Top 10 Telescopic or Extendable Window Cleaning Pole in 2023

Cleaning the windows from the outside is tough. It is tougher when you are living in a house that is not a single story. To clean the outside of the windows, you make the ladder your companion. You might fall but are compelled to take the risk. But if you have an Extendable Window Cleaning Pole, then you do not need to climb a ladder.

Instead, you can stand on the ground and clean the high places with the pole. Of course, you need brushes and other cleaning tools to attach. But first, you need a sturdy pole that extends pretty long.

We have ten of them, and we are here to discuss each one of them in detail. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Best Telescopic or Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

What is the Best Extendable Window Cleaning Pole

If you are looking to buy a window cleaning pole, there is a lot of information out there about which one will work best for your needs. There are three main types: telescopic poles, double-walled poles and extendable poles. The type that would be the best for you depends on what your needs are and how often you need to use it.

Out Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole
    “The 180-degree rotating multi-angle tip helps you to use the pole to clean the tough to clean spaces. You can turn it the way you want, which a straight metal tip can’t do.”
  2. Best for Durability: Ettore 43012 Extension Pole
    “It is a sturdy pole that is rustproof and going to last for years to come. You can use any amount of water or solution to clean things with it, but it withstands corrosion as it is rustproof.”
  3. Best Multi Purpose Pole: Unger 20 Foot Telescoping
    “The pole has a locking collar as well as a locking cone. Extend the pole and lock it to keep it intact with the locking collar and have a secure fit of the attachments with the locking cone.”
  4. Highly Durable and Handle: MR LONGARM Alumi Glass Extension Pole
    “It is a pole that has a fiberglass exterior handle with an aluminum interior slider tube and die-cast metal threaded tip. No wonder, it claims to be durable.”
  5. Best Professional Extension Pole: Purdy Power Lock Pole
    “The pole uses a locking mechanism to lock the pole at any length. It allows custom adjustment and is not going to stop working too soon, like the other pin lock system used in other poles.”
  6. Best for Better Gripping: Ettore All Purpose Extension Pole
    “The pole is willingly made to be fluted. The grooves on it make it easy to hold and work even when it is wet.”
  7. Best Long Window Cleaning Pole: Unger Telescopic Extension Pole
    “This one is a sturdy pole. The aluminum and nylon built have made it so solid that even when extended, it is stiff as rock.”
  8. Best Convertible Extension Pole: Wooster Convertible Extension Pole
    The extra tip is stored at the end of the grip. Fitting it to the hexagonal tip makes the pole compatible with all threaded tools.
  9. Best Versatile Extension Pole: Mr. LongArm Extension Pole
    “It has a great locking mechanism when it comes to locking the extended portion of the pole. The external chuck and the collet locking device together ensures a solid locking.”
  10. Best for Cleaning and Squeegee: Garelick Telescopic Extension Pole
    “You can attach any and every attachment to it. Be it brushes, paint rollers, squeegees, or something else. For cleaning the windows, there is no dearth of tools and brushes. So, when you have a pole that supports as many attachments as possible, you can save money.”

Top Rated & Best Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

1. Best Overall: DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole

It is a multi-purpose telescopic pole. You have a long reach up to 30 feet with this extension pole. With the thumb lever clasps, extension and retraction literally become a matter of a thumb. It is easy to do. When retracted, it becomes shorter, so you can store it even in a car trunk or a truck bed. So, taking it to different places is easy. Due to the 6 feet retraction, you can easily walk with it indoors as well.

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole

The multi-angle tip is pretty impressive. You have to fit the hinge tip with the straight metal tip. When you are done attaching it, it is going to rotate a full 180-degree. So, you can use it to clean windows and other things from different angles. The attachment will have a wider reach due to its swivel head.

If not that, use its standard metalhead. The screw tip of it is made of universal metal and reinforced nylon. So, it fits all the attachments, tools, and brushes with ease with a couple of twists.

