vacuum would be the best option to keep an Intex pool, be it of any size clean. These can be a robotic vacuum, a pressure-side vacuum, and a suction-side vacuum. The robotic ones work all by themselves through technology that can make your pool cleaning task easy. Various manufactures can help you to choose the best vacuum for you. These are good for cleaning the walls, steps, and drains as well. They are well designed in such a way that they can move at a random pattern. And make sure to clean the surface of the pool within a couple of hours. So if you do not have a skimmer, you can choose one automatic above ground vacuum at once.

Final line

To sum up, it can be said that your Intex above ground pool needs to clean up with proper maintenance procedures. A skimmer dispels dirt and debris from the water. So the other cleaning method should be included here. The use of a brush can be beneficial for cleaning stain from the bottom. And sometimes only vacuuming also provides a good result that works so fast. As you know that the pool vacuum correctly works on the sand filtering and also can depend on the particular water level.

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