Can You Mop Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is nothing like traditional wood or stone flooring. You can mop wood or stone flooring to remove dirt. But can you mop vinyl plank flooring? Even if it is possible to mop vinyl flooring, then how can you mop it?

Well, you can use a vacuum or broom to clean your vinyl plank flooring. But if you can use the mop to clean, it would be better for sure. Having said that, we are going to tell you whether moping is possible with vinyl flooring or not. If it is possible, then we will show you the right way to mop vinyl plank flooring.

Can You Mop Vinyl Plank Flooring

Can you mop vinyl plank flooring?

To keep your vinyl plank flooring shiny and new-looking, you need to clean it daily. Growing dust may destroy the beauty of your flooring. You need to use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dry dirt and dust from the floor.

However, what about the dirt that broom or vacuum cannot clean? In that case, a mop might be a good solution. Mopping helps you clean any floor deeply to remove hard and tough dirt. But can you mop vinyl plank flooring? Well, it is possible to use the mop to clean your vinyl floor. But you must do it properly. Using it in the wrong way can damage the floor.

How to mop vinyl flooring properly?

Knowing the right way to mop vinyl floors is important to keep the floor clean and safe. Keeping this in mind, let’s see the right process of using the mop for vinyl plank flooring.

Step 1. Dry clean first

The first step to mop vinyl flooring is to perform dry cleaning. Use a vacuum or a simple broom and softly wipe out the dirt. It will remove the hard and loose dirt from the floor. Why is it important? If you don’t remove the hard dirt or debris, it can create scratches on the floor while mopping. If that happens, your floor will look dull, faded, and lifeless.

Do not rush or put pressure on the broom when removing hard dirt or debris. It can create scratches as well. If possible, use the vacuum only to clean dirt and debris to keep your floor safe.

Step 2. Mix the cleaning solution

After removing all the dry dirt, prepare your cleaning solution for mopping. Without a proper solution, making the vinyl floor shiny again is not feasible. You can use warm water and plain soap or apple cider vinegar. Vinegar will work better. The acidity available in the vinegar will clean dirt and grime better.

But you have to be careful about the portion of vinegar in the solution. If you make the solution strong, it may damage the floor. Using one cup of cider vinegar will be more than enough with a gallon of warm water. Also, make sure the water is not so hot, rather it is warm. Mix the solution completely.

Step 3. Start moping

Next, rinse the mop completely in the solution. Here, picking the right mop is important because not all mops are good for vinyl flooring. Take a mop with soft microfiber. Strong and tough fiber may leave scratches on the vinyl floor.

Mop the floor gently and try not to put more pressure. If the dirt is too strong to remove, add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap into the solution. It will strengthen the solution and loosen the hard dirt easily. Rinse the mop frequently into the solution and keep cleaning the floor.

If you have furniture, move it and clean the area. Otherwise, the dirt under the furniture will come forward later and damage the floor. Clean under the furniture if moving the furniture is tough. Clean each corner of the floor.

Step 4: Clean the remaining solution

When you are done cleaning the dirt, you may see soap buildup or wax on the floor. Keeping those on the floor may damage your vinyl flooring. So make sure you clean those as well. For that, rinse your mop into clean warm water and wipe the floor. You may need to do it several times to completely clean the soap buildup.

Step 5: Wait for drying

Finally, wait for a while to dry the floor. Before drying, don’t walk onto the floor. It will leave a spot. For faster drying, you can use your fan. However, don’t use sunlight or heat to dry fast. Why? Well, heat or sunlight can discolor the vinyl tile on your floor. Either use your fan or leave the floor for an hour to dry naturally.


So, can you mop vinyl plank flooring? You can certainly mop the floor to keep it shiny and beautiful all the time. Vinyl plank flooring is famous for easy cleaning and less maintenance. However, you need to follow the right process to mop the floor for better cleaning and safety.

We have shown you when and how you need to mop the vinyl floor. You need to follow the guide to get the best result. Doing something improperly will leave a spot that can destroy the aesthetic beauty of the floor. So follow the right guide and make your floor shiny and new-looking once again.

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