How to Clean Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum

As science is going forth, machines are becoming more and more technological. People keep inventing new ideas to develop the apparatus and to use them more comfortably. Dirt Devil bagless vacuum is one type of vacuum which uses a chamber to store the dirt and dust instead of a bag.

As these vacuums don’t carry a bag, it has some genre to be cleaned. Let’s know about how to clean dirt devil bagless vacuum.

How to know that your vacuum needs cleaning 

You can hear a loud knocking sound coming from a broken vacuum. You can smell something burning from time to time. Sometimes your room smells really bad after cleaning with a vacuum.

How to Clean Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum

It happens when the vacuum can’t clean entirely and day after day the dust or wastage addle in the corner of your room. The vacuum has a very low suction power. Also, the filter blows out dirt. From these signs, you can realize that your vacuum needs cleaning.

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How to Clean Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum

Some necessary tools you need to clean a bagless vacuum:

  • Screwdriver set: You will need a screwdriver to open the main body of the vacuum if you want to clean properly.
  • Scissors: You will have to cut the hairs that have been tangled in the vacuum’s rolling brush.
  • Dish soap: You have to clean the plastic parts of the vacuum cleaner with dish soap.
  • Cleaning cloths and a toothbrush: You can use microfiber cloths to clean the parts that shouldn’t be cleaned with water. For the buildup area, you need a toothbrush.
  • Compressed air can (optional): You can use a compressed air can for the areas where your hand wouldn’t reach.
  • Vacuum owners manual: It will be best to check the manual while cleaning. Because the manual will give you the best instructions on what is the best way to clean it.

Essential steps to clean a bagless vacuum

  1. Clean the tinfoil: First, empty the tinfoil. If it has some sticky dust on it, you better dip it in warm water with dish soap for half an hour. Then swab the dust with a toothbrush and clean the dust with sanctified water.

Make sure that the chamber is completely dry before using it. But if the manual of the machine says not to use water on it, don’t do so. Just clean the canister hard using a microfiber cloth.

  1. Clean the passageway and the tube: The vacuum can’t work properly if the vacuum tube is clogged. To clean the tube you’ll have to disengage the tube from the vacuum. You can use a dryer vent brush, a compressed air can or a compressed water cleaner (if you have one in your house) to clean the tube.

Any long object can also unclog a tube out & out. After cleaning, hang the tube with a rope to dry it. If you can unclog the tube it will work perfectly for up to three or four months.

  1. Clean the roller brush: Generally, long fur of the pets, strings, or fallout hair can be tangled with roller brush. To clean this brush, you need to detach it from the vacuum machine with a screwdriver. Then simply use a scissor to cut the hair.

Don’t forget to wipe the area behind where the roller brush lies.

  1. Clean the filter: Check your manual and see if your vacuum filter is washable or not. If it is washable, rinse it in warm water for fifty to twenty minutes. Then wipe and parched it. Before cleaning, remove the wastage from the bin.

Most of the filters are not washable and they need to be replaced within six months. Filters are not highly expensive, so if you feel it is troublesome to clean the filter, just buy a new one. And it is also dangerous not to change the filters for too long.

  1. Clean the attachments: The plastic parts of Dirt Devil need warm water to be cleaned properly. For the metal parts, use washcloths to clean & fabric cloths to wipe it dry. You can also use anti-bacterial wipe to clean the outer body.

After the plastic and metallic parts are arid completely, adjoin the pieces and check if it’s working properly.

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How do you take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum? 

If you rotate the Dirt Devil vacuum upside down, you will see a release button. Push the dirt cup in the bottom of the vacuum to fall out the dust then press the release button. After pulling out the dirt cup, release the button.

Is there a reset button on Dirt Devil?

Yes. You will find the reset button on the upper left-hand side. The low voltage wires are connected here. If the vacuum is popped out, press the button to reset the machine.

Why there is no suction while using my Dirt Devil?

It occurs when the air filter is clogged. The air goes through the machine and the tiny particles are trapped by the air filter. Over time, the filter will be clogged and won’t have proper suction.


So these are the normal steps to clean a dirt devil bagless vacuum. It’s not so hard to clean a bagless vacuum but you need to be careful of the metallic parts so that it can’t cause any dangerous shocking incident.

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