5 Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

Getting door mats safe for vinyl floors is a bit tricky. Vinyl planks have chemicals in them. As most doormats in the market contain rubber, they react with the chemicals found in vinyl planks and discolor them. To prevent discoloration, you should get a vinyl-backed mat. 

Apart from these, the doormat should have the ability to scrape dirt & dust from the footwear. It will be a blessing if the mat is water-resistant and tackles whatever conditions it goes through. Considering these aspects, we reviewed the top 5 colorfast rugs for vinyl floors. All of them are suitable for vinyl surfaces. So, let’s check them out.

Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

What is the Best Door Mats Safe For Vinyl Floors

The vinyl surface is delicate & it requires regular maintenance. If you don’t clean it regularly, the beautiful look of the vinyl base starts to fade away quickly. Everytime we come from outside, the dirt & debris also comes into our home with our footwear. And you know how annoying it’s to clean the entryway everytime you come from outside. But if you have a doormat in front of the door or in the entrance, it will scrape all the dirt from your shoes. 

The heck is- not every door mat in your local store or on Amazon is friendly to the vinyl floor. Your vinyl base may get discolored if the doormat uses rubber as its construction. So, you should choose a mat that doesn’t stain or discolor the door mat. 

Considering this, Sierra Concepts Door Mat is the best door mat safe for vinyl floors. It uses PVC material, which doesn’t react with the chemicals found in the vinyl plank. In other words, this mat will never damage the vinyl surface. 

Out Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: Sierra Concepts Door Mat
    “From the view of pricepoint & functionality, Sierra Concept DoorMat is the best mat for the vinyl surface. It’s durable, environment-friendly, and easy to maintain.” 
  2. Best Vinyl-backed: Ultralux Entrance Mat
    “The anti-slip & vinyl backing & edging mat will keep this entrance mat firmly in place to add stability and prevent the mat from shifting around.” 
  3. Best Personalized Rugs: Coco Mats ‘N More Personalized Doormat
    “This custom-made and personalized doormat allows you to print your name on the mat. So, you can give it to your friends, family, and clients as a thoughtful gift.” 
  4. Best for Home & Office With Pets: Notrax Brush Step Entrance Mat
    “Its double rib high/low design works as a scraper and scrapes away all the dirt, debris, and dust from the paws of your pets.” 
  5. Best Budget: Coco Coir Door Mat
    “This budget-friendly door mat from Coco Coir uses 100% pure coconut coir or fibers. In return, the doormat captures dirt, particles, and moisture like a filter.”

5 Door Mats Safe For Vinyl Floors

You have an idea of what mat you should get for vinyl floors. Now, it’s time to check the details of those mats so that you can decide which one you should go for.  

1. Best Overall: Sierra Concepts Door Mat

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat is the best door mat safe for vinyl floors. We ranked it as best overall for several reasons:  it is durable, versatile, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. 

Top Features:

  • Size: 30″ x 17″
  • Color: Steel Gray
  • Pattern: Striped
  • Material: Polyester, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Brand: Sierra Concepts

Heavy-Duty Design

Its rugged high-quality ribbed polyester design gives it a rough feeling and adds durability. Plus, this door mat works as a scraper and allows you to scrape dirt & debris from your shoes. 

Non-slip Backing

The door mat from Sierra Concepts uses heavy-duty PVC as the non-slip backing. It doesn’t only keep the mat in place but also prevents moisture from leaking. Indeed, it will be a perfect addition to your entryway for wet, rainy, and snowy days.

Versatile & Durable

This door mat uses heavy-duty PVC material as its construction. So, it can tackle dirt, debris, and the outdoor environment superiorly. You can place this rug inside or outside entryways near the door, closets, laundry, and other high-traffic indoor-outdoor areas.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the door mat has never been easier before this! Just shake it off,   sweep it with a broom, or hose it off with water for thorough cleaning the entryway mat.


  • Last longer as it uses heavy-duty material
  • Simple to maintain & clean
  • Eco-friendly


  • It only comes in one size.

Why Do We Choose Sierra Door Mat

Most vinyl floor owners tend to go for the Gorilla Grip Original Low Profile Rubber Door Mat for saving a little cash. But we recommend you to not get this as it’s not vinyl-friendly. This mat from Gorilla Grip contains rubber. And rubber will react with the chemicals vinyl floor has and discolor your delicate surface. So, it is better to go for the Sierra Concepts Door Mat. 

2. Best Vinyl-backed: Ultralux Entrance Mat

Ultralux Indoor Entrance Mat is one of the best vinyl-backed floor mats on this list. Its anti-slip vinyl backing & edging keeps the door mat firmly in place to add stability. Therefore, the anti-slip design prevents the mat from wobbling around & reduces trip hazards. 

