Do You Run Pool Pump while Swimming?

If you have a pool pump and you are not sure about how to use it or when to use it, then you are in the right place. Both new and experienced pool users sometimes think about whether they should use the pump while swimming. There are different parts with different functions, so it takes a while to understand it all completely.

Pool pumps are an important part of any pool. Every pool needs to have one of these for a filtration system and more. Whether you use the pump while swimming is up to you, but I will discuss that a bit later.

In this article, I will clear this concept and any further questions you may have regarding pool pumps and when to run them. For a better understanding, make sure to read until the end.

Do You Run Pool Pump while Swimming

What Is A Pool Pump :

The pool pump is the most important part of a pool system. The pump is used to regulate water flow and balances the chemicals added to the water in the pool. The pump consists of a motor, an impeller and a waste trapping system.

The motor draws water through the skimmer and drain at a high rate. The electric motor is usually of a 110 or 220-volt rating. Although the pump is resistant to some degree of water, you should always be cautious and check your pump regularly.

Working Mechanism Of A Pool Pump :

Pool pumps have two openings; an inlet for water to enter and an outlet for water to exit. When the pump runs, the water is drawn through the inlet, and the outlet removes the filtered water. The inlet and outlet allow water to be circulated properly.

When turned on, the motor powers the impeller to spin the volute system. This increases the rate of the water flow. Water moves at high speed through the water filter where it is cleaned. More on filtration later.

The impeller is connected to the shaft of the motor. When electricity is provided, the shaft spins, causing the impeller to rotate as well. The primary function of the impeller is to draw water.

The pump also has end shields which are used to support the bearings. The purpose of the bearing is to ensure that the pump shaft rotates freely. There are windings in the motor which supplies alternating current to the shaft.

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Other Important Parts Of A Pool Pump

Apart from the motor, there are other vital parts of a pool pump. These include the following.


The impeller a moving part of the motor. It moves the water at a high velocity. Modern pool pumps use closed face impellers. These are the most energy efficient and have a high flow rate.

Pump Basket

Pump baskets are attached to the end. This collects large debris or other substances to protect the impeller from harm. The pump basket should not be confused with the filter. These are two separate things.

Pump Strainer and Housing

The strainer is covered to prevent water from entering the pump housing. For a pump to prime, the pump has to remove the air. This is done from the housing as the impeller spins.

Pump Seal

The pump seal is a mechanical seal made of ceramic and graphite. This instrument prevents leaking out of the water from the pump. The seal should be properly aligned and kept cool. Remember that you should never lubricate the seal.

Functions Of A Pool Pump

A pool pump is primarily used to keep the water in your pool clean. It pumps the water through the filter to clean the water and regulate its flow. Doing this removes algae, debris, hair, and bacteria in your pool and replaces it with clean water.

The pump also allows chemicals in your pool to be circulated. Chemicals like chlorine are important to disinfect your pool and to keep it clean. As the water flows, new chemicals are added to make up for used ones.

Some pools have features like bubbling and waterfall. These require extensive use of the pool pump. If your pool has a heater, the pump can reheat the water continuously.

Based on your pool size, the water in your pool needs to be turned over for a certain amount per day. This is known as the turnover rate. An effective pump will help you do this easily. This is important for water filtration and mixing your chemicals properly.

Do You Need To The Run Pool Pump While Swimming?

Many pool owners ask themselves this question over and over again. Well, the answer is that you can run the pool pump while swimming. However, there is no particular need to do this. You are free to use the pump, but you can also choose not to.

The purpose of using the pump while swimming is to filter out debris and keep the water clean while you are in the pool. If you are careful about your hygiene, then you can choose to do this.

If a lot of people are using your pool or if you use it frequently, then it is a good idea to keep the pump turned on. This is because there can be a lot of unwanted germs and bacteria leading to health problems. Keeping the pump on will increase the amount of chemicals and keep those risks low.

Some people choose to use their pump to have a bubbling or waterfall effect while swimming. However, it is best to keep electricity costs in mind before you do that.

Last Words

While you can keep your pump running while swimming, it is important to think about the power consumption of your pump. Pumps require high energy so the more you use it, the greater you will be charged in your electricity bill.

Besides this, there are no restrictions in using your pump any time. I hope this article has cleared things for you.

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