Top 10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in 2023

After living in a house for a couple of months, you start noticing dirt and stains on your window glasses. Because windows are not something that is cleaned every day like we dust or mop our house. When you try cleaning the windows once in a couple of months even there, it’s a problem. Some portions are just out of reach and tough to clean.

You can at least attempt to clean the inside of the windows. But outside of the windows, cleaning those is undoable. So, to make the tough chore easy, you have the Best Magnetic Window Cleaners.

So, stop thinking of climbing the roof or ladder to clean the dirt or bird waste from the windows. You have tools for that, so buy one. Below, we are discussing ten magnetic cleaners in detail. We hope you are going to read it to know why you need it.

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

What is the Best Magnetic Window Cleaners for You

Magnetic Window Cleaners are an innovative and easy way to clean your windows, without the use of any chemicals or water. They also work on mirrors, glass doors, tables and more! Best Magnetic Window Cleaners are a great way to make cleaning easier by eliminating the mess that can be associated with other window cleaners.

  1. Best Overall: Tyroler Bright D-3 Magnetic Window Cleaner
    “It has four rare earth magnets inside it. The magnetic power will remain the same for aye.”
  2. Best Robot Window Cleaner: Gladwell Gecko Robot
    “Gecko Robot is a remote powered window cleaner. You can clean the outside of your windows sitting or lying on your couch.”
  3. Best in UK: URMAGIC Magnetic Window Cleaner
    “Both the parts stay connected due to the power of the magnets, so taking them off might be tough. But rotating it 90-degree in reverse makes it easy.”
  4. Best for Double Sided: KOKITEA Double-sided Window Cleaner
    “With it, you get to control the power of the magnet, which is a must for glasses of different thicknesses. The 5-gear adjustment knob does it real quick and makes it easy to adjust.”
  5. Best for Thickness Window: Tyroler Bright D4 Magnetic Cleaner
    “It works on single, double, and even triple-pane windows. If the thickness is between 0.8”-1.6”, the type doesn’t matter for it to fit.”
  6. Best for Cleaning Corner: Mifxin Double-sided Window Cleaner
    “It is a window cleaner perfect for cleaning the corners. The tri-shape, with the help of the sponges, cleans the toughest of stains.”
  7. Best for versatility: Fcare Double-Sided Magnetic Cleaning
    “5-gear adjustment knob offers great control over the magnet power. Different gears make it versatile.”
  8. Best for Squeegee: Modern Domus Neverending Reach
    “The four different washer heads, and the long pole is everything. You get two different sizes of squeegee heads, two microfiber sponge heads, two extra cloths, and a 4-section telescopic pole.”
  9. Best for Car Windows: Homonic Magnetic Window Cleaner
    “This one is non-toxic and harmless, that is a rare case when it comes to window cleaners with magnets. Not just that, it withstands wearing off and corrosion pretty well.”
  10. Best Budget Window Cleaner: LvDD Double-sided Glass Wiper
    “This cleaner is made of high-grade ABS plastic and latex and has magnets that will remain with the same power for a long time. Thus, it is one durable window cleaner.”

Top 10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners Reviews

1. Best Overall: Tyroler Bright D-3 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools Glider has four earth magnets in it. They are rare, full of power, and never going to lose that power ever. It fits the double glazed windows with ease. For cleaning a 0.8”-1.1” thick glass, it is an apt choice.

Tyroler Bright Tools

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It has a high-grade ABS plastic body. So, you can rely on its robustness. To clean the windows, you get four squeegees and two cloths as well. The squeegees are of rubber, and the cloths are microfiber.

After sweeping and scrubbing the glasses with the squeegees and cloth, make sure to wipe it again with the dry cloth to get streak-free, shiny windows.

Tie the 190cm long string to your wrist, to save the outer part from falling. The string helps you to reach and the furthest corners possible with this easy to use magnetic window cleaner.

