What Causes Squeaky Floors under Carpet and How to Fix it

Choosing a carpet might seem like a fun thing to do. After all, there’s an array of options to choose from. You’ll have complete control of picking out the one fabric that will change your house’s outlook and bring comfort.

However, the aftermath of having a carpet will not be as pleasant if it’s installed poorly. The biggest drawback is squeaky floors. Yikes! There can be many possible reasons for having squeaky floors after a carpet installation.

The good thing is that the installation can be done simply if the problem can be found out. We’ll be discussing how to fix squeaky floors under carpet in this article.

How to Fix Squeaky Floors under Carpet

What Causes Squeaky Floors under Carpet?

Firstly, there are four main reasons why your floor may be squeaking. Let’s find out the possible causes and the remedies.

  1. Wrong Subfloor Installation

If you’re wondering what a subfloor is- it’s basically what your carpet rests on. Over your floor, there’s a light layer of flooring. It can be made from different materials including wood, plywood, vinyl, OSB – you name it.

When a subfloor is installed, nails and screws are used around the joists. The floor joists are the primary framing of your floor. If there’s an imbalance in the joist, or the joists aren’t parallel to one another, squeaks will be there.

The main reason behind the squeaks is the air gaps formed in the middle of them. The moment you step on them, air pushed out of the vacuum, creating a friction between the joist and the main flooring. And it results in squeaks.

The loosely placed nails of the joist may also squeak. Believe me, the solution is simple. Bring a screwdriver that is compatible with the screws. Now, simply tighten the loose ends aka screws. If there are nails, use a jackhammer to hammer it even.

If you already have a carpet and you’re facing the problem of squeaky floors under carpet, you’ll have to remove the carpet to fix the issue temporarily. However, if you’re yet to install carpets and are planning to, we recommend using screws because their chances of getting unscrewed or loose are much lower than the nails.

If you already have squeaky floors during carpet installation and you’re stuck wondering, “Will carpet installers fix squeaky floors?” – They certainly will. You can give them a call, and they’ll fix it for you in a matter of a few minutes. Make sure to give your carpet installer heads up about the subflooring before they start working on the carpet!

  1. Weather’s Effects on the Floor

Weather, no matter how insignificant, can play big roles on your carpet and floor alignment. If you live in a humid area and you’re prone to having moist carpets. However, you’ll have a shrunk carpet by the end of the wet season and when it’s getting dry. That will result in the dry wood of the floor underneath becoming drier than usual and creating gaps of its own.

We recommend calling a carpet installer to fix this problem if it happens after the installation. There’s hardly any way you can fix it by yourself. Some people have reported that a humidifier/dehumidifier, according to their weather, helps with the flooring and carpeting from getting affected by the weather.

  1. Incorrect Cushioning For Carpet

When selecting a carpet – you’ll most likely ignore or neglect the padding underneath. But padding is essential as it will give your carpet sturdiness and will increase its durability.

The carpet will certainly be incomplete without proper cushioning. If ignored, you might end up with improper padding that doesn’t comply with the carpeting’s upper layer. When you’re picking out carpet padding, make sure to get a professional recommendation from your carpet provider.

Many important factors need to be considered while picking carpet padding. They include how much it’s going to be used, where it’ll be placed, and so on. If you call for a pro-level suggestion all of these considerations will be there.

  1. Clumsy Installation

Subfloors are usually bound by glue or nails rather than by screws. It is simpler and smoother than using wood screws. A bead of adhesive is also scattered around a corner and the floor tops. When the glue stays in the air for very long before the floor is spread, it continues to set and does not bond as well.

Another way to mediate the faulty installations is by using nail guns. Nail guns are fast and precise, but it’s convenient for the contractor to miss the cartridge under the floor while firing nails quickly through them. It would not tie the floor together if the nail is not firmly anchored to the joist.

This is why it is so necessary to match the tapestry carefully.

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Can You Fix A Squeaky Floor Over Carpets?

You’ll quickly find anti-squeaking equipment which you can use to fix squeaky floors without having to go through the trouble of taking off your carpet.

You’ll have to be a little patient with the equipment when working with it because an improper installation might result in your carpet fibers damaging.

They’re affordable and don’t require direct access to subfloors. All you’ll need to do is buy a kit and screw a few screws here and there as per the instruction.

The pros of the anti-squeaking kits include the advantage of having a camouflaged screw without dragging too much attention. It will also get rid of the squeaky noises without having to go through too much trouble.


Prevention is better than cure. Hence, we always recommend you to go for a good carpet that will not shrink or cause trouble during its lifespan. In case something goes wrong, call a carpet installer company to get any emergency service.

Rest assured, you’ll be completely free from the trouble of squeaky floors under carpets.https://pristinecarpetcleaning-co.com/prevent-carpet-damage/

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