How to Get Brown Pool Water Clear

The brown color in the pool is a great concern for the pool owner. It looks really unpleasant and feels unhygienic as well. When you have a pool full of brown water, you feel disgusted and disgraceful. Besides, if you keep your pool brown for a long time, it may get permanently stained. That is why you need to know how to get brown pool water clear.

At the same time, you should know what causes the problem. When you know the reasons for the problem and the solution to it, you can comfortably overcome it. In this article, we will talk about why your pool turns brown. Also, we will discuss the solution that you can follow to clean the water.

Why does your swimming pool turn brown?

The main reasons for your pool turning into brown are chemical reactions or impurity in water due to metal staining.

How to Get Brown Pool Water Clear

Chemical reaction

The chemical reaction causes your pool to turn brown. When you shock your pool with chlorine, some free chlorine may stay behind that can cause this problem. However, if you properly arrange the shocks and the chlorine level is ok, the problem is with metal staining.

Also, sometimes the color happens for the pool algae. Pool algae happen due to bad chemical reactions. You might have this problem or bad water chemistry that is causing this problem. Lack of daily maintenance is the main reason for pool algae.

Metal staining

Most of the time, the problem happens due to metal staining. You will have different types of metal in your pool including iron. When these metals or metal ingredients such as iron, magnesium, or others mix with the chlorine, it creates the color in the pool.

How to get brown pool water clear

Now we will talk about how you can easily get rid of brown water in your pool. The steps are easy and anyone can comfortably follow them.

Step 1: use ascorbic acid

The first thing you need to do to remove the color is to use ascorbic acid. You will find the ascorbic acid comfortably in your nearest shop. Go there and buy 1 pound of ascorbic acid. You should not require more than it. Then apply the ascorbic acid to your pool. Wait for an hour since it will take time to be circulated through the pool. After the circulation, you will see the result.

Step 2: Turn off the pool pump

After waiting one or two hours, you will see that the brown stain is getting lifted. Once all the stain has gotten lifted, you can now temporarily turn off your pump pool.

Step 3: Use a 16oz bottle of Revive

Now you will find the iron over the water. To remove that, you have to use a 16oz bottle of Revive. Why? Well, it will remove all the iron particles you have in the brown stain. The Revive will turn all the stains into sediments and also take them to the ground of the pool. Now wait for 24 hours and do not use your pool at this time.

Step 4: Clean up the debris

Now you need to clean up all the debris off from the bottom of the pool. In that case, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the debris. But make sure you have turned on the waste setting. Otherwise, it may damage the system.

Step 5: Maintain properly

You should get rid of the problem by now and get a clear and fresh pool. In that case, you should maintain the pool and shock it regularly.

How to prevent your pool water from getting brown

You know that prevention is better than cure. You should prevent your pool from getting brown instead of solving the brown color problem. In that case, you can follow these tips.

  • Shock the pool properly and do not leave any free chlorine in the water.
  • Maintain the pool regularly and try to shock it regularly as well.
  • Do not let debris and dust growing on your pool
  • Ensure no mixing up of metal.
  • Keep your pool water safe from pool algae.


Now you know how to get brown pool water clear. When you have a brown pool in your home, it makes you sick. That is why you should always follow the methods I have shown you above to get rid of this problem. Also, we have discussed the causes and prevention so that you can take proper measurements.

A clean and fresh pool is everyone’s desire. You should always keep your pool clean and fresh in color so that you get peace of mind all the time.

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