Felt vs Rubber Rug Pad

Rug pads are essential for all rug owners as they perform different important functions. These functions allow you as a rug owner to enjoy that perfect rug that you have just purchased fully.

Some essential functions of using a rug pad include preventing your rugs from slipping on your wooden floors, prolonging the lifespan of your rug, protecting the floors under which you have placed the rug, and the pads protecting the rug fibers from being crushed.

There are a lot of material options to choose from when picking out a rug pad, such as latex, plastic, felt, rubber, etc. Not all these materials are safe, so it is vital to pick something worthy.

The most popular rug pad materials are rubber material and felt material. Which poses the question; felt vs. rubber rug pad?

Felt vs Rubber Rug Pad

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Felt Rug Pad

The felt rug pad is not the best option for rug pads that put your rug in place (non-slip grip) but it does offer your rugs a cushion-like soft feel. The good thing is, the felt pad is very thick, maybe even more than the rubber rug pad.

This thickness allows for better soundproofing in your home, especially with thin floors. They also provide insulation for non-slip rugs; they do not need to be put in place. So yes, the felt pad does offer a lot of benefits that will be eye-catching to customers.

Rubber Rug Pad

It will be frustrating to have your rug keep moving from its original position. The rubber rug pads do have the upper hand when it comes to putting your rugs in place. They ensure that your rugs are non-slip, which most people want.

Unfortunately, that is about all it can do. Compared to the plastic rug pads, the rubber is suitable for most floors. When compared to the felt rubber pad, felt has the upper hand. 

The rubber rug pad is also not as thick as the felt is, so there would not be that cushion-like feeling. The rubber rug pads are eco-friendly, so they do not contain any toxic chemicals that will be harmful to your floors.

Differences between the felt and rubber rug pad

These differences will help show which rug pad has the upper hand and is more suitable for your floors. They are both perfect for individual purposes but as always, one is more advantageous than the other.

Flooring protection

When picking a rug pad, you have to ensure that whatever you are selecting best suits the floors you have in your home. This helps to avoid your floors getting spoiled, scratched, etc. Both rug pads are tied in this aspect.

Since the rubber pad is eco-friendly and does not possess any toxic materials, it is not capable of harming or damaging your floors. They can be used on hardwood flooring, tiles, laminate flooring, and every other kind of hard surface flooring.

Only natural rubber rug pads are safe for your floors. Artificial or plastic rubber pads are not very safe for your hardwood floors and can lead to a lot of damage (ruining the wood).

The felt rug pad also does not contain any toxic material as it is usually made out of 100% recycled felt. They prevent abrasions from rugs that are not very smooth. Zero harmful material is equal to protected floors.

They are safe for every kind of floor, both natural and synthetic.

Non-slip protection

Of course, this is something the rubber rug pads are very good at, ensuring your rugs stay in place. It will be a total hassle to get a rug pad that does not keep your rugs in place, making them move due to the slightest touch.

The rubber pads are perfect for protecting from slipping rugs. They contain grip pads that hold both your rug and floor but do not stick to them. For little rugs like doormats, the rubber pads are necessary as one could slip if not careful, especially children.

Unfortunately, felt rug pads do not provide the best protection from slipping rugs. They have no non-slip feature except your rug is large. In most cases, little rugs need more non-slip quality than large ones.

Quality and lifespan

Having a quality, long-lasting rug pad is essential. It would be such a hassle to keep changing and changing. The rubber pads are seen to be the best choice by experts in terms of longevity. Due to its density, it is perfect for soundproofing and insulation. It lasts longer than any cushion-like material.

Cushioned rug pads are known for providing insulation and soundproofing in your home, which is what the felt pad does. They still need to be combined with a rubber pad to keep the rug in place.

The rubber pads are waterproof, making them perfect for rugs outdoors, in the bathroom, or the kitchen. On the other hand, the felt pad is not very good with water, so it is only perfect for rugs you can find indoors (living room).


Most people prefer rug pads that increase the comfort of their rugs, while some are just indifferent to it. If you are looking for something more comfortable, the felt rug pad is a better option. It gives the rug a softer feeling, thereby increasing your comfort.

The rubber pad is much better at preventing slips than providing comfort. It does not offer significant cushioning, just like the felt pad does. It is barely noticeable.


Two essential things should always be looked out for when searching for the perfect rug pad for your home: cushioning and safety (non-slip grip). The felt rug pad is ideal for the former, while the rubber rug pad is perfect for the latter.

It is safe to say that the felt pad is a good choice for indoor rugs because of its cushioning abilities. On the other hand, the rubber pad is a good choice for outdoor rugs because of its non-slip grip. Its waterproof feature qualifies it to be used in bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens.

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