What Size Rug For King Bed?

After a long tiresome day at work, a beautiful and comfortable bed is that place you earnestly wish to get rid of all the weariness and stress, right? 

Well, placing a rug underneath your king-size bedding can also be a great addition to your bedroom to enjoy more color, pattern, and coziness when you are at home. 

Since rugs out there come with numerous dimensions, you get to be a bit tricky while choosing a perfect area rug for using beneath your bed. 

Mind you, the size of the rug depends on both the size of your bedroom and your bed. Most importantly, besides knowing what size rug best fits your room, you need to know where and how to place the rug as well.

What Size Rug For King Bed

What Size Of Rug To Consider For Your King Bed?

Simply put, if you have a king-size bed, then you can consider using a few sizes of area rugs under it, such as 9’x12′, 8’x10′, 3′ x 5′ rugs, and 2-Sheepskin irregular rugs. 

Make sure you leave a minimum of 8 inches of space in between the nightstands and the beginning of the rug. Also, ensure the rug expands the bedding by 1 foot at the least.

But, typically, the size of a rug for a King bed is 9×12. As it is very large, it will provide you with lots of floor coverage while still exhibiting the rug’s design. It is quite expensive as well. 

However, be sure to keep at least 6 inches between the edge of the rug and the wall to avoid looking like wall-to-wall carpeting.

Apart from that, for your king bed, an 8×10 area rug can also be the best bet. It is the most popular and easy-to-find rug size of all, which is more affordable than a 9×12 as well. 

But, bear in mind that lots of designs of the rug will be covered by the bedding if you consider using this rug size with a king bed.

3 Ways To Place A Rug Under Your King-Size Bed

Listed below are some of the common tricks to place a rug under a king bed:

1. Place It Horizontally

An 8′ x 10 rug can be used horizontally under the bed. Consider running it longwise and make sure the 10 feet remain across the bed as well as the 8 feet extend the bed’s length and out the end. 

If your king-size bed is positioned against a wall, go on extending the rug by 12 inches at the least on the two sides and the foot. 

Or, if the bed is placed in the room’s center, then you will have to consider using a larger rug extending on either of the four sides of your bedding.

Also, be sure the rug settles well in front of the sideboards, providing you enough space so that you can open the drawers with ease.

2. Place It Vertically

You can use a 9×12 size rug that is larger than the previous one in a vertical direction, providing you with an excellent border on all sides of your bed. 

Not only does it work as a soft landing pad, but it will also be a nice place to put a bench or some pillows for your loving children so they can sit, play, or watch TV leaning against the bedding.

3. Use Side Rugs

If you do not want your rug to extend under your bed, then you can consider placing two rugs on each side. But if you place the bed against a wall, you can put a rug on one side. 

For side rugs, a regular 3′ x 5′ rug, or irregular yet comfortable sheepskin rugs will do the trick nicely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Should A Rug Go Under A Bed?

Well, try to make sure the headboard side of your bed is pushed up against a wall while putting an area rug beneath a bed. Also, ensure the rug runs underneath the bed completely as well as beneath the end of the footboard. But, do not let the rug go all the way to the wall on the side of the headboard.

Do you need a rug under your bed?

If you want to define your bed space, then a rug beneath the bed will be the best option that will help focus on that particular area. Placing rugs under the bed has another advantage, such as, if your bedroom is quite large, the rug will leave things looking more cozy and intimate even if there’s lots of space between your furniture.

What types of rugs are best for the bedroom?

Wool rugs can undoubtedly be your go-to choice for your bedroom because of their plush feel and luxurious look. They are also well known for their durability, as they work great in heavy traffic areas. While they are expensive, they will be well worth every penny in the long run.

Final Words

Okay, now that you have got a clear understanding of what size rug you should purchase for your king bed and how you can set it up under the bed.

Remember, it totally depends on your personal taste whether you choose to place the rug horizontally or vertically inside your bedroom.

If you’ve got different ideas about the right size rug for your bedroom, please feel free to share with us in the comments. Happy decorating!!!

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