Stihl MS461 vs MS462 Chainsaw

The Stihl brand has successfully infiltrated the global market with its saw chains and guide bars throughout the years. If you compare them to the industry’s top tier now, you are correct. It’s no surprise that the majority of its goods, including the Stihl 461 and Stihl 462, are the subject of controversy. Everything you need to know about these Stihl models is included in this post.

The size, weight, and level of power used by the Stihl 461 and Stihl 462, among other things, varies significantly.

Stihl MS461 vs MS462


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Differences Between Stihl 461 and Stihl 462

Notwithstanding these unique similarities, they distinctively have characteristics that differentiate them. This includes:

1. The Stihl Tronic

The sets of saws the Stihl 461 and Stihl 462 have clearly shown the differences between them. The Stihl 462 has an inbuilt Tronic technology which is an engine management system controlled electronically. It shows the ignition timing and systematically regulates the fuel to ensure optimum and satisfactory performance always. Contrastingly, the Stihl 461 does lack this feature.

2. The Air Filtration System

The HD2 air filter, like every other modern air filtration system, includes a radial seal that keeps debris out. This prevents filthy particles from entering the filter, assuring its safety. This radical seal is found on the Stihl 462 chainsaw model, ensuring its overall longevity and, as a result, increasing the engine’s life span.

Although the HD2 filter is present on the Stihl 461 chainsaw, it lacks the radical real, which reduces its longevity by allowing filthy particles to get through and damage the engine.

3. The Acceleration

Fast acceleration is all you need when you are about to get those branches off the tree. The Stihl 462 is designed with features that increase its acceleration faster. This means Stihl 462 can race up from 0 to over 105 km/h within 300 milliseconds. A fast one you can agree! On the other hand, the Stihl 461 achieves this in a rather slower way, as it takes over 700 milliseconds to do that much.

4. The Light Rollomatic ES Bar (Pro)

The Stihl 462 has an in-built Stihl Rollomatic ES Bar, as well as the option of using a standard bar at a low cost. This feature contributes to the Stihl 462’s mobility because it is lighter in weight, easier to handle, and more balanced than the conventional (traditional) Stihl bar used on the Stihl 461 model.

5. The Sound Power Level and the pressure level dB(A):

The sound power is the ratio of noise coming from each product to the movement in the saw. This is measured in dB (A). For Stihl 462, the ratio is 119 dB (A), while for Stihl 461, the ratio is 117 dB (A). For the pressure level, Stihl 462 model has 108 dB (A) while Stihl 461 model has 105 dB (A).

Similarities you should look out for

  • The Stihl 461 and Stihl 462 are both efficient and be sure they can be highly dependable in tasks you set to achieve with them.
  • Since they are products of a renowned and trusted brand, it certainly means you are getting value for money concerning the qualities they possess.
  • This makes you worry less, as whatever Stihl model you decide to go for, they still would serve the same purpose.
  • Be rest assured that the saw pitches of the Stihl 461 and Stihl 462 chains are the same.
  • And they both release the same amount of output power, where each has 4.4/h kW/bhp.

Things to Consider Before Buying Chainsaws

Your Safety

When deciding on which of the chainsaws above to purchase, ensure you choose the one that aligns with your skill level. As some chainsaws may require you to be proficient or have better knowledge of how it is used. 

To avoid complications as regards your safety, purchase one that matches your current skill level. This allows you to do tasks more quickly and navigate across work areas more effortlessly.

Your Budget

When deciding on what chainsaw to purchase, try to draw up your budget to know the limit you can go. Duly note that these chainsaws vary in price, and the ones with the best features most time are on the high side.

Hence, ensure you work with what you can afford. If what you like to purchase is quite expensive and below your budget, you can choose to change and buy a different one within your budget. They all still serve the same purpose in the end.

Length of the guide bar

The length of the guide bar determines the area you want to cut. Make sure you get the area’s length measured. It also has an impact on your purchasing decision. Keep in mind that if the bar length is longer, you’ll need to use the chainsaw with caution and competence.

This procedure may be more complicated than you think. As a result, chainsaws with short guide bar lengths are safe to consider. This is to assist prevent injuries and other small problems that may develop as a result of poor decisions.

Chainsaw Mobility

Ability to move whatever chainsaw you have decided to buy matters. Please, ensure you take this into full consideration. Since chainsaws are usually carried around, their portability matters at all costs. 

If they are too heavy for you to manage, they tend to slow you down, consume more energy from you and also take more time in completing tasks. Since they are too heavy to be maneuvered. Hence, ensure you choose the one that is light and allows you to move around with no difficulty.


Both the Stihl 462 and Stihl 461 are great products, and when it comes to picking one to buy, it comes down to your choice. If you want a lightweight design, highly regarded chainsaw with lots of potential and beyond ordinary qualities, then Stihl 462 will be a great choice. 

However, if you are more interested in the traditional version, simplicity, and a budget-friendly chainsaw, Stihl 461 is your best bet. 

Whichever Stihl chainsaw you decide to purchase, be rest assured that you will have it for a very long time and get the best value for your money.

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