5 Ways to Spruce up Your Bedroom and Improve Quality Sleep

Bedrooms are havens of peace, tranquility, and rest. If you have tried giving your space a soothing spark but failed, you are not alone. There are many ways to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of rest, but you must get your creative juices flowing. Get a small décor for your bedside table, or buy a beautiful wall art to add character in your bedroom. 

Did you know that having a good night sleep affects your thoughts and feelings? Enough and quality rest will impact your productivity, moods, and general wellbeing. 

The bedroom is a personal quarter hence should represent your style, personality and have your taste in mind. Here are some ways to bring life into your bedroom.

Spruce up Your Bedroom and Improve Quality Sleep


Good lighting is crucial in every space of your home – including the bedroom. Putting a lamp beside your bed is not enough. Your bedroom needs more than one light source so you may consider floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, bedside lamps, and mood lighting. A decorative light can also make a considerable difference, but you may need a trained professional like Dallas electrician to advise on the most appropriate due to the room wiring.

Welcome as much natural light into your space as possible. Natural light brings with it vitamin D and warmth. It also makes a room cozy and comfortable regardless of the season. Studies prove that natural light has more benefits than most people understand. 

Flush mount lights are perfect for small rooms, but you can add some over-the-board lighting for a softer glow when prepping for the night. 

A well-lit bedroom has multiple layers that integrate decorative, task, and ambient lighting seamlessly. Layered lighting creates a perfect balance of warmth, function, and coziness. 


Colors are as personal as the bedroom; the right shade identifies what works best for you. Hues that give life to one person may dampen the other. Some people will find blue refreshing and relaxed, while others see it dull.

Get creative and have fun sprucing your bedroom once you identify the unique colors that speak to your innermost being.

If paired with the right décor, a black or deep gray accent wall can make the bedroom feel chic and extravagant. Black is strengthening and grounding, giving you focus and a feeling of control. The confidence-boosting color works best on accents matched with the right décor and with neutrals and whites. 

You may want to keep your room pure white for a clean look, but some dash of color to break the monotony will not hurt. These colors are for people who love their space bright and open and will want to change colors often. While neutrals are soothing, some contrast adds life to the bare room. Throw a few colored pillows and see the magical effect that shades give space. 

Depending on your preference, you can color your space with serene blue, vibrant red, uplifting yellow, restful purple, or soft gray, among many others.  


There is something about natural plants that brings life into rooms. Indoor plants boost your physical and mental health considerably. With some water and light, you will enjoy an aesthetically pleasing growing oasis in your bedroom. 

Studies prove that indoor plants improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress levels, improve focus, boost pain tolerance and healing, and improve air quality, among many other benefits. 

Many houseplants take in toxic substances like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene in artificial materials. House plants like Ivy, rubber plants, and dripping Guanyin reduce indoor dust by up to 20 percent. Other species like English Ivy remove formaldehyde and air-borne molds from indoor air. 

NASA’s extensive studies prove that houseplants have a notable role in cleansing the air and recommend having 15-18 indoor plants for a 1,800 square-foot space. 

Get some plants to spruce up your bedroom space and enjoy nature’s actual benefits. 

Art/Wall Hanging

Thank God choosing art or a wall hanging for your room has no rules. It’s free play! However, your choice should synchronize and add life to your space.

Since your bedroom is a reflective private space for unwinding and relaxing, a piece of art that brings a sense of calm will work best. The amount of art should reflect your personality and style, whether it is a vibrant modern art, an old piece, fine art photography, or a beautifully painted landscape. 

Use the art pieces or wall hangings to compliment the room and not compete with other ornate or decorative features. Also, consider the size of your artwork compared to the entire room’s architectural size and parts. Wall hangings should balance well with the bare walls and embrace the space. 

Consider the color tips above when picking wall hanging to spruce up your bedroom. Getting the right one has a considerable effect on your space. 

Routine Deep Cleaning and Decluttering

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than lying on fresh sheets in a clean room. Many people clean their rooms frequently and assume that is all you need. However, fine dust gets under your furniture and settles in places you cannot imagine. Also, the fur finds its way into the most hidden spaces if you have pets. 

Deep cleaning rids your bedroom of unseen dirt. Schedule a time to clean every part of your bedroom, from behind the wardrobes, to the top shelves. 

When deep cleaning, take time to declutter. Experts suggest that deep cleaning and removing ornaments, memories, clothes, and furniture that don’t fit your lifestyle every six months gives you positive energy and promotes mental health. The results are instantly gratifying. 


Your day starts and ends in your bedroom. While it does not look so obvious, the bedroom impacts your everyday life, hence your life. The benefits of sprucing up your bedroom are immense, from physical health to psychological. Invoke your creativity and strategic thinking, watch your bedroom speak and soothe you anytime you come home tired and weary.

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