Top Features:

  • Size: 31” x 47”
  • Brand: Ultralux
  • Color: Grey
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Polypropylene Fibers/Vinyl Backing

Absorbent Polypropylene Fibers

The polypropylene fibers efficiently trap dirt & dust particles. Plus, it absorbs moisture from footwear, wheels, and paws like a sponge. Indeed,  it keeps your carpet and floors dry, clean, and safe. 

Stylish & Versatile

Its sleek and low-profile design is perfect for low-clearing entryways. And the best part is- it doesn’t get stuck under the door. So, it will be your perfect entrance way mat for home, commercial, and industrial use. You can place it on most hard flooring and carpet. 

Convenient to Clean 

The Ultralux Indoor Entry Mat requires less maintenance to keep the mat clean. Just vacuum it or shake off the excess dirt & debris. You can also machine wash this doormat at 86°F and quickly dry it. But the best suggestion is- vacuum the mat often to add longevity. 


  • Low profile design
  • Anti-slip vinyl backing
  • Full vinyl border to prevent trip hazards


  • Some users complain the edging of this mat is very thin, and it gets torn quickly. 

Why Do We Choose Ultralux

Mibao Dirt Trapper Door Mat is a high-quality doormat that is durable and scrapes dirt from shoes like crazy. Plus, it’s slip-resistant and super absorbent. But the heck is- it’s too pricey. On the other hand, you will enjoy all of these features at an affordable price if you go for the Ultralux Indoor Entrance Mat. So, does it make sense to spend extra cash when you get the same functionality?

3. Best Personalized Rugs: Coco Mats ‘N More Personalized Doormat

Don’t get a thoughtful idea to buy a gift for your friends, family, or clients? Then, Coco Mats ‘N More Bordered Door Mat will be your best pick. Its custom and personalized design will surely heart the win of your recipient. You can even print the name on the mat. Indeed, this mat is perfect for a gift.  

Top Features:

  • Size: 22″ x 36″
  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: Bordered
  • Material: 100% natural coco coir
  • Brand: COCO MATS ‘N MORE 

Custom Printed

Decorate your door mat by printing your own name. Just choose your name, color, font, and size and Coco Mats N More will deliver you a fully custom-made mat. Indeed, you can get it as a gift for your nearest & dearest person. 

Extra Durable

This heavy-duty & thick outdoor mat uses 100% coco coir woven as its construction material. It means this mat can handle environmental wear & tear optimally and you can place it in high traffic areas of your home. 

Non-slip Backing

Like other door mats, this heavy-duty non-slip vinyl backing mat keeps your custom-made mat firmly in its place. In other words, it works as a friction barrier and protects your vinyl base against regular wear & tear. 


You can place this multi-purpose vinyl floor mat in different places of your home. In specific words, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it for the front door, patios, back porch, and garage. 


  • Simple to clean by shaking or vacuuming
  • Keep mat securely in place
  • Eco-friendly


  • A few users complain it got fade away after using this for two months

Why Do We Choose Coco Mats ‘N More Doormat

Though both the Custom Name Gifts Personalized Text Doormat and the Coco Mats N More Doormat are perfect for a gift, we recommend you go for the Coco mats. It’s more stylish, functional, and scrapes dirt from shoes better than the Custom Name Text Doormat. 

4. Best for Home & Office With Pets: Notrax Brush Step Entrance Mat

Are you looking for a doormat to stop the spreading of dirt & debris from the muddy paws of your pets? Then, the Notrax Brush Step Entrance Mat is what you are craving for. Its double rib high/low design works as a scraper. This mat can efficiently scrape off the dirt and mud from the paws of your pets and keep your entryway clean. 

Top Features:

  • Size: 3′ Width x 5′ Length
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Brand: Notrax

Soft & Comfortable

Notrax is known for its expert craftsmanship. And this doormat for the vinyl base is not an exception to that. It uses a blend of quality materials like polypropylene as its construction, which adds longevity to the mat. Turns out, the built-in material of the mat also makes it soft and comfortable. 

Low-profile Design

The sleek & low-profile design of this Brush Step Mat won’t interfere with doors. It means you can easily open and close the door and the door will not get stuck. 

Vinyl Back

Safety comes first, right? The vinyl back of this doormat prevents it from shifting around on the hard floors. It means this mat will not slip like crazy and stay in its place. 

Multiple Sizes & Colors Available

Notrax Door Mat comes in multiple sizes and colors. We bet you will surely find the mat in the size that works for you. Plus, this doormat comes in different colors to perfectly blend with your existing home decor. 


  • Thick vinyl back prevents the mat from sliding
  • Feel soft & comfortable under feet
  • Easy to maintain & clean


  • Some users noticed it has a chip in one part of the rubber border.

Why Do We Choose Notrax Entrance Mat

We recommend you go for the Notrax Brush Step Entrance Mat instead of the Ultra Plush Non-slip Rug Pad. Though this one is function & slip-resistant, it is not friendly to the vinyl floor like the Notrax. It uses rubber as its construction material. And you know that the rubber will react with the chemicals found in the vinyl base and discolor the vinyl flooring. So, it’s better to get the Notrax if you have the vinyl base. 

