Can You Use a Clothes Steamer to Remove Wallpaper?

Nothing is going to beat having fancy wallpaper designs on your walls, be it in your room or your kids room. A situation might arise where you decide to change them maybe because they are old, torn or you want new designs, but carrying out this herculean task might be time wasting without any positive result to show for it if the right measures are not put in place.

After exploring various wallpaper removing methods, a huge success was recorded using the clothes steamer to remove wallpaper. You can also imagine the shock we got when we discovered this process was a stress-free one.

Can You Use a Clothes Steamer to Remove Wallpaper

How Long Does It Take to Steam off Wallpaper?

The time it will take you to take off wallpaper is determined by the thickness of the wallpaper. As expected, thicker ones will be time consuming compared to thin ones. When a good steamer is put in use, an average of 20-30 mins is enough to carry out the peeling task.

What’s the best wallpaper steamer?

Below are some clothes steamers you can use to remove wallpapers from your homes. You might decide to buy or rent one for this job.

  • Wagner Spraytech 0282018
  • HomeRight C800880.
  • Silverline 128966.
  • Earlex LMB150NA SteamMaster.

How to Remove Wallpaper with a Clothes Steamer

Asides using a clothes steamer to remove wallpaper from your home, some tools will be needed for a neat job. They are listed below:

  • A protective eyewear
  • Wallpaper steamer
  • Protective rubber gloves
  • Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP)
  • Hot water
  • Perforator
  • Scraping tools
  • Tapes
  • Sponge

Clear the room where you want to remove the wallpaper from. You can improvise ways to cover light switches and outlets by using a tape to cover them from coming in contact with liquids.

Perforate the wallpaper

This will allow easy penetration of the solvent and dissolve the adhesive components on the wallpaper.

Test the wallpaper’s adhesion

Some wallpapers, especially the water-resistant ones are made with glues that can be easy to remove when pulled. Before you start this herculean task, simply test a corner for the wallpaper’s adhesion. If the wallpaper is easily released without tearing or leaving track cuts behind, you might not need to use a solvent or a steam. If some parts of the wallpaper are still spotted on the wall, you can simply use a scraper to remove them.

Steam away

Steamers might be messier just like solvents simply due to the fact that they release hot steam and hot water; this is why there is need for protective gears such as the protective eyewear and glove. Clothes steamers can also increase the moisture of the room, so it is best if you open the door and windows to increase ventilation, so you don’t have moisture accumulation.

Simply place the steamer on the surface of the wallpaper and hold till the steam penetrates the wallpaper and makes the glue softer. You can use your discretion to tell how long you need to hold the cloth steamer against the wall.

Scrap away

You can easily remove the wallpaper once it is loosened using a scrapper. Care should be taken not to pull it with your hands due to the fact that the glue and paper will be superheated by the steam which can result in burns. You might decide to reapply the steam to some hard areas. Repeat this process until the entire wallpaper is removed.

Repair and clean the wall

Prepare a solution of hot water and Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) in a bucket, and then wipe the walls with the solution with a sponge. Care should be taken so as not to dampen the wall with too much of this solution. Lastly, clean the wall with water and dry with a towel.

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Can you use a clothes steamer to remove wallpaper?

Yes- as it is one of the easiest means of removing wallpaper on your walls, saving your time and budget.

Is Vinegar the best homemade wallpaper remover?

Vinegar solution is a great homemade wallpaper remover. Simply mix a vinegar solution with an equivalent amount of water, then spray the solution on the wall and leave for 15 mins so as to soak, and then finally scrape away.

What is the best way to remove wallpaper glue?

Simply mix a few dishwashing soap and hot water together. Use a sponge to rub the solution on the wall. This will remove excess glue residues on the wall.

How much is it to rent a clothes steamer for wallpaper removal?

A wallpaper steamer should not go for more than $15 from a rent shop. If you can afford one, you can go for a cheaper one which costs about $50. Precaution measures should be put in place when using any type of cloth steamer so as to prevent injuries and suffocation.

Does a wallpaper steamer work well?

Steamers for wallpaper can do the job effectively even when other techniques fail. This particular technique is very effective on rugged projects, such as removal of wallpaper that has been installed over paint.

How many minutes will this method take?

It all depends on the type of wallpaper and the duration the wallpaper has been in place, but with a good clothes steamer put in use, it will take an average of 20-30 mins to carry out this peeling task. The whole process can be repeated in rugged situations.

What kind of clothes steamer removes wallpaper?

The best clothes steamer suited for this job is the Wagner Spraytech which happens to be an essential tool in every household.

Can you use a steam iron to remove wallpaper?

Yes you can use steam iron to remove wallpaper from your wall. The heat the steam iron produces has been proven to be an effective wallpaper removing feature. This means you make use of your portable device to perform this herculean task, saving you the hassle of renting or purchasing a clothes steamer. It should be noted that this technique is best suited for a small wallpaper removal and not for rugged function.

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