Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

Stains, soil, and dirt can make a carpet look disgusting. Avoiding this is possible by cleaning it. There are many ways you can do this. Sometimes cleaning a carpet can be tiresome, especially if you don’t have the right cleaning equipment.

You can clean it yourself or with the help of friends or even take it to a professional cleaner who will offer extra services other than cleaning like dry it for you and take it back to your place. When selecting the best way to clean the carpet, it is good to consult the manufacturer to avoid destroying the carpet and its fabrics.

Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a device used to clean carpets by subjecting them to hot water vapor at a high temperature. If you want your carpet to be sparkly clean and safe for kids, then steam cleaning is the ultimate choice. This method of removing dirt and stains from the carpet is referred to as carpet steaming. And you will need a professional because the steam involved is in high temperature.

If mishandled, it can lead to extreme injuries and burns. In most of the cases, organic cleaners are used though some cleaner use detergents, but it’s not necessary. Using steam methods has benefits and shortcomings. The steam cleaner involves powerful systems made of pumps and a vacuum. Let we see the benefits and cons of each of these cleaners in details.


  • It is very suitable for places with a large front yard as it will accommodate them because the Mentone (carpet cleaning companies) companies will transport their material and machines to your place.
  • Water used by a steam cleaner can be collected and be directed to a water body nearby because the process uses harmless non-chemicals.
  • Used water from the cleaner can be reused to water tree nurseries, kitchen garden vegetables, or even be re-cycled for commercial purposes.
  • A steam cleaner uses non-chemicals that are harmless; hence, the process is Eco-friendly.
  • A steam cleaner is an ideal method to use if your carpet is huge to save time.
  • Carpets cleaned using a steam cleaner dry up faster than those cleaned using other devices such as shampooing.
  • In thick carpets, you may find insects such as fleas and lice hiding inside the carpet. A steam cleaner is very well known for killing these insects and destroying their hatched and fertilized eggs, which with time, can lead to an increase in their number.


  • Sometimes steam cleaning is not the best option to use if the dirt in question is deeply stick soil.
  • In most cases removing dirt and stains without adding a cleaning agent can be hard. Steam cleaning does not use cleaning solutions. This makes it difficult to remove all the dirt.

Carpet Cleaner

A carpet cleaner is any device/ machine that are used to remove dirt, stains, and grease from a carpet. Carpet cleaners should not damage the carpet’s fabrics and color. Cleaning machines have a wide variety, and it is advisable to use the best method to clean a carpet. Also, some manufacturers offer free cleaning services from carpets purchase from their premises.

Before they provide this after service, it is good to question them on the machine they will use. Explain to them the brand of the carpet, material which the carpet is made of, and explain to them your preferences, some people do not like detergents to be used to clean their carpets. Carpet cleaners are usually posted for sale by various local and global sellers such as Amazon. Before purchasing, kindly ask for guidance from a carpet cleaner expert/ pro. Different carpets should be cleaned using particular devices.


  • Carpet cleaners are readily available for hire, especially in densely populated areas.
  • Carpet cleaners that use detergents and shampoos to clean remove dirt with ease. The detergent’s molecules usually dissolve into the dirt molecules and break down to displace it away from the carpet.
  • Some carpet cleaners are cheap to hire from the renting dealer.
  • Cleaners that use detergents and shampoos usually give the carpet a good fragrance when they dry up.
  • Carpets cleaned using dry cleaning machines dry up faster compared to steam cleaner, which takes more than 24 hours to dry.
  • When there is limited space, a good carpet cleaner does not spill water or result in an overflow to avoid giving habitats to pests such as mosquitoes.


  • Most of the detergents used by carpet cleaners may lead to allergy in kids and indoor pets.
  • Detergents used by most carpet cleaners may lead to environmental pollution.
  • Carpet cleaners that use detergents that act as bleaches may remove a nice color from the carpet, leaving a very unpleasing color. This can destroy the client relationship and trust towards the cleaning agents.

Which One is the Best?

Considering steam cleaning, it is the most recommendable way to clean the carpet due to several factors. Due to the current campaigns on environmental conservation, most of the people will recommend and like to use steam cleaning because it does not interfere will the wellness of nature. Control the overflow of the water if the cleaning venues are a densely populated place or an urban place. When a steam cleaner is used, measures should be taken to avoid naked bodies being in contact with the steam at high temperatures.

Is Dry carpet cleaning better than steam?

What is better? It depends on what does the manufacturer recommendations, and the budget of cleaning and time. You can use both of them. You can dry clean by using dry chemical compounds or solvent cleaners. Dry carpet cleaning means less waiting. On the other hand, steam releases hot steam with a detergent solution that can effectively clean your carpet, but it needs time. If you need deep cleaning, your choice should be steam cleaning. But dry cleaning is so much easier if you’re looking to remove stains, or if wet carpets will be too much disturbed in your home.

Carpet cleaners are various devices, and their use should be controlled and chosen wisely depending on the side effects of the detergents, the cost of the whole process, and the material making up the carpet. The cleaner should not destroy the carpet’s fabrics or color because the carpet’s beauty lies in the fabrics and the color.  A cleaner that Eco- friendly should be used to make our environment look good and attractive. A cheap carpet cleaner should be used to save costs. When hiring a good consultation should be made by the owner of the carpet. Carpet cleaners do the job effectively.

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