How to Clean Waterproof Laminate Floors

Waterproof laminate floors are installed as floating floors with an interlocking design. They are of a synthetic type and were introduced in the market in the 1970s. The floors are human-made and have grown so fast in the market. People prefer using them because they are easily affordable, easy to install, easy cleaning and maintenance as well.

Talking of waterproof laminate floor,’ it means that water does not penetrate to the floor. It’s made of three layers; wear layer, the image layer, then, and the backing layer.  Let’s discuss the steps on how to clean waterproof laminate floors.

Steps on How to Clean Waterproof Laminate Floors

After installing the floor, use a vacuum or dust mop to remove loose dirt on the floor you can also wipe it with water or neutral PH cleaners.

How to Clean Waterproof Laminate Floors

Sweep the floor

To achieve best results when sweeping use, a soft-bristled broom to remove all dirt, dust, and pet hairs that accumulate on the floor. Use a vacuum to get rid of hair tumbleweeds and big dust bunnies as well. Sweep to the direction the tiles are laid.

Mop the floor

Use a microfiber mop sponge or soft cloth to remove spills on the floor. Ensure you make the cloth damp before moping on the floor to achieve better results. A soft cloth is recommended as it’s safe to the floor. It will don’t damage it easily.

Use less water

Even if the laminate is waterproof, it’s advised to use less water so that you don’t damage the floor. Just damp the mop slightly in water and clean the floor. This water should be lukewarm and not just cold water so that all dirt can come out effectively. To the water, you can add a few drops of soap dish or use products like; Bona and Bruce.

Use cleaning products

They should not be too strong as they can damage the floor. Also, don’t put directly on the floor but add a little to the damp mopping cloth. Then you can clean the floor.

Make use of vinegar or a mild detergent

Don’t just use any detergent, ensure you read labels to know if they are safe to be used on laminate floors. You can also mix vinegar to the cleaning water to clean the floor. This will achieve a shiny, spotless floor.

Deep cleaning

Use a microfiber mop to clean the floor. It doesn’t scratch or peruses the floor. Steam the mop for a deep clean. Do not do this often because the laminate will buckle.

Use a window cleaner to remove spills from the floor. Note that you should not use ammonia as it will strip the protective sealant.

How to Clean Exotic and Stubborn Stains

Chewing gums and crayons – use a plastic spoon or knife to scoop off the gum stack on the floor, then dump a soft rack using mineral spirits and use to clean the residue.

Grease, blood, and candle wax – harden the grease with ice packs, then remove with a plastic knife. Clean the residue with a squirting window cleaner and a soft damp cloth.

Heel marks and scuffs – rub the area using a pencil eraser.

Nail and shoe polish – nail polish remover is the best for this stain. Then use a warm damp soft cloth to clean that area.

Ink – add detergent to a cloth that is damp and clean. If the stain doesn’t get off quickly, use a commercialized stain remover.

Red wine and coca-cola – make a soft cloth damp and use it to clean the area with dirt.

Caring and Maintaining a Waterproof Laminate Floor

The following are some tips that will help you care and maintain your waterproof laminate floors.

  • Don’t use waxing and polishing to your laminate floor. It will damage the floor.
  • Use correct soap products for a laminate floor; using any soap will lose the shine on the floor, will leave residue and streaks hence causing damage to the floor, and you will start hating it.
  • Use a premium floor sweeper or vacuum once a week to remove debris. Using traditional brushes or those with bristles will damage the floor by causing scratches.
  • If there are any spills on the floor, wipe as moisture will cause warp to the floor. If you leave, they can cause permanent stain and damage the floor as well.
  • Put felt pads on furniture feet to avoid scratching the floor. Heavy furniture should sit on non-staining large surface floor protectors to safeguard the laminate floor. Furniture’s with castor or wheels, make sure they are good for resilient floors, swivel easy and large surface suitable for non-staining. Furniture pads should be put under all tables, cup boats, and chairs. This will protect the floor and make it durable.
  • Use protective mats on the floor. Should not stain. Avoid rubber mats as they can discolor the floor. The walk-off mats should be put at the entrance so that you leave mud and dust at the door. Always remember bot to walk in with your stiletto-heeled shoes as they can damage the floor.
  • Do not use bleaching agents or abrasive cleaners to clean the floor. They’ll ruin your floors. Also, steel wool and scouring pads should not be used as they cause a scratch on the surface of the floor.


Cleaning the waterproof laminate floor should never give you a headache. It’s easy and easily achievable if you follow the steps discussed above. Following instructions and procedures will keep your floor clean and shiny always. Remember to sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and dust. Mop using lukewarm water add a mild detergent, they should be gentle not to destroy the floor.

Use a microfiber mop or a soft cloth. Remove stains like ink, grease, and others if you happen to see them on the floor. I hope this guide will be helpful and you may want to share it with your friend, then don’t hesitate. All the best as you clean your waterproofed laminate floor.

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