Best Way to Clean Dog Hair off Hardwood Floors

For a dog owner, it is necessary to know the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors. Dog hair is an annoying thing and seems hard to clean it properly from floors. Removing dog hair is important because it can cause allergy.

Besides, dogs shed hair in all seasons. So, you need to spend your time to clean dog hair. Besides, you need to follow a routine for your pet grooming. You can follow some ways to clean dog hair from your floors. But this complete guide makes your work easier to do this work in the right way

Best Way to Clean Dog Hair off Hardwood Floors

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Best Way to Clean Dog Hair off Hardwood Floors

The best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors is not only doing one process. In the case of the question of how to clean up dog hair from hardwood floor, you need to do several works to get the best result.

Minimize shedding

The best way to keep the hardwood floor clean is to minimize the shedding of dog hair. We know that every dog sheds. But it is possible to minimize it by following some tricks.

  • You should groom the hair of your pet regularly with a good quality brush. It will remove loose fur easily. It also makes a good bonding between the owner and the pet.
  • Besides, trim the fur of your dog properly. But do not shave entirely because hairs are necessary for the animal to keep their skin healthy and out of infection. Train your dog as well as possible to stay in a selected area.
  • For a healthy coat, you should give healthy, protein-rich food to your dog. It will make the hair of your dog healthy and beautiful. Besides, your dog will shed less.
  • If your pet scratches much, it will lose its hair easily. So, control fleas. It will minimize the shedding of your dog.

Use microfiber pads

It is a great idea to use a microfiber pad on your mop to clean pet hair from a hardwood floor. It works better than the traditional vacuum could do. Microfiber is a useful material that pulls the dog hair directly. Besides, you can wash the pads and use them many times. Before mopping the floor, you can use a small amount of cleaning solution or dip the pad into water. If you see that your pad gets so much dirt after mopping for sometimes, you should stop. Then rinse this pad and use another one to clean the floor. Wash the used pads and let them dry.

Invest in a Swiffer Sweeper

Swiffer Sweeper is a good thing to clean pet hairs properly from hardwood floors. You can say that it is one of the best ways to clean god hair off hardwood floors. It can easily trap the hairs from your deck, such as the microfiber pads do. Besides, you will see that the hairs are not flying in the place while cleaning with a Swiffer Sweeper. It is affordable too. So, to clean pet hair from hardwood surface, you can try it.

Sprinkle grass clippings on the floor

You can use damp grass clippings which can work as natural adhesives to take out the hair if they contain proper moisture. But need to know how to keep a hardwood floor clean of dog hair with grass clippings. You should take some grass clippings on your hand and sprinkle them lightly on the floor. Then sweep the floor. You will notice that all the hairs are going with the grass.

Vacuum once every few weeks or once a month

A vacuum has suction power. Though you clean your floor with microfiber pads, they cannot take out all the dirt. So you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood floors once a few weeks. It will take out the deep-down hair from the floor. After using a vacuum, empty it and check the filter to remove all the hair to keep it efficient. It is better to vacuum the floor every week if you have enough time. It will keep the environment of your room more clean and hygienic.

Utilizing humidifier

We know that humidifier is a tool that is useful in cold weather. But you can use a humidifier to take out pet hair from the floor. It takes the loose furs from the hardwood floor and keeps the floor clean.

Use rubber broom

You can use the best rubber broom for pet hair to remove pet hair from the wooden floor. When you find a place that has a lot of dog furs, you can take a rubber broom and pick up the hairs. You can easily do it. After doing this, wash the broom and dry it for further use.

Using dryer sheets

To clean the hair from the furniture surface or wooden floor, you can use dryer sheets. It is better to remove furs from the cloth-covered area. Dump the sheets slightly and keep them on the surface. Wait for a while and then take out the sheets. It will catch much dog hair.

Brush your dog before vacuuming

It is another good idea to brush your dog regularly. You much brush your pet before vacuuming the whole house on a week or every month. It will clean the hair with other dirt. You should keep in your mind that it is important to use the right hose to remove dog hair. Besides, remove all the hair from the bag; otherwise, it can harm the efficiency of the cleaner.

Are pet vacuums better?

You are fortunate to live with a pet. But some times it makes you stress because you are worried about removing pet hair from everywhere spatially hardwood floor. A good vacuum can remove pet hair. Though there are many types of vacuum in the market, a pet vacuum is spatially made for better airflow and hair pickup. Commonly, a regular vacuum cleaner to be advertised as a pet vacuum, and they sell it at a higher price despite the absence of pet-related features. You can also use a Dampened Mop on the hardwood floor for cleaning pet hair. And it works like a magnet to pickup pet hair.

Most of the pet owners treat their pets as their child. But hygiene is the first thing to be considered. So, you should always keep your house clean. If you have a pet dog, it will shed regularly. It is important for you to clean the dog hair from the floor and other surfaces. You can take any process as the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors or choose the best broom for dog hair that clean more effectively and easily. Love your pet and keep your floor away from its fur.

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