Boraxo vs Borax: Which Cleaner is Best

Getting the toughest stains off your hands can be challenging, especially for mechanics, welders, etc., who deal with grease and dirt on daily bases. Out of all the cleaning products out there, we want to consider Boraxo and Borax to see how they compare.

Boraxo is a heavy-duty powdered hand soap. It contains no solvents, insoluble abrasives, or synthetic detergents but instead combines the power of Borax and a premium soap to scrub and clean dirt off your hand. 

While Borax is a white powdery substance, broadly used for cleaning purposes or included in detergents to boost their cleaning power.

The major difference between both cleaners is that Boraxo has a powdered soap added to its content, so it is 75 percent borax and 25 percent soap, while the Borax itself, also known as sodium borate, is made up of boron, sodium, and oxygen. However, they are both naturally occurring cleaning products that will get the work done.

Boraxo vs Borax


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The table below shows how Boraxo and Borax compare to each other. 

ContentsSodium tetra borax Decahydrate, fine toilet soapSodium, boron, oxygen
Recommended use for productFor handFor household cleaning, and special stains.
Effect on skinMoisturizes, gentle on handsCan cause irritation, rash
Solubility100 percent solubleSlightly soluble in cold water, very soluble in hot water
SafetySafe in septic systemsSafe in septic systems
Cleaning powerStrongStrong

Differences between Boraxo and Borax

There are lots of differences between the Boraxo and the Borax, which comes as a surprise because they are both majorly of the same components. Some of the differences can be found in the recommended use of the product, their effect on the skin, scent, solubility, and cost. Let’s discuss them extensively.

Recommended use of the product

The slight difference in composition of the Boraxo and the Borax also has an impact on their recommended use. Boraxo is a powdered soap specifically recommended for washing hands. It has a moisturizing effect that allows it to kick the grime off your hands. It does this without removing the skin’s natural oil. Therefore, there is no need to worry about dry or chapped hands after wash. That said, Boraxo can also be used for other cleanings like washing your dogs, in the dishwasher, washing machine, and more. The Borax, on the other hand, is recommended for special stains. It can also be used for general household cleaning, but since it leaves the hands dry, you might want to use it only on stubborn stains. 

Effect on skin 

The way you feel after washing or cleaning matters a lot. Most people pay less attention to this, but it is surely an important factor to consider when choosing which cleaner to buy because constant use of a cleaner that doesn’t tell well on your skin after washing could lead to skin disfunction. 

The addition of a premium powdered soap to the Boraxo makes it a pleasant cleaner to use. It is gentle on the hand; it moisturizes the hand and protects it from dermatitis.

While the Borax does not have any moisturizing effect on the hand, it leaves the hands chapped and dry, and frequent use can cause skin irritation or rash on the skin. 


Boraxo has a fragrance that is mostly dependent on the type of soap that is added to it, but the Borax is pure sodium, oxygen, and boron, so it has no scent. 


The solubility of a cleaning product is another important factor to consider when looking for one to buy. The product has to be able to completely dissolve in water and lather well in other to penetrate through stains and wash them away. Having said that, it is safe to say that the Boraxo powdered soap meets up with this feature. It is 100 percent soluble and lathers well in water. In contrast, Borax is slightly soluble in cold water and very soluble in hot water. In both cases, it is not completely soluble, and you may experience the feel of some residues on your hand or even see them.


The Boraxo is quite on the high side when compared to the Borax. This is because when you are buying the Boraxo, you are buying Borax plus soap, so you can’t expect to get it at the same price or lesser than the Borax itself. 

Similarities between the Boraxo and the Borax

The Boraxo and the Borax are quite similar in a few ways, which can be seen in their form, cleaning power, and occurrence.

  • Form 

Both the Boraxo and the Borax are in powdered form.

  • Cleaning power 

The Boraxo and the Borax have a very strong cleaning power and will effectively handle your cleaning needs

  • Occurrence

The Boraxo is as much a natural cleaning product as the Borax. They both do not contain any artificial chemicals. So they are also a better option to go green.


Cleaning is something we do every day to live a healthy life, and at such should use only the best cleaning product. The Boraxo and the Borax are both good cleaning products, but if you find yourself having to choose between the two, the details above will guide you on which choice to make. The comparison above tends to favor Boraxo, but that does not mean Borax is not efficient. The Boraxo is just improved Borax, and the Borax is a good substitute whenever the Boraxo cannot be reached. 

If you have both cleaning products at home, it is ideal to use the Boraxo more frequently because of its friendly nature to the skin, and then use the Borax once in a while after working in your garage or after a welding job.  It is also important to note that these are not antibacterial cleaning products. If you need something that can kill bacterial germs, you might have to look elsewhere, but if you are constantly fighting with grimes and tough stains, especially grease, these products will do the magic.

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