Electric Pool Heater Vs Gas Heater – Difference and Comparison

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some extra time in a pool? A pool heater creates the opportunity for you and adjusts the pool temperature so that you can stay a bit longer. Your best options are electric and gas pool heaters. 

Installing a gas heater is easy compared to an electric heater if you already have a gas line in your house. But an electric heater will give better efficiency in warmer conditions. Instead, a gas heater is ideal for cold weather. Though an electric heater is costly, it’s cheaper to maintain.

In the debacle of Electric Pool Heater Vs. Gas Pool Heater, which one will emerge victoriously? It’s a tough call, but not an unanswerable one!

Electric Pool Heater Vs Gas Heater

Comparison At A Glance

The table will provide you a quick look at the comparisons between electric and gas pool heaters.

TopicElectric pool heaterGas pool heater
Installation costHigher installation cost.Lower installation cost.
Environment impactsNo issues.Emit harmful vapors.
Operation timeComparatively longer.Quick process.
Maintenance costInexpensive.Costlier than an electric heater.
Weather conditionCan’t provide good service in winter.Can use all the time of the year.
FuelElectricity.Natural gas or propane tank.

What’s an Electric Pool Heater?

Mainly, an electric heater uses several heating elements to adjust the pool temperature. The water runs in a cycle through these heating elements and receives heat. 

Heating coils are used to heat the water, and these coils are heated through electricity. You can increase the amount of heat by increasing the number of heating coils. But the heating process is a bit slow. 

However, you have to spend some extra bucks initially as it’s expensive compared to a gas heater. But the maintenance cost is low.

The electric heater doesn’t have any environmental issues as it runs through electricity and has no vapor emissions.


  • Low maintenance cost
  • No environmental impacts
  • Stay quiet while operating
  • Installation is easy
  • Models are energy efficient
  • More reliable and convenient heating source
  • Portable


  • Higher installation cost
  • Slower heating process
  • Need professional help for maintenance and installation
  • Uses a lot of electricity in larger pools

What’s a Gas Pool Heater?

A gas pool heater can be of two types: natural gas and propane gas heater. 

If your house has a pre-installed gas line, you can quickly set up a gas pool heater. But not all places have such access. In that case, you can set a refillable propane tank for heating your pump.

However, both of them come with a lower initial cost compared to an electric heater. It can give you a faster heating process, but you have to spend some extra bucks on maintaining such performance.

You have to store backup fuel as they can run out any time in a gas heater. That’s because the machine produces massive energy in exchange for the quick heating process.


  • Comparatively cheaper installation process
  • Simple installation
  • Proved effectiveness for any sizes of pools
  • Energy efficiency is greater
  • Doesn’t need any external power source like electricity
  • Usable in any weather condition


  • Maintenance is expensive
  • Not environment friendly
  • Need backup stocks pf fuel
  • Prices of fuel can vary wildly
  • Needs professional servicing sometimes

Electric Vs. Gas Pool Heater: Which One Has Better Efficiency?

If you are looking for an energy-efficient pool heater, then a gas pool heater is the suitable choice for you. 

It’s because electricity can’t give you the same amount of energy as you can get from propane or natural gases. As the electric pool heater produces less heat than a gas heater, you can’t use them in bigger pools. 

Another problem with the electric heater is that it takes some extra time to heat the pool. So, you have to wait longer to jump and enjoy your swimming. At gymnasiums, you can’t think of using an electric pool heater for these drawbacks.

On the other hand, fuel from the gas pool heater produces enormous energy, and it can warm the pool in no time. So, it is easy to use in bigger pools efficiently.

Which One Has the Upper Hand in Usage?

For that, you need a schedule or a decent idea of when and how you are going to use your pool. 

Suppose you want the pool water warm immediately at a higher temperature. Your obvious choice is a gas pool heater. It will warm the pool quickly and give you the desired temperature. Moreover, the heat will remain longer than electric heaters.

But if you like the temperature slowly rising and a bit lower heat, you can get the electric heater. It may cost you higher than the gas pool heater. 

However, the water temperature is a personal choice. When you look at energy efficiency, the gas pool heater is the clear winner.

Looking for Better Installation? (Electric or Gas Pool Heater)

Pool heater installation is not a tough job to do, especially for gas pool heaters. 

All you need is to connect the gas heater with the pipeline from your house. If you don’t have a pre-installed gas line, you can use a propane refill tank and connect it to your gas pool heater.

But to install an electric pool heater, you will be a professional expert. That’s where the installation cost gets higher.

Electric or Gas Pool Heater in Terms of Cost Efficiency

You have to spend more on maintenance rather than the part of the installation of pool heaters. In the long run, the maintenance cost shows you the cost-efficiency of a pool heater. 

An electric pool heater is easy to maintain and operate.

But a gas heater is expensive to maintain as the fuel price varies, and you will need a considerable amount of fuel to increase the temperature quickly.

Count Weather Condition as A Crucial Fact for Pool Heaters

You need to consider weather conditions if you are up to set a pool heater. 

If you live in a cold region where winter lasts longer, you should get a gas pool heater. On top of that, the electric heater won’t work well in winter because of the slower heating process.

But in summer, a gas heater isn’t a must. You can get whatever type of heater you want. If you think of long-term usage, then a gas heater is a pretty good option.

Electric Pool Heater Vs. Gas Pool Heater: Make A Choice!

Now, you have to choose between an electric and gas pool heater. Honestly, it’s up to you which type of heater you want. 

For example, if you like the pool water warming up slowly and not last for long, you can use the electric pool heater.

But if you are thinking of setting a heater at the gymnasium, you will need the gas pool heater. 

Don’t forget to consider weather conditions while getting a heater for your pool.

Bottom Line

The purpose of the discussion is to clarify all the confusion between electric and gas pool heaters so that you can set the most convenient one for your pool. 

The choice of pool heater clearly depends on your personal preference and some other factors like weather and fuel supply. So be sure to factor those in when choosing a device for your pool. Get the best pool heater and enjoy swimming to the maximum!

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