Conair Steamer Not Working – Reasons And Solution

You take your Conair fabric steamer to steam some clothes only to find out it is not working. You need those clothes done right now and this really is frustrating. Well, this is nothing new that an electrical appliance will break. You can either panic or try to find out why is the Conair steamer not working?

So, steamers are of great help for a quick fix to your clothes. When you don’t have the time for or don’t want to spend the money on dry cleaning, a steamer comes in handy. But it is equally disturbing when it breaks at the last moment. The good news is a lot of times it is fixable.

Your Conair steamer can stop working for a number of reasons. And doesn’t always mean that it is completely broken. It can be a little problem that can be easily fixed by yourself. To find out how to, bear with us till the end. You might be able to find a solution by the time you finish reading.

Conair Steamer Not Working

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Why is your Conair steamer not working?

Let’s find out and discuss for which reasons your Conair steamer might stop working.

Clogged with minerals

Now to use a steamer you need to put water into it. And tap water is not exactly pure water. And it contains some unwanted minerals like calcium. And when the water is heated up the invisible minerals form visible clusters. If enough time is given these clusters grow big enough to actually stop the steamer from working.

Empty water reservoir

Well, this is not a technical problem per se. But it is a practical problem. The water is not going to appear on its own. And the water reservoir doesn’t contain an infinite amount of water. So, check the water reservoir. 

Blown up fuse

We are working with an electrical appliance here. So, the matter of fuse and a burnt fuse is unavoidable. Well, if the fuse is blown then the power outlet is not going to work. And without power, the steamer is not going to work. So, check the power system.

Enough time wasn’t given

If you are not used to using a steamer then you might want to give it some time to get it running. The steamers don’t start to produce steam the moment you turn it on. It sometimes takes up to 45 seconds to start producing steam. 

Problem with the steam hose

If your Conair steamer is not working and it is making gurgling noise then it might be an issue with the steam hose. Sometimes when you use a vertical steamer horizontally or vice versa the steam hose inside the machine gets bent. And this stops the steamer from working because the water cannot run.

How to solve Conair steamer not working? 

We have already mentioned the reasons that can stop your Conair steamer from working. Now let’s learn how to solve those problems one by one.

Clean up the minerals

  • The steamer doesn’t come with a built-in decalcifying mode. So, you will have to do the cleaning yourself.
  • First, turn off the machine and let it cool off. 
  • Now make a solution with two cups of vinegar and one cup of water. White vinegar is just fine.
  • Take a washcloth and dip it in the solution. Now clean the minerals from the machine with it.
  • You can dry the cleaned parts off with a paper towel. This will make the cleaning process even better.
  • Now put the parts back on and your problem should be solved.

Fill up the reservoir

  • If you haven’t filled up the reservoir very recently then an empty reservoir is not letting the steamer produce steam.
  • Check the reservoir and if it is actually empty just fill it up with water.
  • And sometimes if your product is new there is a possibility that the orientation of the reservoir is not right. That’s why the water is not running. So, fix it up. And you are good to go.

Fix the fuse

  • If you find out this is the reason your Conair steamer is not working then it is easily fixable.
  • There is a chance that the plug is not entirely destroyed. The prongs of it are just bent to an angle.
  • If this is the case you might be able to straighten them up and it should solve the problem.
  • But if the damage is more severe and the plug has become completely useless then you will have to change it. That should get your steamer running.

Give enough time

  • As we said, if you are new to the machine, you should give it some time.
  • Sometimes a new steamer doesn’t start producing steam for quite a long time after turning it on.
  • Just press the steam trigger for about a minute. And this should get the water running and steam generated.
  • And even though this is not the first time for the steamer it might need a particular amount of time to get the steam-generating. 
  • So, give it the time and see if the steamer works or not. It might start working in a half a minute and you were just panicking for no reason.

Straighten up the steam hose

  • If you find out the steam hose is actually bent then this is the reason behind your problem.
  • To solve it, locate the tube and make sure no part of it is bent. 
  • This should allow the water to run without any hindrance and the steamer should start working.
  • And to avoid this type of problem don’t put a vertical steamer horizontally for a long time or horizontal one vertically. 


Let’s check out some commonly asked questions below.

Why is no steam coming out of my Conair steamer?

The common reason behind this problem is an empty water reservoir. If there is no water supply how can there be any steam? And other reasons include a clogged-up steamer with limestone. You have to clean it to solve the problem. Sometimes the steamer might need a little more time to produce steam. And another reason is a bent steam hose that is preventing the water from flowing.

How do you reset a Conair steamer?

You will find a red reset button under the water tank. You press and hold it to reset the Conair steamer. You should only be using this button if the steamer doesn’t produce steam after 15 seconds. Don’t do it before every use.

How do you clean a clogged Conair steamer?

This is actually very easy. Just make a solution with two cups of white vinegar and one cup of water. Take a washcloth and dip it into the solution. Now apply the soaked cloth to the clogged parts of the steamer. This method should clean the clogging minerals off your steamer.


As we mentioned at the beginning, when you finish reading our discussion on why is your Conair steamer not working, your problem should be solved. We hope this is the case. All the possible reasons your Conair steamer might not be working have been discussed with their respective solutions.

So, if you are stuck with a not working Conair steamer stop panicking and cursing your luck. Look up all the reasons we mentioned and try to find out what is the problem with your steamer. And when you identify the problem, go through the solution for that problem. Hopefully, you will be able to fix it easily.

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