Dog Urine Soaked into Hardwood Floor! How to Remove?

Dog urine soaked into the hardwood floor. It is natural to have an accident, you might have trained them well, but the accident is an accident, is not it?

Nearly all dog owners face these difficulties when this accident happens. However, let the lecture keep for another day and hope to find the solution.

If the urine is not cleaned immediately, it might leave some stain on your beautiful hardwood floor. Dog urine contains uric acid, which can damage the protective layer of hardwood and get into further. The unsealed is another big problem for the urine stain. The presence of ammonia in urine cause bacteria to grow and it affects the hardwood.

Dog Urine Soaked into Hardwood Floor

Dog Urine Soaked into Hardwood Floor?

The dog urine stains wood by creating dark spot and as it soaks into wood fiber it tends to smell very bad. It might become worse if it is in a damp area. The wood will swell up and spread to the full panel, might make the wood rotten if it is in dark and closed space. It is not only about the dog’s urine, but it is also for any pet’s urine.

How to Remove New Urine Stains from Hardwood Floors

The first step is to clean the urine from the floor, grab some cotton towel or rags to dry up the urine. If there is no towel, then grab some paper and soak up the urine. It is important to soak up the urine before it reaches into the hardwood’s unsealed portion. Press this until this it comes up dry. After that clean with water and wipe it completely, it might smell bad but it’s okay cause the urine is cleared out.

However, if there is any presence of stain on the floor then there is something more to do.

Cleaning with water and vinegar

Let up talk about some homemade cleaner and stain remover. Mix fifty present water with fifty present white vinegar. Spray it into the area and leave is for 15 minutes before wiping is clear. Wipe it with a dry cotton towel. Apply this solution as many times it needed. This will also take care of the bad odor, it acts as a natural deodorizer.

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How to Remove Old Urine Stain from Hardwood Floors

Sometimes there is a year-old dried stain. Like you brought home and under the carpet, there is this huge stain on the beautiful oak floor. Or you moved a piece of furniture and found stains that dried long ago. These old stains are not that easy to clean like the fresh new stain. They need some tedious work, but cleaning dog urine from the floor is possible.

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

For Starter vinegar and baking soda are great. They have the ability to neutralizing harmful chemicals. After cleaning with the vinegar and water, spray some baking soda over the stained area. Leave it overnight. Cover it up with some cloth or mat so that it does not spread all over the room. After that, clean the baking soda with a vacuum. You might need to repeat this process a few times to clean up the stain and smell. You can also read “I shampooed my carpet and now it smells like urine“.

Cleaning with Hydrogen peroxide

Next is hydrogen peroxide. This is a common household product if you have pets in your house. Pour hydrogen peroxide on the urine affected area. Pour enough hydrogen peroxide to wet the dried stained area. This might create foam on the floor. After five minutes wipe the hydrogen peroxide with a clean towel, and let the surface dry. This process might not clean the stain at one time, but it works well. If it is not cleaned in one try, then try it a few times more.

Cleaning with Hair developer solutions

Some professionals sometimes recommend applying hair developer solutions. They are like a bleaching agent and clear ups the stain on the floor. Use it to wet the area and wipe it after 15 minutes. Let the floor dry with good ventilation. Cause flow of air removes bad odor and clears the stain. If necessary use sander to the sand of the top affected area of the surface of the hardwood. Apply the hair developer solution and wait for 20 minutes. Scrub the area and wash off.

If the stain still presents then apply stronger bleach. Chlorine is one of them; it can easily remove stain and smell from the wood.

Cleaning with a commercial product

If dog urine soaked into the finished hardwood floor and still not cleared with the natural recipe, they you should go for a commercial product. There is some good product for professional stain remover.

The process of using them also the same. Clean the area; apply them on the dried area wait for the written time on the product. Bolt it and wipe the area with a clean towel.

There is also some product solely for stink removal. Spray it over the area and let it dry. It will clean the bacteria and deodorize the area.

Cleaning the stain with a steam mop

It is not advised to use a steam mop in the dried urine area. The vapor from the steam mop and the pressure of it will only make it worse. The high-pressure vapor will make the urine spread deeper. So try not to use a steam cleaner for pet stains.

Seal the hardwood after cleaning

After cleaning the reseal the hardwood floor if necessary. Cause dog urine might ware of the top layer of protected hardwood floor. It is easy to do by yourself. After well sending clear the dust completely. Try to use fine sandpaper. 80 to 100 or more. Cause if you grit with more rough sandpaper it might remove more than you need. The unleveled surface is another problem that might lead to more surface distortion. Than Just add colorant to spirits and then apply it to the area two or three coat of wood finish.

If it is not possible by yourself then get help from a professional contractor.

Pets are most important to us. No matter how careful we are about potty-break, schedule pee happens. Only swift action and necessary steps will save you from the bad smell and stain embracement. So dog urine soaked into the hardwood floor is not a major problem. After cleaning the urine deodorize the area so dogs do not urinate again. If necessary, try to get help from professionals. We should also take care of our dog litters. Place them as they are comfortable to use and easy to access.

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