How to Clean Gutters on a Two Story House

A gutter in a building or a house is for carrying off the rainwater. If you do not have a gutter on the roof, then it can ruin the building in many ways.

Gutters discharge the water properly through the narrow space. So, the water is getting a surface to flow. If the water is not channelized and flowing all over the building, it will slowly start damaging the walls. And a time will come when it will begin affecting the foundation.

If you are living under a flat roof and there is no gutter there, water might start seeping into the basement. You cannot allow water to start collecting on the rooftop and to increase the weight above. Then a gutter saves people from drenching as well while entering the house.

So, the reason to have a gutter can be many. But when you are building a house, you will need a gutter on the roof.

How to Clean Gutters on a Two Story House

Why A Gutter Need Regular Cleaning

Now, let’s talk about the cleaning process of the gutter. For sure, you are not going to think that the water from the rain is enough to keep the gutter clean all year long. A gutter collects dirt, debris pretty quickly. Rainwater makes it dirtier. And when it comes to wet waste, it is tough to clean. It becomes dense and clings to the surface. Then the gutter also starts getting slippery. Last but not the list, the dead leaves. Instead of falling on the ground, they mostly get stuck in the gutter. Ultimately you are going to get a gutter full of leaves and dirt. As a result, you have a clogged gutter where there is no place for the water to flow and discharge. So, for restraint-free water discharging, you have to make sure that you are cleaning your gutter daily.

Cleaning A Gutter In A Two-Story House

When you are living in a single-story house, cleaning the gutter becomes easy. From the windows to the gutters, you have a proper reach to the things that you need to clean. Using a high ladder is not that risky to clean a gutter of a single-story house.

The risk of falling and other issues creep up when you live on the two-story height or above. There is no way you can have a risk-free climb up on the ladder. There is always a risk of you falling and hurting yourself severely.

Some people, for that reason, depend on Pros. Some avoid cleaning the gutter. And some take the risk for a clean environment or due to saving the walls and roof. In every case, cleaning gutters that are as high as a two-story house is never a good idea.

To have a safe cleaning process, you will need some tools. These tools are readily available and make your work easy and secure. The end result is going to be a clean gutter as clean as if you have cleaned it through a Pro.

How To Clean Gutters In A Two-Story House

When it is about two-story buildings and above, we are definitely canceling the traditional way of gutter cleaning. We are talking about climbing up a ladder and using the hose pipe to spray water to clean the gutter. That is not safe.

You have different tools to clean the gutter as high as a two-story building. That too, while standing on the ground. Let’s talk about some right below.

Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Pole

These wands are the best way to clean the gutter. They are not overpriced, and you do not need anything extra to make it work. Everyone has a garden hose in their yard, and these poles easily fit those.

They have spray nozzles. Some wands are straight, and some have a bent arm. And they are all extendable. The range might differ. But the telescoping poles can be extended to a height where your height and the pole height together allows you to clean the gutter right from the ground.


These are small gutter cleaning tools that fit the narrow gutter and travel through it to clean it. The auger system in it does all the splitting, breaking, brushing, and cleaning of the dirt. They operate with powerful batteries. And some of these allow control with a remote. So, with one button on the robot, you clean the gutter and, if needed, control it through the remote from the ground. The number of times you are going to need climbing up a ladder cuts down to zero.


Not all gutter cleaning tools work with water. You can make good use of your vacuum and leaf blower to clean your gutter. The attachments for both vacuum and leaf blowers are available in the market. Just like the telescoping pole, they are long and have a U-shape on the top. So, you can use them to clean the gutter on a two-story house. But instead of connecting it to the hose, you will join the adapters to the leaf blower or vacuum you already have in the house.

Depending on your budget, comfort, and the machines you have in your house, tries any of the above gutter cleaning tools or attachments. They all work just fine. Do not depend on the Pro and spend bucks for such an easy task. Especially when the tools make it risk-free. Invest in tools that make your life easy.

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