How to Find Bed Bugs during the Day?

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep after a long day of work. But bed bugs, why do they have to spoil the good sleep for us?

Well, while you are having a tiresome day working, bed bugs are just around your bed relaxing, and when it’s time for you to rest, it’s their working time. They are usually agile during the night. So, there is a question on your mind that, how to find beg bugs during the day?

You might think about finding bed bugs at night because they come out of their hideouts at night. But I think that it might be almost practically impossible. You first need to know where they hide during the day, and it will be easier for you to find them. Steam is a very effective method to kill bugs. Before purchasing the steam cleaner, you need to know some factor. Best steam cleaner for bed bugs will help you to purchase a perfect one.

How to Find Bed Bugs during the Day

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During The Day?

Well, we are talking about an insect of a very small size, talk of a credit card width. In that case, they can clutch themselves into tiny areas like cracks. Most bed bugs will never go too far from their host. Maybe the furthest they can go is 8 feet. Bed bugs love darkness, and isolation.

The most popular places where the bed bugs may be hiding during the day include:

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Bed frames
  • Furniture in your bedroom

In mattresses, bed bugs will tend to hide under mattress tags, between two fabrics of the mattress or mattress cover that are sewed together. I think it’s time for you to change your mattress cover. How often do you change your pillow cover? After every two weeks? After a month? Well, I have bad news for you. I think you are infested with bed bugs. But what about finding out where they are hiding in your pillow cover. Bed bugs may be hiding at the edges of your pillow cover as well as under the cover’s tag.

Have you looked along the cracks and edges of your bed frame? These are the bed bugs’ favorite hiding places during the day. I guess you might also be having some furniture or a carpet and mats inside your bedroom. Bed bugs also hide in cracks in the furniture’s wood, be it chairs, closets or cabinets. In couches, they might also be hiding in the edge of the cushions. Along with carpet and mats, edges are also bed bugs hideout during the day.

If the invasion is very high, other hideouts like wall intersections, ceiling, and electrical openings may also be secure for bed bugs. After all is done about knowing where the bed bugs hide, how then are you able to find bed bugs during the day?

How to Find Bed Bugs during the Day

Its bed bugs hide time during the day. But you can still find them if you play the game well. I know it’s very annoying to wake only to find ugly bites over your body, especially for ladies out there. It’s, therefore, necessary to find the crook behind this when the sunlight still shines. You might also need an extra source of light because finding tiny insects cringing along small cracks and edges might not be easy.

There are several marks that bed bugs leave on your mattress, bed sheets, mattress covers, bed edges, and pillow that will help you to find them. They include:

  • Very tiny pale yellow like eggs and their shell
  • Dot size dark marks which are bed bug whoopees
  • Reddish spots that be as a result of bed bugs being squeezed

If you see these signs, you might as well follow the signs which will lead you to direct where the bed bugs are hiding.

Think also about finding bed bugs in a particular order so that you don’t leave other items in the room unsearched. You already know where the bed bugs hide during the day. That way it’s easier for you to look directly in the hiding spots. Turn the mattress, and you will find the bed bugs along the mattress piping and tags. Turn the mattress cover to find them in seams and edges.

Finding bed bugs can seem like an almost impossible task, but with the right knowledge about where they may be hiding makes the task possible. Are you tired of using signs to find bed bugs? Is it problematic finding their hiding spots? Then you can make use of lures and confinements. In that case, they will come to you. Isn’t that an easier way of finding them also?

Can You Have Just One Bed Bug?

Just one bed bug? If a person unaware brings to your home either one impotent bed bug or just one fertile bed bug, then you might be having just one bed bug. But the probability of these cases happening is lower than not happening. It’s not the person’s choice to determine the bed bugs he/she is bringing.

Therefore it is very rare for you to have one bed bug. If you just find one bed bug, you might as well start looking for others in their hiding spots. One bed bug situation mostly occurs where there is a small invasion. You should, therefore, consider finding that one bed bug that will lead you to the others. This will help you get lead of them before the infestation becomes too big for you to get lead of. Never ignore the presence of one bed bug.

But don’t freak out though, the single bed bug you saw might be just an individual that you brought from your flight or any of public means of transport. What I am trying to say is that it is possible to have just one bed bug but having one bed bug! Let’s just call it a rare case.

Final Words

Bed bugs are sometimes unpredictable. You might think that they are in their hiding spots during the day and decide to take a nap but at long last get a bite. Bed bugs take every advantage when the host is still whether in the day time or night.

Masters of concealing. Call them bed bugs. You could, therefore, make use of sunlight to find them. This makes during the day the best time to find them. The sooner you find the bed bugs, the better. Be a step ahead of their thought. Identify hideouts and find them in the most appropriate time.

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