How to Clean Smartcore Flooring

Everyone seems to have a taste for admirable and maintainable products, especially when it has to do with decorating our homes or offices. Our desire for the best-designed floors pushes us to choose an ideal and suitable flooring for our use, and this is why most people choose smartcore flooring. Smartcore flooring is one of the most popular and easy-to-maintain floors in the market today. However, what matters the most is how tiring it is to care for Smartcore flooring?

The fastest way to damage any floor is to neglect it. When people want to opt for smartcore floors; the first question that comes to mind is, in the event of any stain, how do I clean it?

However, whether it is a fresh stain or old stain, with your brush, homemade baking soda water mixture, and other cleaning agents, you can clean all the debris, dust, and dirt on your floor without causing any scratches.

How to Clean Smartcore Flooring

Types of Smartcore Flooring

Smartcore flooring is considered a low-budget floor brand available in Lowes and produced by USFloors, using the COREtec technology. The smartcore flooring has four types; Smartcore Ultra, Smartcore pro, Smartcore, and Smartcore natural. They are all designed to suit different styles and purposes.

Smartcore Ultra: Even though the collections are alike, they differ in little ways. The Smartcore ultra is constructed with the WPC core method and a layer. It comes in about 14 unique patterns, either stone look or wood-look design.

Smart Pro: The Smart Pro is the strongest of all Smartcore floors. It is designed to suit industrial areas or homes full of children. It has rigid 20-mile wear, and the waterproof area is constructed using the stone plastic composite (SPC core), which possesses superior protection for dent and stains.

Smartcore Naturals: The Smartcore Naturals is one of the best Smartcore collections. It comes with distinct waterproof hardwood and bamboo veneers that have a defensive coating. The Smartcore natural offers a new flooring option that is waterproof and can retain the natural grain patterns and textures in a way two planks can hardly be the same.

Smartcore is the choice for any snazzy and unique flooring suitable for almost every kind of floor. This standard manufactured vinyl plank possesses a patented waterproof core that provides authentic visuals with proven wear and tears defense.

How to Clean Smartcore Flooring

Cleaning a Smartcore floor is easy and time-saving. However, cleaning the floor can be done in different ways. They include:

Mop the floor daily

When you do not take care of a Smartcore floor, it reduces the quality and beauty of the floor, and that is why it is necessary to dry-mop your floors daily. Daily cleaning of a Smartcore floor makes it easy to clean dust and dirt on your floor without causing any scratch that could reduce the brightness of the smartcore flooring.

To remove stains, scrub the floor

In the case of a fresh or stubborn old stain, all you need is baking soda and a soft nylon brush. Mix the baking soda carefully with water and use it to scrub the floor gently. It helps you to clean the floor brightly, thereby avoiding any scratches. After dipping the brush in the solution, try not to scrub aggressively.  Alternatively, even though some sources record that using pure isopropyl alcohol can be horrible for Smartcore floors. you can try using hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol to clean your Smartcore floor.

Use wet mop the floor to remove grime

 The most recommended Smartcore flooring cleaning method is to pour a cup of apple cider into a gallon of hot water, dip your brush or mop and proceed to mop your floor. Vinegar is an ingredient that will help remove the stain without scratching your plank.

Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning Smartcore flooring

If you want to enjoy the stylish look, durability, and cleanness it adds to your home, cleaning your Smartcore floor is necessary. However, there are common mistakes you should not make if you are using Smartcore flooring. They include;

Avoid Using hard brushes or mops

Hard brushes and other hard material will most likely create a scratch and penetrate slightly through the defensive coating that precedes the Smartcore floor. By using the right soft-bristled brush or mop, you will achieve a clean and fancy floor.

Do not Use ammonia

Ammonia is a gas consisting of hydrogen and nitrogen that does not mix well with the Smartcore flooring’s synthetic outside layer. Therefore, ammonia is likely to cause damages to the flooring and break down the finish.

Avoid Using solvent-based polishes or paste marks.

The Smartcore flooring has a unique polyurethane coat that protects it. There is hardly any need for waxing. Also, solvent-made polishes and waxes used on other flooring stops can distort the surface and destroy your floor.

Final thoughts

Regularly scrubbing the Smartcore flooring is needed, not only for its neatness but for the sake of durability. To sustain your Smartcore flooring for 10-20 more years, clean it regularly; vacuuming is highly recommended.

Perform a wet mop at least three times a month and try to clean stains immediately to keep your Smartcore flooring looking nice and clean for decades.

When using SMARTCORE, you’d spend more time living your life and less time cleaning. Enjoy protection against spills and carefree cleanup and everything you’d not wish to stress you.

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    1. Thanks Cheryl A Brown,
      You shouldn’t use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring because high heat can damage the glue and PVC. A string or microfiber spray will clean up small messes, but if it’s time for heavy duty cleaning then opt instead with an vacuum cleaner that won’t have any problems handling these sticky situations!

  1. I just had Smart Core Pro flooring installed. I love to clean with Lysol Multi-surface cleaner (lemon). Is this safe to use on my new flooring?

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