Easy to reach the hard spots. Sturdy ABS plastic body with secure string on the outer part. For double glazing 0.8”-1.1” glass thickness. Four rare earth magnets. Comes with four rubber squeegees and two microfiber cloths.Need to practice a bit to get used to it.

2. Best Robot Window Cleaner: Gladwell Gecko Robot

Gladwell Gecko has to be the coolest among all the best magnetic window cleaners. It is a robot and works with a remote. Sit and rest while cleaning the windows from outside.

Gladwell Gecko Robot

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Gecko depends on technology. It uses advanced algorithms and cleans every edge and hard to reach spots. It detects the edges automatically. So, you can be sure of a clean, shiny window without even trying to scrub hard.

The microfiber pads it comes and scrubs with allows a deep clean. They can be washed and used again and again.

It uses anti-fall technology to keep it safe from falling. You can use it manually as well. Customize the controls of the robot as you want with its full access app. Gecko Robot is what you need right now.

Washable microfiber pads. Powered with a remote. Auto-detects edges and corners. Has a safety rope attachment for safe cleaning. LED indicators, bottom light, and buzzer.Frail plastic rings.

3. Best in UK: URMAGIC Magnetic Window Cleaner

This window cleaner has a long head design. It measures 9 inches, so you can be done with window cleaning faster than you think.
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It is designed for single-pane windows. Perfect fit for the ones with a thickness of 0.1”-0.7”. So, as you can see, the thickness varies, and you should not use the full power of the magnets on glasses that are not too thick. The same way with low magnet power on thicker glass, the cleaner will fail to stay put on the glass. So, what this cleaner does is allow us to use varied magnet power.

To secure the outer part of the cleaner, you get the typical string and ring. Tie it up to the wrist and put the ring on the finger to stop it from sudden fall.

The cleaner comes with 20 sponges and also two cleaning cotton. They are easy to remove. It takes a 90-degree twist to remove the sponges from the cleaner.

Powerful magnets inside and has a safety string. Allows changing the strength of the magnet depending on glass thickness. For single glazing 0.1”-0.7” thick windows. 9 inches long head design cleans fast. 20 sponges and two fiber cleaning cotton on both sides.Not for double glazed windows.

4. Best for Double Sided: KOKITEA Double-sided Window Cleaner

Let’s get back to our review of magnetic window cleaners by discussing another double-sided window cleaner with magnets in it. It has three sides, so cleaning the corners is going to be easy with it.

KOKITEA Double-sided Window Cleaner

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Control the magnet power with its 5-gear adjustment knob. From the first to the fifth, you have five different levels. Depending on how thick the glass is, change the gear. The first gear is for thin glasses, and the power increases with every gear. The cleaner works well on 0.3”-1” thick glasses.

As a gift with the cleaner, you get 30 scouring pads, four rubber strips, and 30 buckles. These allow you to clean the glasses for a long time without repurchase.

You have six large sponges inside the cleaner, three sponges on each side. The sponges are made in such a way that they hold water in them. So you do need to spray water again and again. The cleaning process becomes easy, and cleaning skill is 40% higher than others.

5-gear adjustment to control the magnet force. Six sponges inside, three on each. Convenient tri-shape fits the corners. Built-in water storage sponges. Comes with four rubber strips, 30 scouring pads, and 30 buckles.Not streak-free in fifth gear cleaning.

5. Best for Thickness Window: Tyroler Bright D4 Magnetic Cleaner

Next, we have another Tyroler tool. It is pretty much the same as the previous one. But this one is for thicker glasses and glazing of any type.

Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Cleaner

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This one fits and cleans any type of windows. Be it single glazed, double glazed, or triple pane. It fits all.

The thickness range starts from 0.8 inches and goes up to 1.6 inches. So if you could not use the previous one due to the smaller range, you can try this one.

Other than the thickness, everything else is the same. It has the same rare earth magnets, four rubber squeegees, two plush microfiber cloths, and a 190cm safety rope.

For single, double and triple glazed windows. Covers 0.8-inch to the 1.6-inch thickness. Four rare earth magnets. Comes with soft squeegees and microfiber cloths. Two easy to use quick-adjust force control knobs.Overpriced.