5. Best Budget: Coco Coir Door Mat

A door mat, of course, doesn’t take a leg and arm. But sometimes we need to consider our budget. And the Coco Coir Door Mat is for those to whom budget matters a lot. Though it’s affordable, this door mat is functional, attractive, and it requires low maintenance. 

Top Features: 

  • Product Dimensions: 30″L x 17″W
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Coir
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Brand: Plus Haven

Made of Eco-friendly Material

This door mat uses 100% coco coir as its built-in material. As the coir fiber is produced by hand, it doesn’t affect the environment. Besides its eco-friendly feature, the coir fibers have superior scraping properties. This mat can easily capture dirt, debris, and particles from footwear and remove them. 

Low Maintenance

Just shake the mat off and vacuum it to keep the coir mat neat & clean. Therefore, this door mat is water-resistant & dries quickly. Indeed, it doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease to clean this door mat. 

Perfect Both For Indoor & Outdoor Use

The Coco Coir Door Mat is specially designed to use it for indoor & outdoor use. This entryway mat uses rough & tough coconut fibers. So, it can tackle any environmental conditions. 


  • Perfect for heavy traffic entrances
  • Remove dirt & moisture from any footwear
  • Convenient to clean


  • The letters on the mat may fade away quickly

Why Do We Choose Coco Coir Door Mat

Both the EARTHALL DoorMat and the Coco Coir Door Mat are affordable, multi-functional, and non-slip. But we recommend the Coco Coir most. It is water-resistant, environment-friendly, and lasts longer. Moreover, this durable floor mat can superiorly tackle any outdoor conditions. 

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What To Look for Before Choosing the Best Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors?

Take a look at the following criteria before going for a door mat for your vinyl base. 


What material a door mat uses as its construction is the first criterion you should consider. It matters a lot as the built-in element will determine whether the door mat will be safe for your vinyl base or not. Non-rubber backing mat is safe as it doesn’t stain or discolor the vinyl floor over time. 


The door mat comes with multiple patterns, including- solid, striped, and bordered. You can go for any of the mat patterns you like. Indeed, it’s your personal choice what style or design of the door mat you love. 


Like the pattern, a door mat also comes in different colors. What color door mat you will choose depends on your personal choice. However, we suggest picking the color that will blend with your existing home decor. 


You can find different sizes of door mats on Amazon. Choose the size that fits your door entrance. We recommend you pick a doormat that is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Fortunately, every door mat we enlisted comes in multiple sizes. As a result, you have the option to get the one that fits your entrance. 

Multiple Usability

Though it doesn’t matter, a multi-purpose door mat meets your different needs. You can use it for home, commercial, and industrial use. Always go for the multi-purpose door mat that comes with a sleek & low-profile design. Such a type of door mat will never get stuck under the door. 

Anti-Slip Feature

Ensure the doormat you will pick comes with a non-slip backing feature. It helps to prevent moisture from leaking and keep the mat in place. Indeed, a mat with non-slip backing will be a perfect solution for wet, rainy, and snowy days. 

Ease of Clean

Cleaning & maintaining the doormat will prolong the life of the mat. So, it’s indispensable to choose a mat that is easy to clean. Fortunately, every door mat we listed is convenient to tidy up. Just shake the mat off, sweep it with a broom, or hose it off with water for thorough cleaning. Some mats are also machine-washable. So, you don’t need to worry about cleaning. 


What mats can be used on vinyl flooring?

You should use mats with non-rubber backing. In other words, place a mat that is made of cotton, jute, or other natural ingredients. Such a type of mat will never bring any damage to your vinyl base by discoloring the floor. 

Will rubber-backed rugs damage vinyl flooring?

Yes, rubber-backed rugs damage the vinyl floor because rubber-backed mats use harmful chemicals. And you know the chemical will discolor the vinyl base over time. 

Can you put rubber mats on vinyl plank flooring?

No, you can’t put rubber mats on vinyl plank flooring. The rubber will react with the chemicals found in the vinyl base and damage the surface by discoloring it. 

Are PVC mats safe for vinyl floors?

Yes, every manufacturer recommends PVC mats to use over the vinyl floors as it is safe and doesn’t discolor the vinyl base like the rubber-backed mats. 

Will rugs scratch vinyl floors?

Yes, some rugs may scratch the vinyl floors. But we recommend you get the cotton-made rugs to protect your delicate vinyl surface against friction & scratches. 

Final Verdict

Now, you have all the information at your fingertips on what mats will be safe for vinyl floors. It’s time to decide which mat you will pick. If you can’t make up your mind, we recommend you go for the  Sierra Concepts Door Mat. However, you can also choose any of the doormats from the list based on your personal choice.

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