Bissell CrossWave vs SpinWave: Which is Better for You?

When we talk about vacuum or any cleaners, we must mention the name ‘Bissell’. It’s a giant company that cares about your home cleanliness and produces top-quality cleaners. Due to the top-notch quality, customers often get confused about which one to take.

To assist you, we have created a comparison between Bissell Crosswave vs Spinwave. Our main aim is to figure out the capabilities and weaknesses of each cleaner. You will get the differences, all important features, pros, and cons of these two top-rated cleaners.

After reading this article, you will be able to get a clear idea about which one will be perfect for your needs. So stick to the article until the end and go through it properly.

Bissell CrossWave vs SpinWave

Key Differences Between Bissell CrossWave vs SpinWave

There are three key differences between these two top-rated floor mops. One is – the type of floor they can clean, another one is- the way they clean the floor, and the other one is- the power source .

  • The CrossWave mop model uses a rolling brush and vacuum to brush your floor and suck up dirt. On the flip side, you will find two blades in the SpinWave rotating in opposite directions to buffer and brush your floor.
  • Crosswave comes with versatility and can clean floors including tile, sealed wood floors, rubber floor mats, rugs, laminate, linoleum, pressed wood floors, and area rugs. However, SpinWave cannot clean rugs, floor mats, and such moveable floorings properly. Other than these movable floorings, it can effectively clean other floors including tile, sealed wood floors, and others.
  • Spinwave offers a cordless battery-powered facility where crosswave offers a corded long-time cleaning facility.
ItemWeightCapacityPadsCleaning solutionClean-Out ModeSuitable forPrice
Bissell Spinwave8 ouncesBattery2 soft-touch pads, 2 scrubby padsYesAutomatedTile, sealed wood floors, wood floorsCheck on Amazon
Bissell Crosswave11.02 poundsCordedNoYesManualTile, sealed wood floors, rubber floor mats, rugs, laminate, linoleum, pressed wood floors, and area rugsCheck on Amazon

Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave helps to clean both hardwood floors & carpets at a time deeply. It looks slightly tall which consists of a massive handle to ensure quality grip. Besides, a metal pole connects the whole cleaner to ensure sturdiness. There is a bin at the quadrant of the main pole which gathers the dirt. It’s convenient to empty the bin by just pressing down the relevant button.

In addition, there is an option for inserting an additional plastic container with hot water to clean thoroughly. A multi-surface cleaner is attached at the quadrant of the pole that looks indifferent from the conventional vacuum. For better output, you can change the brush from time to time. You will get a 25 feet long power cord that will allow you to move across the long radius.

Apart from that, a swivel head is used here for reaching the toughest corner of the home. You will get a dealing unit that will perform quickly when working with a larger space. For better cleaning, there is a button for emitting more liquid on grimy surfaces. You need to wipe the floors or carpets manually which offers better results than a sponge mop.


  • Button for applying the additional liquid.
  • Designed to reach the critical corners.
  • The Microfibre of the brush helps to expunge the debris easily.
  • The 12″ wide cleaning path captures a lot of dust together.
  • Versatile for different surfaces.


  • The bin can’t kick out the wastages properly.
  • Can’t perform more than 25 feet radius.

We would like to introduce you to some attractive features of Bissell CrossWave. Keep scrolling down to know some amazingly useful features.


This mop is capable of cleaning debris from bare floors to hard floors & sealed floors. No matter whether your floor is extremely dirty or needs basic cleaning, the mop will get the job done. So, it’s a good pick for versatile operations.

Vacuum & wash at the same time

Vacuuming dry wastages at first and then wiping the surface with liquid cleaner – that’s the regular way. Bissell CrossWave offers vacuuming & washing jointly. First, the machine gathers the dirt & then applies the cleaner to wash the surface. By this process, there is no chance of leaving debris. It saves your time after all.

Wide cleaning path

The Bissell CrossWave has a 12″ width cleaning path. The enlarged cleaning path helps to clean a dirty area within a short time. When you operate your CrossWave through the dust, dust can’t spread for its wide debris capturing path. General mops can’t cover a large surface at a time & spread dry dust rapidly.


With only 11.5 pounds weight, it is easy to move. You are dealing physically with a cleaning item & you deserve a lightweight one. When you’ll go for a tough corner of the home, you may feel fatigued operating it. With good hand gripping & optimum weight balance, this product helps to wipe a surface speedily.  The feeling of mites will help to continue the work for a long time.


The absence of a battery isn’t bad at all because by using a corded version, you won’t be out of power anytime. We hope that a 25′ long power cord attached with this product will help to reach the end of your room. Someone may argue that the use of a battery can increase the scope of portability. But if we focus on a continuous power supply, a corded version will be picked.

Swivel head

The swivel head helps to reach the complicated sides of the residence. It helps to make a convenient angle that is preferable for collecting wastages easily. The favorite place of dust is the sides of your residence. Using a normal mop, it is quite impossible to reach there and wipe the debris.

Multi-surface brush roll

Innovative microfiber & nylon brush fight against the dust with the best performance. The microfibre captures the debris instantly. Its smallest particle can’t fly away from the surface. You will have a brush roll for mopping the area easily. It is built to pick up dry debris & mopping the surface using the liquid.

