Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors?

After finding an ideal area rug, you need to choose the right padding to protect your expensive hardwood floors — from being worn down by heavy foot traffic to being severely scratched-up by the furniture legs. 

Well, now the question is, do rug pads damage hardwood floors? The short answer is both yes and no. Your hardwood floor’s condition completely depends on the types of rug pads you are going to use on it.

Long story short, though all rug pad types do not damage your hardwood floors, some can permanently do. Remember, only the cheapest plastic rug pads available out there can cause serious discoloration to the floors and some can even leave marks or residues on your hardwood flooring.

So be very careful before you choose a rug pad to use in between the flooring and the rug. And, read along to know more about the best kinds of rug pads for your hardwood floors before ruining your floors.

Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors

Do You Need A Rug Pad On A Hardwood Floor? And why?

Absolutely! As you care for your hardwood flooring and the area rug alike, you are better off using an area rug pad between these two. 

But why? Because your hardwood floors underneath are more likely going to be damaged from discoloration unless you use an ideal area rug pad or even consider buying one.

Plus, since hardwood floors are prone to being quite slippery, a rug might not stay in one place. As a result, the risk of tripping and falling increases. 

Let’s get to know a few more reasons to make use of an area rug pad on the floor:

  • The rug pad keeps your floor safe from scratches caused by the area rug, damaging your floors.
  • It helps to extend the finish of the floorings and also makes sure your rug lasts for longer.
  • A rug pad makes sure the rug doesn’t slide around on the floor with ease. It also makes sure your floor surface is slip-resistant, making the floor safe while providing warmth and comfort inside the room.
  • Plus, it helps to decrease sound transmission by providing extra cushioning, minimizing noise on the floor. 

Consequently, your neighbors living in the down floor won’t be irritated by noise. Remember, the thicker the rug pad is, the more soundproofing and insulation you can be enjoying.

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What Kinds Of Rug Pads Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

To make sure your floor stays stainless and smooth for a longer period of time, you must ensure your rug pad’s material goes well with your hardwood floor.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve put together some of the best types of rug pads for using on your hardwood or laminate floors, that have little effect on wood as well as can naturally cling to the bottom of the rugs to prevent slipping on the floor. 

Here we go,,,

Natural rubber rug pads

Since natural rubber pads assure a solid grip on the floor yet don’t stick, they are perfect for use on hardwood floors. Natural paddings are also safer because they do not cause staining or damage to your floors. 

On top of that, these rug pads don’t contain plasticizers that can pose a great threat to you and your pets. They are also way better than the popular PVC padding used beneath the rugs.

Felt rug pads

These pads are considered the safest to use on the hardwood floors, because they also do not stick to the floor and stain it. 

Plus, felt rug pads provide your furniture and carpet with a thick durable cushion that is super soft as well. Mind you, these types of pads are well known for their cushion.

This soft cushioning protects your flooring against the scratches and damage from both the carpet and the heavy furniture like tables and couches. 

Additionally, these pad types feel soft and cozy to your feet, making it great to place in areas like the bedroom and living room. They also soundproof your home, which is beneficial for you while living in an apartment.

Like anything else out there, felt pads also come with a drawback, such as, it cannot adhere to the floor firmly, as it doesn’t have any non-slip quality. 

Most importantly, felt rug pads are completely eco-friendly, as they are made out of recycled materials.

Rubber and Felt 

A rug pad can be produced from the combination of natural rubber and felt rug pads, which features both a super-soft and slip-resistant cushion. It doesn’t stick to the hardwood floors as there is no adhesive used, that’s why it doesn’t result in any staining and is much safer to use on the flooring. 

This pad type also offers a comfy and cozy feeling to your feet while holding the rug in its exact place. As there is no harmful and toxic compound found in this pad, it is eco-friendly and safe, too. If you want a rug pad that can serve you for a longer time, it can be your go-to option as the material is highly durable. 

What Kinds Of Pads Can Ruin Your Hardwood Floors?

Well, while rug pads made from plastic are way cheaper than felt and natural rubber rug pads, they are not compatible with hardwood floors. 

Because of not having anti-slip backings and moving around so much on the hardwood floorings, these pads can ultimately cause scratches and stains to the floor.

Also they cannot provide that much cushioning to protect your floor, because they are often too thin.

Though the plastic rug pads are coated with adhesive backings, they are more prone to sticking to the floor in lieu of gripping, resulting in unexpected residues and stains. That’s offensive to look at!

Aside from that, as these pads can off-gas poisonous chemicals like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Phthalates, they are most likely to stain and damage the finishing of your hardwood floor. And, in the worst case scenario, these chemical compounds can cause toxicity to human health and other forms of life. That’s harmful!

Now that you’ve come to know, you had better avoid plastic rug pads at any cost as they are the worst material for use on the floor. 

Final Words

Well, there you have it people. Hopefully, you have got a clear understanding on if rug pads ruin your hardwood floor or not. 

Bear in mind that an ideal rug pad can play a great role to keep your area rug in its right place and also keep your indoor air quality safer. It protects your hardwood flooring from premature wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic and sliding furniture as well. 

Though purchasing natural and felt rug pads requires a huge investment of your money, it will be well worth it in the long run. Hence, consider choosing the perfect rug pad wisely and smartly to get the most out of it.

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