Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate

Foaming root killer or Copper Sulfate? This is the question moving around your head, right? Well, to pick one from these two you have to gather information about them. And then you have to measure your circumstances to pick any according to the situation of your problem.

Roots are very much irritating. They can destroy the whole piping system. So, you must take action before it is too late. Roots can be prevented with the regular use of Copper Sulfate or Foaming Root killer.

Both will serve the purpose of killing roots from the pipeline system. But you have to use the right one according to the environment. This discussion about Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate will help you to evaluate these two products and choose the right one as well.

Foaming Root Killer vs Copper Sulfate

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Foaming Root Killer (FRK)

Foaming Root Killer, also known as FRK is a foam-based product that kills roots and prevents them from being reborn. Generally. Root killer is used in pipelines to destroy roots and maintain the clearance of the pipeline.

Foaming root killer works better when it contacts with water. It kills all the roots that have entered the sewer line. As it creates more foams in contact with water, it can wash the whole line by filling it entirely with root-killing agent Diclobenil.

So, by using this foam your pipeline will be blockage-free. There will be no root problem at all as the root killer not only kills the existing roots but also destroys them forever. Just make sure there is enough flow so that the foams can go through the whole line. Otherwise, it can not kill them all.

Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is a chemical product made from copper and sulfur. This is an inorganic product. It is generally used to kill bacteria, fungi, plants, roots, snails etc. As our mission is to remove all the roots from our pipeline and Copper Sulfate does this work so we can further discuss it.

The copper sulfate will be more toxic if the copper is more powerful. That means copper is the main content of copper sulfate. Some products containing copper sulfate can be found as liquid, dust, or crystal form.

You can collect any form and apply it in the pipeline to kill the unwanted roots. However, copper sulfate must reach all the roots to kill them. The water flow of the pipeline will do this job very well.

But, if you are applying it on a surface where there is no flow, then you must apply it mechanically so that it reaches every root and fulfills the purpose.

Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate

Now the task is to pick one. So, here is a comparison chart to make it easier for you. Check the Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate table below and choose the one that will serve your purpose better.

Foaming Root KillerCopper Sulfate
The Foaming root killer is a more modern product and more effective.Copper Sulfate is older and it is a chemical product.
It contains Dichlobenil, the main content that kills roots and prevents them from regrowth as well.Copper sulfate contains Copper and Sulfur.
It is self-foam in contact with water and it remains at the upper part of the pipe.It is more metallic and it remains in the bottom.
It takes 2 days to 1 week to kill all the roots.It takes 3 to 4 weeks to kill all the roots.

How to make homemade Root Killer

Before calling a plumber for a root problem or buying root-killing products, you should give it a try with your own homemade root killer. So, how to make it?

The process is very simple. You just need to mix salt, baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water and immediately pour the solution into the toilet and flush it.

The baking soda and vinegar will add the foaming effect and trust me this homemade solution works very well. However, it works slowly and you will not see any immediate effects.

How to Use Root Killers.

There are several ways to use root killers in the pipeline. You can use it in the toilet. Pour the mixture into the toilet commode and flash it heavily, the product will go through the pipe with water and it will kill every root in the way.

For blockage issues in the underground pipeline, you need to dig some small holes around the pipeline. Then insert a 1.5 inches tube into each well and then pour any root killer into the tube. And then pour boiling water. 

If you want to repeat the process on a regular basis, you can keep the tube as they are. Just cover them with soil. 

Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate: FAQs 

Does foaming root killer really work?

Yes, it does. Foaming root killer works in a great way in root killing. It is also very easy to use. Roebic K-77 Root Killer and Roebic Foaming Root Killer (FRK) are some popular root killer products.

Is foaming root killer safe for pipes?

Root killer kills only the roots and they are totally safe for pipes. Root killer doesn’t damage the pipe system rather it clears the system by removing roots.

Is copper sulfate bad for your pipes?

Copper Sulfate is a heavy toxic material. It is bad for metal such as iron. So, you should keep it away from metal pipes. However, you can use it on a plastic pipeline system but not more than twice a year.

How often should I use Roebic foaming root killer?

Roebic root killer can be used twice in a calendar year. The most effective times are spring and late fall. However, you can use more times depending on the root problem situation.

How long does it take for copper sulfate to kill the roots?

Copper sulfate takes about 3 to 4 weeks for killing the roots entirely.

How long does it take for the foaming root remover to take effect?

Foaming root killer works way faster than copper sulfate. It takes only 2 days to start work. And, within one week you will get a significant result.

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As you have read the whole article on Foaming Root Killer vs. Copper Sulfate, hopefully, you have gathered enough knowledge about both materials. And surely you can now choose between these two according to your requirements.

So, before calling a plumber and spending money on physical root cutting, try root killer yourself. Buy one from any online or offline store or just try the homemade one discussed above. 

Both foaming root killer and copper sulfate will fulfill your need. You just need to maintain regular use.

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