Do Led Lights Attract Silverfish?

Generally, LED lights can attract any living objects towards it. If you attach the light to a darker place, it will naturally attract living things around it. Although LED lights are weaker, they are strong enough to catch the attention of all living things. 

Silverfish is a tiny insect that lives under rocks, logs and natural crevices. You might imagine it as a tiny fish under seawater by this name. In reality, they are harmless insects that are commonly attracted to damp surfaces.

Places with moisture, humidity and dark are friendly habitats for silverfish. They are often found around bathtubs, ants, washbasins, old bookshelves, old cupboards or fabrics.

If you’ve LED lights attached in your washroom, you might think it’s going to attract silverfish. This is the reason many people don’t attach LED lights to their washroom. Many forum sites tend to have this question most popularly: “Do LED lights attract silverfish?”

Do Led Lights Attract Silverfish

Do Led lights attract silverfish?

NO, LED lights can not attract silverfish. The main reason behind it is that Silverish is comfortable in dark places.

These insects tend to live in the dark, find their food in the dark, and live in such places. The Silverfish diet depends pretty much on dark ambiance. They live in moisture areas and eat things like mold, cotton, fabric (linen, silk), dead insects, etc.

Silverfish is basically a nocturnal insect. They belong to the Lepismatidae species and move like fishes. They tend to respond to short wavelengths of light.

Such insects are afraid of lights. LED lights are built with long wavelengths. Such lights are certainly visible to the insects. But they are not attracted to such lights. These insects are scared of such lights.

They don’t like to be in clean, healthy, shiny, warm and dry places. This is another reason that such healthy spaces are suitable for humans. Although the silverfish is not so harmful, you must not expect them in your house.

If your house has LED lights, you don’t have to switch them off just because of these insects. Silverfish is a shy type of insect that loves to be in silence. In the daylight, they don’t come out. Both their habitation and food are found in dark places.

Note: UV lights can attract silverfish. Silverfish include visible spectrum and short wavelength. Such lights can attract silverfish as well as other insects.

Why are silverfish scared of lights?

Silverfish don’t only hate being on lights, but they are also scared. Silverfish have enemies like cats, dogs, spiders, etc.

And they seem to be in light all the time. Whereas, Silversih can be killed if they appear in the light. Also, molds can’t grow in daylight, obviously. This is another reason silverfish are sacred of lights. And in lights, silverfish won’t get the mold to feed.

They might not be able to survive in daylight. Even if they are aware of LED lights/sunlight, silverfish will not apparently come out.

What is silverfish attracted to?

Apart from lights, there are a few things that will attract silverfish to your house. This insect can create their habitat in your washroom, storeroom, laundry room, fireplaces and so on.

If your house has a bunch of old books on the shelf, the silverfish will be attracted to them. Besides, the vinyl surface, rusty foil, wallpaper, laundry bags are suitable spaces for silverfish habitation. Remember, they will create residence only if the spaces are filled with debris.

Silverfish are also attracted to moist surfaces. They can survive on the epidermis of human skin. It’s not like they will live and grow in your skin.

When humans take a bath and use a towel, there will be a bunch of epidermis falling in your shower flooring. And it is humid and cold as well. So, the silverfish will live very comfortably.

Silverfish will grow freely if your bathroom and skin area are not cleaned regularly.

If any dark, moist and tranquil places exist in your house, silverfish will undoubtedly be attracted to them.

How to get rid of silverfish? 

To get rid of silverfish, you have to do the opposite of what they like. The very first rule is keeping your house clean and dry.

Even your washroom should have enough ventilation. Manage enough daylight and air entrance in the house.

This will keep up the healthy surface. If there are any leaks, repair them as well. It will automatically reduce the moisture of the house.

You must not store rusty books, papers, or old fabric altogether. Maintain the regular cleaning of the house.

If still there is excess growth of silverfish, consider having efficient press control.

There are a few homely ways of catching silverfish. Such methods can work if you’ve just got a few. Place a glass jar covered with masking tape and make a trap with bread for these insects. Instead of glass, you can use a newspaper as well. You can create a trap with boric acid too.

Overall, create an atmosphere that seems inadequate for the silverfish’s survival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can silverfish live without food?

Generally, no living thing can live without food. But the silverfish can survive without food for one year. The overall lifespan of silverfish is around 2 to 8 years.

Do silverfish bite on human skin?

No, silverfish will not bite on human skin. They neither live on human skin nor take the blood like mosquitos. Instead, these insects can cause material damage.

Wrap up 

Silverfish are found as harmless insects in the house. If you clean the house regularly and maintain a dry and warm place, you might not see them. Some people think they will be attracted to lights, Especially LED lights that are now super commonly used because of their energy-saving features. Fortunately, silverfish are not all attracted to LED lights. If you’re worried and want to get rid of the insects, consider maintaining a non-toxic atmosphere.

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