6. Best for Cleaning Corner: Mifxin Double-sided Window Cleaner

This is something different from the above cleaners. It has a tri shape. Thus perfect for cleaning the corners of the window. Made of ABS plastic and natural latex, this is made to last.

Mifxin Double-sided Window Cleaner

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The powerful magnet holds the two parts really strong. So, even after moving the tool constantly, it is not going to fall down all of a sudden. But for a bit more safety, you have an anti-falling rope.

It is a window cleaner for double glazed windows with a thickness of 15-24mm. The sponges in it can store water in them. So, they don’t try with a few swipes on the glass. Neither you need to spray water on the glass with every second swipe.

The anti-falling rope is long, about 2m. So, you are going to have a safe cleaning activity. The window cleaner comes with two sponges, four rubber, and two cleaning strips as well.

For 15-24mm thick double glazed windows. Tri-shape, ABS plastic body. 2m long anti-falling rope. Comes with a couple of sponges, cleaning strips and rubbers. Built-in water storage sponges.Magnets too strong, need cautious use.

7.Best for Versatility: Fcare Double-Sided Magnetic Cleaning

This triangle-shaped window cleaner has neodymium iron boron magnets and sponges with water storage capacity.

Fcare Double-Sided Magnetic Cleaning

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The magnets allow quick cleaning of both sides of the windows, and the sponges always stay damp and clean the windows streak-free.

You can control the power of the magnet with its 5-gear adjustment knob. The first gear is perfect for cleaning thin glasses, and the higher you go, the thickness of the glasses must go up as well. With the fifth gear, you can clean thicker glasses. The thickness of the glasses stays within the 0.3”-1.2” range.

You get 30 scouring pads, four rubber strips, and 30 buckles. The magnets do not rust. Neither its power jams the gear. This ABS plastic tool is a well made magnetic window cleaner.

ABS plastic body with super magnet. 5-gear adjustment knob. 5m long anti-falling rope. Three sponges with built-in water storage. Easy to clean the corners and hard to reach spots.Takes time to adjust to clean with it.

8. Best for Squeegee: Modern Domus Neverending Reach

Let’s talk about something different — a 5-in-1 combo window cleaner set. In the combo set, you get two rubber-bladed squeegees, two microfiber heads, and a long, 4-section pole.

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You get two types of heads. First, you have an 8.2-inch and a 12.2-inch squeegee head. Next, you have microfiber sponge heads of the same size that are 8.2 and 12.2 inches. Put the two different sized microfiber cloths on it according to the size on the sponge heads.

The telescopic handle made of sturdy stainless steel extends from 15 to 65.5 inches. It is divided into four sections, but assembling them into a long pole is easy. Reach the toughest corners with it without putting extra effort. Carrying it with one hand and holding it for a while is not as tough as it is very light.

The heavy-duty rubber and soft cleaning sponge and cloth leave a streak-free shiny window without a single scratch on it.

Light but sturdy. Four different washer heads with two microfiber cloths. A four-section telescopic pole. Easy to clean the windows, streak-free. Comes with two extra microfiber cloths.No magnets.

9. Best for Car Windows: Homonic Magnetic Window Cleaner

This one is similar to the tri-sided window cleaner we reviewed above. But it is non-toxic. It will last for a long time as it is made of top-grade materials.

Homonic Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Made of ABS engineering plastic and adhered with rubber glue, this window cleaner is wear-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant.

To cling to the window from both sides, it uses neodymium iron boron magnets. These magnets are known to be too powerful, and the power is never going to wane.

You have a 2m long string that works as an anti-falling rope. So, the outer part is never going to fall, and you are going to have a stable cleaning process.

Fits 15-24mm thick double glazing windows. Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. Non-toxic, made of ABS plastic. Rotates smooth and reaches the corners. Wear and corrosion resistant.Too strong for thin glasses.

