Smartcore VS. LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring: Make the Best Choice

What is the best flooring brand between Smartcore vs. LifeProof vinyl plank? Should you avoid any of them for your flooring projects? 

The easy answer is, it depends on the features you want the most.

Both the brands are easy to clean, improves the quality of hardwood floors, and gives you a healthy indoor quality. However, the user experience may vary depending on best durability, value, runner-up, etc.

Today, we are here to unveil the best choice for you and hopefully improve your decision before you buy. So, without delay, let’s jump right into it. In the end, there is a special surprise for you, so don’t miss it.

SmartCore vs LifeProof

Smartcore VS. LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Comparison Table

Flooring Looks Interlocking tab Water Proofing Environment suitability  Warranty  Installation
Smartcore flooring Wood like natural look Strong interlocking Tab Yes Yes Applies for any user Easy to install
Lifeproof vinyl plank flooring Traditional wood carvings Weak interlocking tab Yes Not that much Applies for first user only Easy and fast installation

Know your choice

Both the Smartcore and Lifeproof flooring is highly durable against heavy foot traffic. When it comes to the looks and feel, the Smartcore flooring will give you a natural wood-like structure. On the other hand, the Lifeproof Vinyl Plank flooring has a better traditional wood carving look to it.

The key difference between them is in quality and legibility. The Smartcore flooring has a user-friendly touch, which makes it great for DIY projects. On the other hand, the Lifeproof vinyl plank can’t withstand uneven interlocking and may get damaged.

When it comes to waterproofing, you won’t see any difference. Both manufacturers give a 100% warranty for any sort of water damage.

But, if you resell the Lifeproof flooring to someone else, the warranty will get invalidated, and you will be left with just the product.

Costing less than the Smartcore flooring, the Vinyl Plank flooring breaks the record in being both low-priced and durable. Then again, Smartcore makes up to 4 types of flooring, and the Vinyl lacks in type variation.

Which is better: SmartCore vs LifeProof?

When it comes to durability and built quality, the SmartCore is always better than the LifeProof floor covering. Turns out, you will get everything similar in both cases. But the SmartCore stands tall if you want a premium option. Other than that, everything is somewhat similar.

What is the most realistic looking vinyl plank flooring?

If you want a realistic look on your vinyl plank flooring, try choosing the Luxury flooring planks. The flooring tends to be more aggressive when it comes to darker color contrast. Additionally, you will get a variation in colors, making the flooring planks fit for any usage. You can also try a SmartCore plank flooring for your DIY or Professional projects.

What brand of vinyl plank flooring is the best?

Frankly speaking, there is no true winner in the flooring industry. Almost all of them make good quality products at a certain price. But if you want to know the best overall flooring planks, the Shaw company churns out the best quality. Then again, COREtec, Mohawk, Smartcore, NuCore, etc., aren’t too far behind either. Your budget is a key factor in choosing a flooring plank for your projects.

What is the best underlayment for luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Underlayments protect vinyl planks from damage and increase their service life. The best underlayment for luxury vinyl plank flooring is from Floorlot blue, Roberts, First Step, etc. You can also try out QEP, and the results will be somewhat similar.

What is comparable to LifeProof flooring?

LifeProof flooring is low-budget vinyl flooring, which has only minor quality compromises. Overall, the flooring is rigid enough to withstand anything. Other brands like Shaw Vinyl Flooring, Floortee Pro, DuraTru are comparable to the LifeProof. They are almost the same.

Does SmartCore flooring require underlayment?

Adding an underlayment to the flooring provides an extra layer of protection. Though a SmartCore Flooring doesn’t need any underlayment, you can still improve the life span of it. Then again, the underlayment will give insulation and sound dampening properties to the Smartcore flooring.

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The Smartcore, with all its additional features, is always better than the Lifeproof Vinyl plank flooring. The only fallback of the Smartcore is the pricing.

However, the pricing isn’t that of a deal, as getting something better will always cost you a few dollars extra. Lifeproof vinyl plank isn’t bad, but the Smartcore is just better.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your vinyl flooring, a Lifeproof vinyl will be a fine choice over other floor coverings.

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