Bona Floor Polish Problems!

Though, commonly thought to be a very good hardwood floor polish largely due to its popularity, Bona floor polish actually has some problems. The ready-to-use polyurethane – based floor polish which is popularly acclaimed to help in reconditioning and reviving varnished floors is not without some problems.

7 Major Problems of Bona Floor Polish

Bona Floor Polish Problems

1. It makes the floor turbid when dry

The fact that Bona floor polish makes the floor look ravishing when it’s wet but slowly makes the floor turbid as a result of the sediments deposited by the polish is disturbingly problematic. Though the cloudiness is not rapidly noticed but it eventually manifests.

2. It is danger prone due to slippery of the floor after use

Another well-known problem of Bona floor polish is that it makes the floor susceptible and aids accident at home. Due to the slick nature of the floor after using Bona floor polish, kids might be susceptible to home hazard when running on the floor. It is not too difficult to add this particular polish to one of the causes of accidents at home.

3. It leaves noticeable residue on the floor

Anyone who takes as priority, both personal and environmental hygiene might not want to make Bona floor polish as their best option when it comes to the choice of floor polish. This is due to the fact that the polish leaves residues on the floor after being used. Such residues are not meant to be lurking around the home particularly on the floor. It makes the floor awful.

4. It produces noticeable build up

Even though, Bona floor polish is by far popular among other floor polishes and it is widely sought after, it is characteristically replete with the problem of producing build up that one will end up questioning the worth of its hype or whether it is worth its popularity in the first place.

After using the polish for more than two to three weeks, one will start noticing that dust accumulates on the floor. The dust does only accumulate but also build up rapidly and within weeks, the floor has lost its glittering and shining surface. Scrubbing the floor might come in handy but this is tantamount to doing nothing as this will neither decrease nor stop the build-up.

5. Not a great option for engineered hardwood

People who think that their wisest choice in hardwood floor polish is Bona floor polish are actually in for a joke. The build ups for one which is actually a menace to the good will of the brand and also the deleterious effects to the floor due to its destructive nature inherent in it for a very long time.

Yes! The bright sight one gains immediately after using the polish is mesmerizing, but the after effect in the long run in not in any way compensation taking care of by the initial brightness of the floor.

Why many households still demand for this floor polish is debatable but that does not negate the fact that there is no perfect floor polish.

6. The residue cannot be easily removed

That Bona floor polish produces residues on the floor that it is used on is not the real problem but the real and greater problem is that the residue cannot be easily removed.

Many people have tried using different means, methods and materials to scrub off the residues made by this polish. One of such is the use of vinegar. Using vinegar to scrub the floor in order to get rid of residues deposited on the floor due to the use of Bona floor polish will be terribly annoying and disheartening due to the main reason that it, the residue, is not easy to remove as it quickly and rapidly builds up as quickly as it is left un-scrubbed.

This is like creating double problems for the owner of the hardwood floor and also defeats the choice of Bona floor polish as a better option for polishing the floor. Great is the problem of residue it deposits on the floor, greater is the problem of not being able to scrub off the residue.

7. It leaves streaks on the floor

If not having on your floor, spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as what you tend to achieve, then, Bona floor polish is not the right option. The streaks that the polish leaves on the floor denounce whatever usefulness one stands to gain from the use of this polish.

Many people in the United States who have made Bona floor polish their ready-to-use floor polish and favorite choice end up lamenting about the streaks it leaves on the hardwood floor. This is not far to seek as the streaks usually comes from the combination of dirt on the floor and the residue that is probably in the polish. This does not only colorize the floor in an unpleasant way but also makes it glaring, the problems associated with the use of Bona floor polish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bona Floor Polish build up?

Not only does Bona floor polish build up but it also creates build up. One will easily notice that after a prolonged use of the polish, dust easily accumulate and the accumulations end up leaving the floor dirty almost every time.

How do you get rid of Bona floor polish?

Build up by bona floor polish can be easily removed by using bona cleaner. It is ideal to use Bona cleaner because it is residue-free, safe and also an effective choice for keeping hardwood. Bona cleaner also helps in maintaining the floor against build up and it leaves fresh and inviting scent on the floor.

Does Bona damage hardwood floors?

Myriads of users of Bona floor polish have claimed that the polish does ruin woods. Even though it is good news that the Bona cleaner can easily help in removing build up but that is if the woods are not ruined or spoilt already.

Yes! Some people opine that it doesn’t damage the wood, but in many cases where build up is not taking care of, the wood end up being spoiled starting from the edges of the wood around the corner of the house

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