Pinalen Vs. Pine Sol: Know it right here

Cleaning and stain removal isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have the right cleaner

Luckily, Pinalen Cleaner is one of the most authentic cleaners and is highly multifunctional. On the other hand, Pine Sol cleaner gives a crystal cleaning effect with its resisting power. 

For the best cleaning results, both the Pinalen and Pine Sol are inevitable. 

Features like utilization, adaptability, and effectiveness are sure to bring a battle of Pinalen Vs. Pine Oil. 

Well, the main difference between Pinalen cleaner and Pine Sol is their applications. Pinalen is a multi-purpose cleaner that can adjust for almost every use. Whereas, the Pine Sol cleaner may not work well in all places.

There are more traits that make these two cleaners much different from each other. To know about their comparisons precisely, let us continue more.

Pinalen Vs Pine Sol

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Pinalen Vs Pine Sol: Comparison chart

FeaturesPinalen Pine Sol
SmellPiney smellFresh and natural scent
Pine OilHaveDoesn’t have
Ammonia Doesn’t haveDoesn’t have 
PriceNot expensive Not expensive 
Used forIndoors and outdoorsHard surfaces
Toxic toHuman bodyPlants

Pinalen: Why choose it?

Pinalen cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner, where its use ranges from cleaning to all the way stain removal. Be it indoor use or outdoor use, Pinalen Cleaner leaves no stone unturned to provide a crystal clear shine. Let us go into a deep concept of the Pinaler Multi-purpose cleaner: 

Effective on any surface

It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning the floor or ceiling, the pinalen cleaner works effectively for all of them. You can simply clean all the dirt, dust, greases, stains, and so on. 

Removes bad odors

Sometimes we notice some bad odors that don’t vanish easily. In that case, Pinalen Cleaner works like magic to remove those stubborn odors. The cleaner is best suited for automobiles, pet areas, dirty mops, garbage cans, drains, etc. So make sure you have your Pinalen cleaner with you to eliminate the odors.

Outdoor use

We know cleaners are handy for keeping the house crystal clean. With the Pinalen cleaner, you can clean the indoors, as well as all outdoor surfaces. It has pine oil additives for eliminating any hard or dried-up stains. 

Pine Sol: Why choose it?

Pine Sol is actually a trading name of Clorox Company. Besides, this cleaner works like a house cleaning product, especially for removing hard stains. For those who are looking for a perfect solution to clean walls, floors, and toilets, Pine Sol is just for them.


Disinfecting tools is one of our main jobs to keep households neat and clean. This is why the Pine Sol cleaner provides a spotless finish to various surfaces. One of the prime factors that make the Pine Sol reliable is because of its rust-resistant properties. Hence, using it is going to be a safer option too.


When we acquire a cleaner, our first expectation from it is to get a crystal-like appearance. The pine sole gives you just that. Its rigid formula is flawless in disinfecting shelves, storage containers, appliances, floors, walls, etc. Just apply your Pine Sol in the infected areas and let it sit for 10 mins. You will see the best results for sure.


Undoubtedly, the Pine Sol cleaner holds some fine properties to adapt to almost every surface. Be it a hard surface or a delicate one, the Pine Sol always stands first to vanish the stains. You can use it on multiple objects. Such as- bathtubs, stoves, counters, sinks, floors, tiles, shower stalls, and so on.

Pinalen Vs. Pine Sol: Head to Head comparisons 

When we purchase a cleaner, its smell plays a great role. Luckily, we have two amazing options of cleaners, which provide fresh and natural scents, e.g., Pinalen and Pine Sol. However, these two cleaners have some differences too. Let’s dig into them.

Reducing inflammations (Pinalen wins)

Because of having pine oil, pinalen wins in reducing inflammations of surfaces. We know pine oil contains anti-inflammatory effects, which offers a risk-free cleaning. By carrying this effect, Pinalen cleaner ensures smooth cleaning without any inflammations in tools.

On the other hand, Pine Sol does not contain any pine oil. Getting anti-inflammatory effects in its solution is questionable. 

Applications (Pinalen wins)

For the record, Pinalen Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner. You can use it for sinks, floors, laundry, and others. Pinalen Multipurpose Cleaner is not only an excellent alternative for interior uses but also for exterior uses. It means you can use the Pinalen cleaner to mop the areas outside of your home as well.

On the other hand, Pine Sol has limited applications of cleaning. It mainly works as a laundry detergent. You will find available Pine Sol cleaners that come in liquid and powder form. This type of formula is suitable for mopping your floors. However, it is only beneficial for interior uses.

Taking away stains (Pine Sol wins)

Pinalen Multipurpose Cleaner is never a bad option to clean stains from land surfaces. In fact, it allows a smooth utilization on multiple surfaces. 

Well, for taking away the hard stains, Pine Sol cleaner may not stand out every time.

In order to get rid of hard and stubborn stains, Pine Sol has always been the commendable one. So if you want your hard stains to vanish right away, use this Pine Sol cleaner once. 

Prevention power from future stains (Pine Sol wins)

Though Pinalen Cleaner adapts with all applications, it may lack in preventing extreme stains. The matter is not the same with Pine Sol cleaner.

Till now, we got to know that Pine Sol is an effective solution for removing deep marks. Especially, its benzoic acid will not let any bacteria infect your areas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is pinalen cleaner safe for putting in the toilet? 

Pinalen cleaner is absolutely safe for putting toilets or any hard surfaces. There are no hard instructions even to use this Pinalen cleaner. Just take ⅓ cup of your Pinalen Multipurpose Cleaner and mix it with a half-gallon of water. Then scrub your toilet gently with a sponge or a brush. Instead of going with any harsh cleaner, you can simply use this cleaner to disinfect your toilet areas.

Does Pinalen Multipurpose Cleaner contain any toxic substances?

Pinalen Multi-purpose cleaner may contain a minor amount of toxic elements, which can irritate the skin. Again, if the cleaner enters into your eyes, that will also give irritations to your eyes as well. However, this Pinalen Multi-purpose cleaner will not disappoint you in terms of cleaning the interior and exterior areas of your house for sure.

Is Pine Sol cleaner poisonous?

Pine Sol cleaners do contain some dangerous substances. Like- alcohol, pine oil, detergent, etc. By drinking a pine sol cleaner, anyone can pass out or go into a coma. So yeah, Pine Sol cleaner is obviously poisonous for any human being. But that does not mean Pine Sol lacks behind in cleaning hard surfaces and interior areas of houses.

Can a Pine Sol cleaner be toxic to hands?

Pine Sol is not too toxic for the skin, yet it causes irritations. Moreover, the Pine Sol cleaner uses glycolic acid. When this acid comes in contact with any part of our skin, we start to feel irritation and restlessness. There is nothing to worry about if you ingest this cleaner accidentally as it is quite safe for the human body.

End Note

Hopefully, now you know the best cleaning solution for your needs.

Suppose you want an all-in-solution to clean your sink, table, cloth, floor, etc., go for the Pinalen. 

Then again, if you want a solution only for some limited applications, like- washing clothes and mopping floors, Pine Sol is the ideal one.

All being well, we got to know that neither Pinalen nor Pine Sol are bland solutions. In fact, they both are the best in their own way. 

This is all for today. See you later. Bye-bye.

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