How to Use Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac for Water

Shop-Vac is a particular type of vacuum that specializes in both dry and liquid. These vacuums are often used in garages, workshops and construction work areas, but have also recently been used at home to save time and get better service.

Craftsman is such a heavy-duty shop vacuum, which is available with attachments. It is suitable for work on surfaces like hard floors. It is not only dry wax; it is equally adept at removing internal water. Craftsman is also used in wet/dry vac water. It has a powerful motor and suction unit, which allows the device to remove dirt, debris and liquid material.

Feature of Craftsman Heavy Duty Vacuum

Mobility technology

If you are looking for a 360 mobility technology dry/wet vacuum, Craftsman is the device you need. It has a friendly handle, which is used to move this device from one place to another. Even if the machine is running for some time, these handles do not heat up, so this cooling condition will not be unstable. It also has a large rear wheel, so it will not be a problem to move it back and forth. It can be removed with very little pressure, and can be carried anywhere.


Inside the Craftsman, the device is a large-sized garbage bag. It can hold 20 gallons or the same amount of dry/wet dust, that bag is plastic so water will not come out. You can use this device in extensive services, including garages, factories; it is a genuinely high capacity vacuum device. The plastic bag so its bag is leak-proof, so even if a sharp Debris or other dirt gets inside the bag, they won’t be able to do any damage to the bag. However, experienced cleaners say that it is better not to give glass shards in this type of machine.

Power technology

Craftsman has announced that their vacuum is qualified for the industrial site. If it doesn’t have energy, it won’t be able to suck anything out of a thick carpet. The Craftsman’s device is powered by 8.5 horsepower and has a powerful engine. As a result, it has more power to suck and more able to give the blowing. That will remove liquid/dry dirt from your interior by any means.


Craftsman’s Shop Vacuum has some urgent attachments, which is why it has become so popular with shoppers. It is not possible to do everything with a vacuum device alone, so it is necessary to connect other cleaning equipment with it. Attachments with Craftsman: – Power cord, hoses, extension tubes, crevice tools, car nozzles, muffler radiators etc. Each of its attachments is valuable when it comes to vacuuming.

How to use Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac for Water?

You can use Craftsman just like any other conventional home vacuum; they are straightforward to use and can be used for many purposes. It’s all about general cleaning skills, but you can also use Craftsman for professional work. Not only homeowners but also tenant cleaners provide cleaning services with these. If you want to use Craftsman Wet / Dry Vacuum in a wet position, you need to know some practical rules. It’s really easy, it will take just a few minutes and won’t require any other equipment.

Unlock Motors Top

Unlock the motor top of your Craftsman device, for this you need to pop the locks behind the handles properly. If the top of the motor is appropriately unlocked, it will give you access to the filter, which is located at the bottom of the motor. That is a significant step, so it must be appropriately handled.

Now pull the motor from the top of the Craftsman vacuum, at this point whether the filter is attached to the underside! Check that out too.

Snap the Handles

Now the connector filter has to be removed from the vacuum cleaner, it is not difficult at all. You can pull this filter out by hand. Once it is taken out, set it aside, the place should be clean.

To start work, place the motor behind the Vacuum and snap the craftsman device handle back into the position.

Drain the Vacuum

Now the Craftsman Vacuum can vacuum the water. This device has a pre-program loaded for alerting, will alert you when water comes near the motor, then the water will be drained. In this case, turn off the motor and drain the water. Place the motor behind the Vacuum again and continue until the vacuum process continues until the work is finished.

Do all shop vacs pick up water?

Yes, shop vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that they can be used with water. You can pick up water with any shop vac or wet/dry vacuum. However, make sure that the water is not explosive; it is better not to pick up water that will damage the pipes and devices.

Do you remove the filter when using a wet/dry vac?

You can keep the filter in one place during the water pick-up vacuum process, but this service will depend on the model of the vacuum cleaner. At the end of each work, the filter should be washed and used after drying, thus preventing germs.


If you want to drain water using Craftsman Shop-Vac, this guide will be helpful for you. Your basement, garage or workshop – it is super skilled at draining and picking up water from almost all areas. So, whether your floor or carpet goes, you can easily use the Craftsman vacuum.

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