Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean: Which One is The Best Shark Vacuum

Finding a good vacuum cleaner for floors can be tough, especially for all those variations. Some are good at cleaning pet hair, and some are way better for dust and debris.

The Shark Navigator and Duoclean both have identical features, tank capacity, and a robotic build. So, where is the difference?

Well, the differences are in the weight distribution, pricing, cleaning performance, and sound.

Today, let’s see the head-to-head comparison of Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean. We also included a comparison chart. Now, you don’t have to go through pain reading your way through.

Shark Navigator vs Duoclean

Shark vacuum comparison chart: Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean

Features Shark NavigatorShark Duoclean
Dust Cup Capacity2.2 Dry quarts.2.2 Dry quarts.
Cleaning performanceLess efficient.More efficient.
SoundMakes more sound.Noise reduction available.
Pet hair removalMotorized pet tool/ pet brush.Motorized pet tool/ pet brush.
Weight distributionLighter.Heavier.
PriceCheaper.More expensive.

Shark Navigator: Why choose it?

The Shark Navigator has a powerful suction that can tackle hard floors, above-floor messes, dust, debris, and so on. Even embedded dirt and debris on thick carpets won’t stand a chance. In terms of hardwood, its performance increases, giving you a picture-perfect finish. Here are some features, why the Shark Navigator stands out: 

Anti-allergen technology

Allergens can be pretty irritating for people with severe allergic problems. Generally, plant pollen, mold, dust mites, etc., can wreak havoc due to their allergy-causing properties. Turns out, the Shark Navigator has an anti-allergen technology, which can suck away any allergens. Then again, the allergens will be sealed away in a dust cup where nothing can escape back. 

Huge cup capacity

Having a 2.2 quarts capacity, the vacuum can store most of the debris you have. In most cases, you don’t have to empty the cup to get your whole house cleaned. 

Deep cleaning

The Shark Navigator can go deep into bulky carpets or mats and clean them inside out. It can even take out dried debris that is stuck in between the internal fibers. You will get rid of about 99.9 percent of dust, allergies, and other microparticles. A special motorized pet tool helps take away pet hair as well. So a win-win for all. 

Lightweight Maneuverability

Heavy vacuums are not a charm due to the constant arm fatigue that comes afterward. Weighing about 14-17lbs, the Shark Navigator is really easy to handle. You can literally carry it anywhere you want and not miss a single spot of the house. 

Shark Duoclean: Why choose it?

The Shark Duoclean is another top player in the vacuum cleaning industry. It’s a more advanced cleaning tool with an inbuilt Duoclean technology. It offers a DuoClean Bristle Brush, carpet deep cleaning, easy to remove dust cup, and a noise reduction feature. 

On the other hand, a HEPA filter takes away even the smallest of debris. Here are some features of the Shark DuoClean:

Duoclean Technology

This feature comes with a dual-brushroll system, which sucks away literally any form of debris. If you have a carpet laying around, the Shark Duoclean is just what you need for proper cleanup. Then again, the technology directly engages floors for a polished look. 

Self-Cleaning Dual Brushroll

Cleaning the internal vacuum brushes isn’t always easy. You need to open the darn thing up, and most of the time, replacement is the only option. However, with a self-cleaning feature, the Duoclean practically cleans itself. Now, you don’t have to go on a hassle with regular brushroll cleanups.

Advanced Swivel Steering

The corners of the room, places around furniture, etc., are not the easiest places to clean, right? Well, now you have the option to clean any tight places with the Advanced swivel steering. You just need a steady grip and wallah. Clean your way through to victory. 

Lightweight design

To reduce arm fatigue, the Duoclean manufacturers decreased the design weight and kept the center of gravity in the middle. Now, you don’t have to title the vacuum in multiple directions just to get an easy grip. 

Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean: Head to head

Until now, we discussed the features of the Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean. Let’s take a look at their head to head comparison:

Weight distribution

When it comes to the weight distribution, the Duoclean wins the battle. For starters, it has a weight of about 10 pounds, whereas the Shark Navigator weighs about 17 lbs. See the difference here? As a result, Duoclean offers long-term usage with minimal effort.


In the price segment, it is hard to beat the Shark navigator. The Shark Duoclean is a little pricey and will cost you about forty dollars more. If you can bypass the price barrier, Duoclean is the one to choose. 

Cleaning performance

It’s a draw in this one. Turns out, both the products have similar cleaning abilities such as deep cleaning, dust removal, and debris lock. You will also get an anti-allergen feature, which will take away pollen, mites, molds, and so on. 

Sound during usage

The Shark Navigator is louder. Even your neighbors can hear the floor vacuum at high-speed settings. Then again, the Duoclean offers a noise reduction feature that stops too much noise production. 

Pet hair removal

To remove pet hair, both the Navigator and Duoclean offer an innovative deep cleaning. However, Duoclean comes with an advanced cleaning feature and self-cleaning dual brush. You don’t need to think about pet hairs jamming the bush system anymore.

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Is Shark Duoclean worth it?

Shark Duoclean vacuums are an industry-leading brand when it comes to floor vacuums. It offers a powerful Duoclean feature, which takes away even the smallest floor debris. The best part is, you don’t have to waste time cleaning the vacuum regularly. 

Which Shark DuoClean is the best?

The Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum is the best Shark Duoclean model in the market. Starting from self-cleaning to all the way pet hair removal, this floor vacuum can do it all. You will get a picture-perfect floor every time. 

What does DuoClean mean on shark Vacuum?

DuoClean is a special feature of Shark Vacuum that is designed to deep-clean carpets, floors, and dirt inside any fabrics. The vacuum will engage directly for a polished look. 

Which is better, Shark Navigator or Shark Performance? 

Between Shark Navigator and Shark Performance, the Navigator wins with a better cleaning performance and a good look. Though it is a little louder, the cleaning won’t disappoint you. On the other hand, Shark Navigator floor vacuums tend to have a lower price tag. 


Here we discussed the differences and similarities between Shark Navigator vs. Duoclean. But for us, the Duoclean is a better option for regular users due to its noise reduction and low weight distribution. 

However, if you don’t want to spend more on floor vacuums, the Shark Navigator will work pretty much the same. You may need to clean the bushrolls after every two or three weeks. 

This is all for today. If you have any quarry, do let me know.

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