Grasp it tight, and you will not feel uncomfy holding this 30 ft window cleaning pole as it has well-padded grips for long working hours.

Pros Cons
  • Offers 6 to 30 feet reach.
  • Dual tip- a straight and a swivel hinge tip.
  • Multi-angle tip rotates 180-degree.
  • Quick-release thumb lever clasps.
  • Padded grips for easy hold.
  • Plastic components not up to the mark.

2. Best for Durability: Ettore 43012 Extension Pole

Ettore extension pole is an apt choice to clean the windows. It is a 12 feet robust pole with a threaded tip.

Ettore 43012 Extension Pole

The pole is made of high gauge aluminum tubing. So, no doubt in its durability. Not just sturdy, it is rustproof too.

The tip fits any type of attachments you need in cleaning and dusting. To securely lock them, the pole has the clip-lock system on its tip. So, once you fit the attachments, they stay at their place, never budge. So, you can have a comfy cleaning activity.

It has a hang hole in the end. So, you can store it easily by hanging it on the wall. To hold the pole and work with it, it has a comfy grip.

Pros Cons
  • 12 feet extension pole.
  • Heavy gauge Aluminum.
  • Sturdy yet not heavy.
  • Click lock tips.
  • Rustproof, going to last long.
  • Attachments are tough to take off once locked.

3. Best Multi Purpose Pole: Unger 20 Foot Telescoping

Unger pole is a sturdy but lightweight Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole. It is made of anodized aluminum.

Unger 20 Foot Telescoping

Upon extending the pole, it reaches a 20-feet length. So, clean the windows staying on the ground even if they are two stories high. You can easily get back to the regular 7.5 feet pole.

It supports any Unger cleaning attachments. The cone and threaded tips are designed to fit the attachments. Not just that, the cone has a locking system. So, the attachment doesn’t only fit but also stays intact even if you are thoroughly scrubbing with the pole.

You can use a variety of cleaning tools and brushes. Thus, cleaning many surfaces with just one pole.

Pros Cons
  • Light and easy to hold but sturdy.
  • Anodized aluminum built.
  • Extends from 7.5 feet to 20 feet.
  • Cone and the threaded tip fits all Unger attachments.
  • Easy to reach hard to clean spots without climbing a ladder.
  • A bit wobbly when extended to a 20 feet.

4. Highly Durable and Handle: MR LONGARM Alumi Glass Extension Pole

This one is a sturdy pole and manufactured in the USA. From the threaded tip to the handgrip, every single part of this pole screams quality.

MR LONGARM Alumi Glass Extension Pole

It is a heavy-duty, combination, pro-quality telescopic pole. From the inside, it is an aluminum slider tube, and outside, you have a fiberglass handle. The threaded tip is made of die-cast metal.

The pole extends from 6 feet to 18 feet. You can lock it when extended with its external locking cam. Just a simple twist, and it is locked.

You can use the pole to change the bulbs, with a paint roller and also squeegees and other cleaning tools for a thorough window cleaning. The pole is so long that you can easily clean your windows right from the yard.

Pros Cons
  • Robust pole.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extends from 6 feet to 18 feet.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Threaded tip fits attachments with ease.
  • Bends a little when extended.

5. Best Professional Extension Pole: Purdy Power Lock Pole

Power Lock pole is sturdy and allows for versatile use. Not just the pole, even its locking mechanism lasts two times longer than other locking mechanisms used on other telescopic poles.

Purdy Power Lock Pole

As the lock of the pole allows you a custom adjustment, you can lock it wherever you want while extending. It extends 2 to 4 feet. Not too long but enough for cleaning high places.

You can use the pole for doing electrical works. You can relax as you are not going to get a shock while working with this metal pole. It has used a reinforced rubber base grip. The grip is capable of absorbing the shocks. So, it is safe to use for electrical work like changing light bulbs and cleaning lamp sockets.

It has a universal threaded tip that fits any acme threaded frame. You can also fit it with the Quick Connect system of Purdy.

