How to Remove Black Mold from Shower/Shower Silicone

Black mold from shower silicone is apparently a common problem which thrives in bathroom. When you see that problem has arrived on your bathroom also, then you become busy to fix it. But sometimes these molds get much dirty and you can never fix it easily. How to Remove Black Mold from Shower? If you follow some easily hacks, it will be easy for you to remove that black mold from you shower silicone.

What Causes Black Mold in Shower?

Before the starting of the discussion, you should firstly need to know, why those black mold creates on your shower silicone. You may also experience that common problem of black mold on your shower silicone which is so irritating. Because it hampers the decoration of your bathroom and you also feel unhealthy.

How to Remove Black Mold from Shower

However, if you notice that the black mold also creates on your bathroom/shower silicone, excess water, humidity and lack of cleanliness can be the first reason. It means that the black mold is not only threatened for your bathroom, also very injurious for your physical health, though some people may not experience. But for some others, some physical disorder may be occurred, such as- high fever, headache, coughing and allergy.

How to Remove Black Mold from Shower/ Shower Silicone

So, When you notice a mold in anywhere of your resident, it will be better to remove all as soon as possible. Now let’s talk about the main point. How to Remove Black Mold from Shower or Shower Silicone?
First, this dirty, deep black mold cannot be removed permanently. So it can be come back within six- seven months. Because the ingredient we use as home remedies is non-professional. So, here is the hack of cleaning black mold.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

We can clean it easily with acetone, which helps to remove black mold. But if we don’t have acetone then we can use alcohol instead of it. Another one is baking soda. It’s really effective solution for vanish the black mold. So we need to mix a thick paste of baking soda with a cup of vinegar and stir it well. With the help of spray or tissue, it can be apply and wait for 10-15 minutes, before rinsing it.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Per Oxide Solution

Baking soda can be used with hydrogen per oxide. How?
It’s also very simple. Spray hydrogen per oxide with baking soda and make a paste and scrubbing on the affected black mold area. After a while, rinse with cold water. Repeat it as necessary.

Bleach Solution

You can choose a bleach solution because bleach is effective at damage mold in shower silicone. Some caution should maintain to use bleach as a cleaner.

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Precaution Before Removing Black Mold

  • You always need to wear hand gloves during the time of cleaning.
  • You should also be alert of that bleach can badly effect on your eye lung and skin also.
  • A good qualities scrubbing brush is another helping source to remove the mold. Because in the time of deep cleaning, brushing is important. You can also use toothbrush for the cleaning method. Because toothbrush is the simple way to clean the narrow spaces of tiles.
  • Another caution should be maintained there. During the time of cleaning, the ventilator and door of the bathroom should open, It will help to pass the cleaner chemical smell out of the house.
  • Cleaner Hygiene: You should put mask and hand glove so that the dirt and chemical don’t do any harm of you. You also need to have a full bucket of hot clean water to rinse the surface with a clean sponge. Even don’t do you delay if you don’t possess the ability to remove the black mold. Hence find a professional to solve the problem. Because black mold cause health diseases.

Growing black mold in shower or shower silicone is not good for the health of the family members. So, it is important to know how to remove black mold from shower. It’s considered that the recommended steps can be taken to prevent the black mod on shower silicone. You should take care of your shower regularly to keep the shower mold free.

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