Norwex Mop vs. Bona: Which Floor Mop Is the Best?

The best kind of mop you could ever use to clean your hardwood floors and will give you a job well done are the microfiber mops. Norwex and Bona mops are two great choices with similarities, advantages, and disadvantages.

The cleaning solutions are the main difference between a Norwex mop and a Bona mop. For Norwex, all you need is water along with your cleaning pad with no additional chemicals or solutions. Bona, on the other hand, has an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The Bona mops are seen as a better choice when compared to Norwex because they are said to last longer and give you fewer problems than the latter would.

Norwex Mop vs Bona

What is a Norwex mop?

The Norwex mop is a microfiber mop system that usually comes with a mop head, handle, pads, and mop clothes that efficiently clean windows. All one needs to do is add water to the pad, and it gives your hardwood floors the shine it needs while killing bacteria and germs.

The Norwex mop parts are environmentally friendly materials aimed at protecting the environment. The mop itself can detect any particles or dirt on the floors, windows, or any surface in general. The dirt will line up and stick to the mop head, making it easier for you to clean the floors without going around. This way, you do not need to worry about unsafe chemicals on the floor.

The pole of the mop base can be adjusted to any suitable height, meaning anyone can use the mop and still feel comfortable. You can also attach the mop cloth to an attachment so you can clean higher windows easily.

With the lock system on the mop (a flip-down button), you can lock your mops, so they do not fall off when placed against a surface. This mop is lightweight, with the wet pads able to cleanse dust quickly.

What is a Bona mop?

The Bona mop is also a microfiber mop perfect for hardwood floors. Bona provides a cleaning solution to be added to the pad when cleaning, unlike Norwex, where you only need water. They state that their cleaning solutions are toxic-free, so you may not need to bother about unsafe chemical reactions.

The only problem with this is that you need to purchase a cleaning solution whenever you run out. Unfortunately, hardwood and tiles do not use the same cleaners; you will need to buy a different one.

One good thing about the Bona mop is its ability to dry your wet floors 40% faster than most mops would. With this, you do not need to wait for too long to have dry floors. It also has a spray bottle connected to it.

The spray bottle only sprays the right amount of cleaning solution you will possibly need. Lastly, it comes with grip corners, a detachable hook, and a refillable cartridge. All these features make it a very convenient mop to use.

The differences between a Norwex mop and a Bona mop.

Apart from the main difference stated above, which is used in the mop pads, there are other differences between a Norwex mop and a Bona mop. One of these is quality.

Customers buy these mops in hopes that they last for a very long time. When your mop is durable enough, it will last for a long time. The higher the quality, the more durable it is.

The Norwex mop pads do not last longer than five years. Even though the mop may still be strong, the pads will be worn out and not good enough to be used anymore. On the other hand, the Bona mop pads last up to 300 machine washes. After this, it may not be as good as it used to be.

 Norwex mopsBona mops
CostIt is pretty costly and may not give you the worth of your price.It is affordable and will provideyou the value of your price.
Cleaning solutionsThese mops clean with just water. This way, your floors are safe from chemical damage.The Bona mops have a cleaning solution that is toxic-free and environmentally friendly. There is a possibility that it will cause chemical damage to your floors.
Mop pad qualityThis contains nylon fibers but can leave streaks on the floor after mopping.This is made from high-quality materials and can absorb dirt properly.
StreaksIt leaves a hard streak on wooden and tiled floors.It leaves no spots behind.
Customer favoriteMost people complain that the Norwex mop is a disappointment.This has good ratings and reviews and has served its purpose well.

Pros and cons of Norwex mops


  • Capable of collecting hairs, dust, and other debris.
  • You can use the cloth mop to clean glass particles.
  • You do not need to worry about chemical damage to your floors.
  • The mop system comes with different parts for different functions.
  • It is perfect for getting rid of bacteria, germs, and microparticles.
  • It has a rubber brush that you can use to brush pet furs off couches.


  • It leaves a hard streak or film on floors.
  • It has a big mop head that is not ideal for tight spaces.
  • Costly.

Pros and cons of Bona mops


  • It produces a safe scent for people and pets because it has less perfume.
  • The cleaning solution is toxic-free and not made using strong chemicals. Your floors might not get damaged.
  • It is very affordable and worth your money.
  • The mop pads can clean a large amount of space during short periods.
  • It is durable and will last for a long time.
  • The attached spray bottle makes your work easier.


  • There may be leakages.
  • The mop heads can be too big for tiny spaces.
  • It is more expensive than traditional mops.


Norwex mops are convenient and lightweight mop systems that are not a wrong choice to have, providing you are willing to ignore the recurrent bad reviews. The Bona mops are affordable, durable, and will give you your money’s worth.

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