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy and versatile.
  • Extends 2 feet to 4 feet.
  • A custom adjustment locking mechanism.
  • Universal metal straight threaded tip.
  • Shock-absorbent rubber base grip.
  • Not stiff enough when extended.

6. Best for Better Gripping: Ettore All Purpose Extension Pole

It is a simple extension pole with all the much-needed characteristics. You have this 2-section, all-purpose pole that fits any attachment pretty easily. And if you are using the Ettore window cleaning tools for high windows, then the fitting becomes better, and the cleaning process even better.

Ettore All Purpose Extension Pole

The pole is light and has a fluted built. So, you can have a solid grip on it while working on the high places. Your hands will not slip as the ridges on it provides a strong grip even if the pole is fully wet. So, working with it using water and solutions is easy compared to other poles.

It has a click-lock tip. So, there is nothing to twist. You are just going to set it on the metal head and lock it. The attachments are easy to fit and take off due to that reason.

The quick open/close tapered clamp design helps you to extend and retract it without hassle. It doesn’t take much space to store as it is a short pole when retracted. You can hang it on the wall with the hang hole in the end.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight and comfy to work with.
  • Extends from 3 feet to 5 feet.
  • Quick open clamp.
  • Fluted pole for a better grip when wet.
  • Click-Lock tip, so no twisting.
  • Flimsy.

7. Best Long Window Cleaning Pole: Unger Telescopic Extension Pole

This extension pole is a solid one. Made of anodized aluminum, this is here to last. The solid pole is easy to hold due to its comfortable grip.

Telescopic Extension Pole

The pole extends to a whopping 30 feet. At first glance, it is tough to detect that this one is the pole that extends to such a vast length. But it has a great range and is easy to clean the windows as high as three stories. If you add your height and a small tool, you can have an experience of a 40 ft window cleaning pole with it. This pole is that long.

The modular system lets you assemble it without any complication. If the assembling is easy, then retracting is easy too.

It fits almost all the cleaning attachments quite easily. The quick-release locking cone fits the attachments without any twisting. Set it on the cone and lock it.

Pros Cons
  • Anodized Aluminum and nylon pole.
  • Has a modular system to assemble the pole up to 30 feet.
  • Quick-Release Locking Cone.
  • Threaded tip.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Little heavy.

8. Best Convertible Extension Pole: Wooster Convertible Extension Pole

The Wooster extension pole extends from 4 feet to 8 feet. When extended, it stays locked tight. You just need to use your thumb to adjust and lock it.

Wooster Convertible Extension Pole

Its inner pole is made of aluminum, and the outer pole is of rugged fiberglass. It has a fiberglass reinforced nylon lever too.

You do not need to twist the tools to fit the pole, neither you get a loose fit. For a perfect fit of the tools, it has the Special bayonet grip tip.

The R042 conversion tip is right there at the end of the grip. You just need to take it off and set it on the hexagonal inner pole. And your pole is ready to fit all the standard threaded tools.

Pros Cons
  • Aluminum inner pole and rugged fiberglass outer pole.
  • Bayonet grip tip.
  • Comes with an extra conversion tip.
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon lever.
  • Extends from 4 feet to 8 feet.
  • Frail plastic components.

9. Best Versatile Extension Pole: Mr. LongArm Extension Pole

We have another Mr. LongArm pole. This one extends from six feet to 12 feet.

Mr. LongArm Extension Pole

You can lock the slider tight with its external chuck and collet locking device. Once locked, the tools are not going to move even a bit.

You have this pole with an anodized aluminum slider tube and a round fiberglass fluted handle. The tip to attach the tools is a Nylar threaded tip. It is a medium-duty extension pole, and the slider is rustproof.

Nylar tips are known to be universal. They fit almost every attachment. So, you need to buy only the necessary tools, and they are going to fit just right. That’s great or, you had to buy every cleaning tool with poles.

