The Water Level in Toilet Bowl Keeps Dropping

The water level in the toilet bowl keeps dropping. So, you begin to check around the toilet bowl to see if there is any crack or not. But there is no sign of a crack.

Also, you check the wax ring which is also in good condition. Indeed, you did almost everything to find out why water is not staying in the toilet bowl. Yet, you fail to discover why the toilet bowl water level recedes.

Don’t be upset!! In this guide, we break down every possible reason behind the low water level in your toilet bowl. And the best part is- we also provide solutions to those issues.

Without further ado, start reading this guide from top to bottom.

Water Level in Toilet Bowl Keeps Dropping

Possible Reasons & Remedies of Low Water Level In Toilet Bowl

In this chapter, we elaborate on everything behind the causes of water trickling into the bowl. Plus, we also deliver solutions to those problems.

Leaky Flush Valve or Flapper

The low water level in the top of the tube is a sign of a leaky flapper or flush valve. Because of the broken flapper, the water level in the toilet bowl keeps dropping.

Another problem that occurs with the flapper is its too tight chain. It keeps the flush valve slightly in an open position. As a result, water leaks out of the tank, which causes low water levels in the toilet bowl.


For the leaky flush valve, it would be best to replace it to get rid of the issue. 

Following the below steps, you can easily replace the flush valve by yourself.

  • Make sure you have this equipment at your fingertips, including a wrench, flat-blade screwdriver, and a dry towel.
  • Turn the water supply off
  • Flush the toilet and remove the excess water
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew the flapper or flush the valve
  • Install the new flush valve
  • Connect the water supply again and check there is any leak or not

For the tight chain, you can add some slack to the chain as a remedy. Make sure you don’t make the chain too loose. Otherwise, its handle fails to pull the flush valve up to flush the toilet.

Clogged Vent

The venting issue is another possible reason for water not staying in the toilet bowl. If the vent gets clogged, it causes a negative pressure in the line.

Now, the question that may appear in your mind is- how can I understand the vent pipe of my plumbing system gets clogged?


If you hear the gurgling sound after flushing the toilet, it’s likely the vent pipe is clogged. The rotten egg smell from the toilet is another sign of a clogged vent.


To fix the clogging vent issues, you need to go to the roof of your home.

Debris, dirt, and bird nests will be a reason to clog the vent pipe. So, open the vent and remove those messes to clean the pipe.

You can also use a long auger to break down the dirt blockage from the pipe.

Then, use a water hose to remove any blockages from the vent pipe.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional plumber to do this trick for you. 

Cracked Toilet Bowl

The cracked toilet bowl itself is another reason for the low-level water in the bowl.

Whether the toilet bowl is cracked or not, you can understand by following the below steps.

Firstly, make the toilet full of water by running faucets. After filling the toilet, turn the faucets off.

Secondly, mark the water level in the toilet bowl. Wait for an hour or two.

Finally, check the water level. If it gets lower, know the water is leaking into the crack.


Unfortunately, you must replace the toilet bowl as a remedy. Here how you can do it by yourself:

Step 1

Firstly, turn the water supply to your toilet off. Then, flush your toilet to remove the remaining water from the bowl.

Afterward, use a sponge to eliminate the water from the bowl and tank completely.

Step 2

Remove the toilet from the floor by unscrewing the bolts and nuts. To unscrew the nuts & bolts, use the wrench.

Once you unscrew the toilet, it’s time to remove the toilet from the floor. If you can’t lift the entire toilet up, you can first remove the tank and then the bowl.

Step 3

Now, you are ready to replace the toilet bowl by installing the new one. 

Do the reverse of unscrewing to put together the toilet bowl properly.

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What causes the water level in the toilet bowl to drop?

There are a few things that can create a water level drop in your toilet. It’s a common issue that makes people suffer a lot. However, you must know what are the reasons that create this type of toilet problem. 

  • If your toilet bowl is cracked, then it might make your toilet bowl water bowl drop.
  • Any kind of blockage in the air vent can hamper your toilet plumbing system and make the water level drop in your toilet.
  • Any damage in the toilet wax ring can make the water level drop.
  • A leaky flapper/ flush the toilet bowl water level drop.
  • If the vent is clogged the water won’t be able to stay in the toilet bowl. This will make the water level down.


Throughout this guide, we discussed the reasons behind the water level in the toilet bowl keeps dropping.

To get rid of this issue, follow all the remedies we described above. If the issue will not be solved after trying out all the solutions, it’s time to call for a professional.

Probably, there will be a serious problem with your plumbing system.

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  1. Hello Gibson, I like the blog you shared with us. The points you have shared with their remedies are really helpful. I am feeling like my toilet bowl is also cracking because whenever I fill it with full water, the water level starts decreasing after 45mins. In this situation, your remedy is pretty helpful for me. I will definitely try these solutions. Thanks a ton for sharing the blog, keep writing!

  2. Our level in the bowl goes down…but no water runs in the toilet to fill it up again…no leakages on the floor or anywhere….should I be concerned?

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