How to Change Batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer Jet — a cleaner that gets rid of small spills and dirt quickly and easily. Replacing Swiffer Jet batteries can be a bit of an involved process if you don’t have experience with them. The cleaner runs on 4 AA batteries. It sprays a cleaning solution through its several nozzles that use a pump. After an extended period of usage, you may have to replace the batteries.

To change the batteries, you should first switch off your jet. Then remove the cleaning solution from the jet to avoid leaks. Look for the battery compartment on the jet and open it. Replace the dead batteries with new ones and close the compartment. Try using the jet to see if everything is functioning as normal.

How to Change Batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet

We urge you to keep reading along. We have covered the process in great detail. And as a bonus, we have included some tips and hacks to get the most out of your cleaner.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Change Batteries In Swiffer Wet Jet

1. Setting everything up

Before you start changing the batteries, first make sure the machine is turned off. You would also need to remove the cleaning solution bottle from the machine. For that, flip the mop upside down so that the wet side of the cleaning pad faces upwards. 

Then, you would see a big white button between the cleaner and the pole. Press that button. It makes sure to drain out all the excess cleaner before changing the batteries. Remove the cleaning bottle and put it aside to avoid any risk of leakages. 

2. Looking for the battery compartment

Then look for the battery compartment. The battery compartment is located on the main body of the cleaner, near where the handle is attached. Now the shape of the compartment depends from model to model. 

Some models have a tab with a finger notch that you press down in order to open. This is quite similar to TV remotes or toys. Others have a plastic covering that has 2 lines with an arrow pointing towards the direction to slide it open.

3. Changing the batteries

After you have located and opened the battery compartment, remove the dead/damaged batteries and install 4 new AA batteries. Be sure that you are installing the batteries in the correct position.

 Inside, you have two slots which would both contain 2 batteries each. The flat (negative) end of one battery should be placed on the spring. While the tip (positive) end of the other battery is placed on the flat part. And both the batteries should be touching. 

4. Checking if everything works alright

After installing the batteries, re-attach the compartment in its place. Remember to put the cleaning bottle back into the jet. Switch on the jet cleaner and see if it now works properly as it should. 

If the jet does not eject any liquid, check if you have correctly put the cleaning bottle and the batteries. If there seems to be no problem there, then something else has gone wrong with your cleaner.

Choosing the Right Type of Battery

We have mentioned already that you need AA batteries. But to prolong the lifetime of those said batteries, you have to be a bit cautious about what batteries you put in. You can either use the typical disposable batteries or the rechargeable ones. 

The rechargeable ones are recommended as they are more environmentally friendly. And if you use disposable ones, at least avoid the cheaper ones. It is advisable to use more known batteries like Duracell or Energizer. 

Batteries from Amazon Basics also serve the purpose well here. Always buy batteries with a high power rating. And remember under any circumstances, do not mix old and new batteries. It may cause serious damage to your machine.

Taking Care of Your Swiffer Wet Jet

Aside from using proper batteries, there are small hacks you can use to make the most out of your Swiffer. If you think your jet is not providing enough cleaning power, add a small amount of dish soap

One downside of Swiffer cleaner is that it uses disposable cleaning pads. Replacing and buying pads over time is neither economic nor environmentally friendly. To save on pads, do not change them too frequently. 

Rather, the electrostatic charge on these pads can more easily pick up dirt and dust. Simply remove bigger pieces of dirt before you start cleaning your house. Speaking of which, every time you start cleaning, make sure to replace the water. And after you’re done cleaning, keep the jet in an upright position. 

Putting it upside-down may cause bacterial and fungal growth in the machine. Also, from time to time, be sure to clean the exterior of the machine.


So there you have it! Changing batteries of Swiffer Wet Jet may seem a bit complicated. But now that we have detailed the process in a simplified manner, it should no longer be a problem. 

Just remember that different models have different types of battery compartments. And you may have to do a bit of look around on your jet to locate where yours is. 

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