Pros Cons
  • Anodized aluminum, rustproof slider.
  • Extends from 6 feet to 12 feet.
  • Nylar threaded tip.
  • Fluted round fiberglass handle.
  • Collet locking device for a secure lock.
  • Not robust enough.

10. Best for Cleaning and Squeegee: Garelick Telescopic Extension Pole

This one is a lightweight but sturdy window cleaning pole. Made of anodized aluminum, this one will last you forever.

Garelick Telescopic Extension Pole

Though it has a good length of 24 feet when extended, it is well-balanced. Some extended poles shake a bit due to the length. This one does not have that issue.

When collapsed, this pole turns into an 83” pole. That’s a mere 7 feet. So, you can transport it by storing it in your car truck.

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy, anodized aluminum built.
  • Extends to 24 feet from 83 inches.
  • Supports varied cleaning tools and brushes.
  • Provides optimum strength.
  • 1-1/4″ diameter and a threaded tip.
  • Needed a better grip.

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Things to Consider before Choosing A Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

It extends to a 24 feet tool, which is quite long. But when retracted, it turns into a 6-7 feet pole. Consider the below features in an extendable window cleaning pole.


If you need a pole to clean the windows, you will need a sturdy pole. Otherwise, it will be unable to stay extended. Using it with water will start wearing it off. Fitting the attachments will break it, and it will be of no use. So, an extendable pole will have to be sturdy.


By telescopic, we mean the extending range of the pole. A pole that doesn’t extend and stays the same height isn’t telescopic. So, if you can extend a pole to 4 feet or 18 feet, that means it is a telescopic pole, and with it, you can try cleaning and changing things at different heights.


Just extending is not enough. The pole has to remain extended. And when it comes to long Extendable Window Cleaning Pole, then locking becomes much more crucial. Handling the length of the pole will be difficult if the pole extension is not appropriately secured. So, make sure to buy an extendable pole that has a good locking system.

Universal Tip

A pole will be of no use if there is no attachment to fit on it. So, an extendable pole has to have a universal tip that fits all the standard attachments, tools, and brushes. The job of the pole is to reach up to a height. It doesn’t have things attached to it for cleaning the windows. So, make sure you buy both the pole and attachments that fit each other well.

Comfy Grip

A comfortable grip is everything when it comes to any cleaning tool. The more it provides a comfortable grip, the better you can work with it. Many times, your hands slip from the hold. And it’s a big no. A comfy, anti-slip grip is essential when it comes to extendable pole.

How To Clean Windows With A Telescopic Pole

How often do you clean your windows? It is recommended to clean them at least once a year; however, if there are lots of trees around the house and they produce pollen or leaves that get stuck on the window, then it might be necessary to do so more frequently. There are many methods for cleaning windows, but one very efficient way is by using an extendable pole with a sponge or cloth attached at the end. The telescopic pole can reach even high windows without having to go out onto a ladder!

Attach a sponge or cloth to the end of the pole. A dry, flat surface will work best for this task. Pour some water on it and wait until it becomes wet before using; just be sure not to use too much so that it drips down onto your flooring surfaces.

Spray window cleaner over the windowsill with a spray bottle (be careful when spraying near flower pots). Allow cleaning liquid to remain there as you clean other areas in order to keep dirt from accumulating on newly cleaned parts of glass.

Hold extendable pole at waist height and start wiping off outside corners first before working up towards top edges of pane with one continuous motion without stopping along way–this will help prevent the liquid from dripping and making a mess. Dab inside corners with sponge or cloth pad to remove any remaining dirt that might have collected there on the glass surface.

Final Words

For a better cleaning experience, a telescopic pole is essential. We all know how tough climbing and working on a ladder is. When a mere pole can save us from the tough work, then investing in one is the best idea. An Extendable Window Cleaning Pole with all the necessary attachments provides a hassle-free and fast working hours. Using a pole with the correct attachment will cut your working hours to half, and you can use that time in doing other productive works. So, all in all, if you are living in a house, you need an extendable pole. Basically, we all need it for our and our house’s own good.

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