Smart touch control

This feature helps a user to easily convert from one type of surface cleaning to another. You can easily shift to the hard floor from the area rugs. The attached solution trigger helps to control the amount of applicable solutions.

Separated water tank

Two tank systems keep the clean & dirty water separate. It helps to get clean water for applying on dirty surfaces. Normally, the clean water mixes with the new one & supply dirty water to wipe. If you manually wipe with a bucket & a cleaner, you’ll need to change the water after a certain time. This product is eliminating this problem.

Bissell SpinWave

The Bissell SpinWave is another excellent mop operated by a built-in robot. It moves through the whole house & collects debris. Two spinning microfibre pads help to wipe the dirty areas. Perhaps, that is the reason it’s named after “SpinWave”. Its robotic function can detect debris to mop the area. The specialized software is used to operate the robotic SpinWave.

There are auto mode & spot mode to operate it. If you want to clean in a straight line, activate the auto mode. On the flip side, activate the spot mode to clean the surface in a spiral pattern. Its dustbin is cooperative to dispose of the dust. Besides, you can fill the water & solution together in the fixed tank. It will turn around if there’s an obstacle in the way of vacuuming.

Attractive lighting is decorated on the top of the SpinWave to indicate the status of the robot. The robot comes to clean debris with a vacuum & mopping tank. There are two circular mop pads attached to the wet tank. The pads help to clean hard floors when the motor spins. The necessary solution reaches the wet tank. Apart from that, its battery life helps to operate the unit for around 100 minutes. However, you need to charge it since it is battery operated. It takes more than 4 hours for the first charge.


  • Both wet & dry cleaning function.
  • You can use Mop Pads several times.
  • No limitation on the radius of the area.
  • Automatically adjust the surface height.
  • Hassle-free & no personal involvement while cleaning.


  • Can’t clean the intense scratches.
  • It Takes more time than manual cleaning.

You should know some premier points about the advanced features of Bissell SpinWave. Here we go.

Two tank cleaning system

There are both wet & dry cleaning options. When you need to do wet cleaning, turn on the Mop Mode. On the other hand, turn on the Vacuum Mode for dry cleaning. Mop mode requires adding water solution to the surface for improving your cleaning experience. Vacuum mode produces huge pressure to suck the debris and load the tank.

Wet mopping

This mode helps to rotate the mop pads. The system takes mop pads to the dirty surface & scrub on it. To perform this task, a company-provided solution is necessary. The scrubbing process is normal & less pressured. However, for die-hard scrubbing, this process isn’t fruitful. You can do only basic washing after removing dry debris.

Soft surfaces avoiding sensor

Soft surfaces are sensible with water. So, it’s mandatory to avoid soft surfaces while wet mopping is activated. The built-in sensor can do this task accurately. While moving in the occupied space, the sensor automatically identifies the soft surfaces & resists moving there. On soft surfaces, dry cleaning is okay.

Washable pads

Changing pads after every session isn’t mandatory. Its microfiber mop pads aren’t produced for one-time usage. Washing & reusing the pads are completely okay. Don’t apply hot water for washing because the fiber may get damaged. Wash it, dry it & then use it. After a certain time, your pads will fade & then think about replacing it.

Mighty suction

The machine produces 1500 pa pressure to collect the debris. So, the might suction can easily pick up hair, dirt & other small debris. The pressure helps to pass the debris instantly to the dustbin. For this reason, no small debris can remain.

Auto surface height adjustment

Its surface height setting is an incredible feature as it helps to perform smoothly. By fixing different heights at the different surfaces, it can collect debris more accurately.

Battery operated

A Lithium-ion battery runs Bissell SpinWave. The use of a battery eliminates the limitation of moving here & there. It eliminates the use of corded versions. One charge can run it for approximately 130 minutes.


It’s only 7.5 pounds, which is very lite to hold. Moving from one place to another isn’t an issue for this robotic machine.

Quiet cleaning

Without interrupting your daily activities, it moves through the house. It doesn’t produce a huge sound at all.

Use of special solution

The specially formulated solution helps to restore the shine of a wood floor. It will be served with the box of the product.

So, which one should you take?

It’s difficult to give a specific verdict without knowing your details. If you are a busy person, you need to clean your house regularly to eradicate the dry dust, then go for SpinWave one. It will help you to wet mopping without reaching the soft surfaces.

On the other hand, CrossWave is used for dedicated purposes. It has a limitation of plugging in but it can remove the debris more perfectly than a SpinWave. Bissell CrossWave requires manual cleaning & your involvement is a must. So, pick up one according to your lifestyle.


Here we have reached the endpoint of this article. Our target was to make you familiar with the basic features of the two types of cleaning assistance. The detailed representation of Bissell CrossWave vs SpinWave will help you to make the right decision. We have tried to clarify the basic differences before jumping into the detailed portion so that you can focus on your desired product.

For home cleaning purposes, we all expect a high-quality product. But, there are more facts except for quality like dedicated functions, auto clearing, versatility, power source & so on. Considering these features, some differences arise between our depicted types. We hope that after going through this article carefully, you can understand the basic comparisons in features for both products.

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