10. Best Budget Window Cleaner: LvDD Double-sided Glass Wiper

We have another tri-sided window cleaner for you. It is made for double-glazed windows with 5-12mm thickness. Measure how thick your window glass is and if it is between 0.2”-0.5”, then this is the best cleaner for you.

LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner

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The cleaner has a sturdy ABS plastic body. It has used natural latex in it, and the magnets are full of power.

It is designed to clean the high-rise windows. The sponge it has can store water in it so that you do not have to spray water repeatedly. It remains damp for a long time and ensures an easy cleaning process.

For secure cleaning, it comes with a long safety rope. The narrow tips reach the corners easily and clean the stubborn stain from there in no time.

For double glazing 5-12mm thick glasses. Made of top quality ABS plastic and latex. Replaceable cotton. Sponge stores water within. 2m long anti-falling rope.Small in size.

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Best Magnetic Window Cleaners Buying Guide

To get the best window cleaner, you must consider the below features.


When you are searching for the magnetic window cleaners to buy one, then choose the one that has the most powerful magnets. The number of magnets inside might not decide the power, so do not follow the simple route of the more the magnets, the better the cleaner. Be sure of how dominant the magnet power is and only then invest in it. And if it doesn’t have magnets choose the one with a long pole.

Head Design

Make sure your cleaner has a shape that cleans the tough to reach edges. For that, it has to have a coherent shape. Do not get attracted to fancy shapes of the cleaner head. Either go with a four-sided or a tri sided head. Both are great for cleaning the edges. Tri shape fits the corners pretty well. So you get a clean window from every side and every edge and corner.


You cannot go for any pads to clean the windows. Or your windows will be full of scratches. Then, no matter how much you clean it, you will have a window that is ruined. So, high-quality cleaners always come with microfiber pads or cloths. They are soft on the surfaces, even if you are scrubbing hard with them.

Type And Thickness

Before buying a magnetic window cleaner, check your window type. It can be single glazed or double glazed. The cleaner for the single glazed ones will not fit the double ones and vice versa. Even the size of the single glazing windows can be different. So always check the range of the size of the glass that the cleaner is going to fit. If your glass type matches and size is within the range, then buy it without any doubt in mind.

How do you clean windows with a magnet? 

Cleaning Windows with a magnet is easy work. However, if you don’t do it correctly, your magnets can fall from the window.

  • First, take two low-powered flat bar magnets. 
  • Now, drill a hole in it and tie a string to the hole. Now tie the other part of the string to your fingers. 
  • After that, spray some glass cleaner on both sides of the window. 
  • Place one magnet on one part of the window and the other on the opposite part. 
  • Make sure to use two pieces of cleaning cloth in between the magnets. 
  • Drag the magnet in front of you, and the other one will follow you. 
  • Finally, repeat the process with a clean, dry cloth, and you are done.

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Well, the answer depends on where the pros conduct their work. For big buildings like skyscrapers, they use the high-rise self-climbing machine or the Bosun’s chair. Both of them let cleaners reach any windows high up. However, the climbing machine technique is a lot safer for professionals.

What is the best window cleaner equipment?

Squeegee handles, channels, and rubbers combine to make the best window cleaning equipment. A squeegee or squilgee is a flat window cleaning tool with a rubber blade attached to it.

How do I clean the inside and outside my windows?

To clean inside and outside your windows, use the magnet method. Place two cleaning magnets on both sides of the windows, drag the front magnet. Make sure to put two cloths in between the magnets, or else your windows may get scratched. Drag the magnet all the way through and wallah. You just cleaned the inside and outside the windows at the same time.

Final Words

When you have windows that are more than an arms-length, there is nothing better than the magnetic cleaner to clean them. You can climb the roof, ladder, use clothes, squeegees sitting on the window sills. But whatever you do is risky. And you cannot call pro cleaners every week. So, by using the magnetic window cleaners, not only do you save time, you save money as well. On top, you are not going to leave in a clean house with a dirty window anymore. A clean, shiny window will illuminate your room with the brightest sunlight all the time.

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