Vinyl Flooring and How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

Everyone dreams of having their own house. It is one of the most common desires of regular people. A beautiful home is what everyone dreams of. And that beauty comes due to several additions. Just constructing the base and then painting the structure is never enough. There is so much to do. That is why interior design is so important. Not just important, it costs a lot. You have to add all the hardware, paint the walls, work on the shelves, counters, and, most importantly, do the flooring.


Among all, it is the flooring that is the most costly. Because it is the base under your feet, so, it has to be durable. You can repaint your walls, change your furniture. You can work on the shelves and counters, but you cannot replace the floor. If, by any chance, you have to, it will be like starting something from scratch and will cost you even more than the first time. Both, in terms of bucks and energy.

How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

Not just durable, flooring is essential to enhance the look of the whole house. If you have chosen a flooring that hasn’t impressed you much, do know that you have to live with it for the next few decades. So, not just durability, even the look matters in case of flooring. And the most important reason for that is you cannot change the flooring easily, and no one does it ever unless they have too much money, time, and energy to waste. So, now we know why people want to spend so much on the floors.

Vinyl Flooring

When we are talking about flooring, then there are dozens. You have hardwood, engineered hardwood, tile, mosaic, marble, linoleum, vinyl, and so much more. Even the different types of flooring have varieties. So, you have too many options to choose from. Choosing the flooring is not going to be an easy task for you.

If you are not on a tight budget, then sure, you can try the hardwood floors. But, if you are on a limited budget, it is the vinyl flooring that will give you the best deal. Because not only are they durable, but have a sleek design with beautiful luster.

Where It Is Used

Except for the outdoors, you can use vinyl flooring in every part of your house. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement, bedrooms, everywhere. They last well, they resist well, and they are easy to clean. If you keep the vinyl flooring away from the sunlight, it is not going to lose its sheen or fade soon. Heavy sunlight is bad for every possible floor. And it damages the vinyl flooring the same way.


Though vinyl flooring doesn’t need too many precautions to maintain, you need to know how to clean vinyl flooring. Especially when it starts getting discolored. And let us tell you slowly vinyl floors are going to fade and discolor. The more you put effort into keeping it clean, the slower it will get discolored. Then you have to avoid harsh liquid solutions as well. But we are going to talk about how to clean discolored vinyl flooring later. Let us first start with cleaning a regular shiny vinyl flooring.

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

The process of cleaning the floor, be it any type, is pretty much the same. First, you need to dry mop or dust, and then you need to do wet mopping. But unlike other costly floors, it is better to mop vinyl flooring daily. If possible, every day. It might be tough for you, but you are going to, in any case, dry mop every day as dust allergies are pretty common nowadays. And maintaining hygiene is equally essential. So, if not every day, mop your vinyl flooring every second day.

For that, get the best mop for vinyl floors, as a low-quality mop will be harsh on the floor and leave scratches on it and ruin the flooring.

How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

When the vinyl flooring comes in touch of moisture, then it is bound to be discolored. And halting that is impossible. You can either try always to keep it ultra-clean and dry to slow the process or clean it when discolored. And the later is what you can do better. Do whatever, discoloration of vinyl flooring is a given. You can wipe and clean the dry, muddy footprints. You can scrub the oily stain and rub the tea spilled with solutions. But if discolored, cleaning it is tough.

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Vinyl Floors In A Bathroom

Vinyl flooring is recommended to use in the bathroom as no other flooring lasts that long as the vinyl flooring does. You can avoid water and moisture at a great length in other portions of the house. But in bathrooms, water and moisture are everywhere. And you cannot wipe it to keep it dry. So, discoloration will happen, and you need to just clean it thoroughly once in a while. A discolored vinyl flooring in bathroom will look nasty and unhygienic. You might not feel like using it.


The solution to discoloration is nothing artificial but natural. You can do it in different processes: either using sunlight or sprinkling baking soda. We are avoiding bleach and alcohol, as one is harsh, and one can be expensive for many. But you can use them both on a discolored vinyl floor.

We have earlier mentioned that sunlight starts fading the vinyl floor. But if discolored, you can use the very sunlight to bring back the color to the flooring. You can move the rugs, open the windows to bring the flooring in touch with the sunlight, but then it might not be that effective.

So, let’s talk about the better solution, which is baking soda.

Steps To Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

  • First, you need to clean the area. Not just on the discolored portion, but the whole area. Move the rugs and sweep it well. We do not need any dirt here.
  • Then you have to wet the area you are going to clean.
  • The next step is to sprinkle baking soda on the discolored portions only. You can apply some lemon juice as well. Wait for it to sit for at least 15 minutes. Make sure not to put it for too long.
  • Once it’s set, wipe it with a microfiber cloth or sweep it with a microfiber mop. Do not use scrub pads as it will leave scratches.

Keep in mind that a discolored vinyl flooring be it in the kitchen, dining hall, or bathroom, is not going to get in better shape with just one cleaning session. It is a slow process. So, try to continue the process often. Once your floor looks better, and there is no discoloration, just keep it clean and try the baking soda cleaning process every week.

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