Echo vs. Stihl Chainsaw

Almost every chainsaw user knows that Echo and Stihl are the top chainsaw brands in the market, and this is because of the high-quality chainsaws they produce. To have found this article means you have narrowed down your choices to both options; luckily, you are not alone.

Echo has been in the chainsaw business for more than forty years. The Yamabiko Corporation of Japan owns the brand, and they are known for their lightweight chainsaws. They produce several chainsaws that come in different sizes but are all a reliable choice.

Stihl has been around since 1926, founded by Andreas Stihl, and is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and other power equipment. Stihl is known for manufacturing its chainsaw parts in-house, which is quite interesting. They are the world’s biggest-selling chainsaw brand.

One major difference between both brands is that Stihl is well known for having a wider range of models when compared to Echo. They also come with fancy features such as the air filtration system, which you will not find in an Echo chainsaw.

Echo vs Stihl Chainsaw
 Echo ChainsawStihl Chainsaw
ProductsEcho has fewer chainsaws when compared with Stihl. They have over ten gas-powered chainsaw models, zero electric models, and three battery models.Stihl has the upper hand, as they have many products. They have over thirty gas-powered chainsaw models, over three electric models, and six battery models.
Air filtration systemYou cannot find an air filtration system and other special features on Echo chainsaws.Stihl chainsaws come with many special features, some of which adds to the prices of their chainsaws. You can find an air filtration system on some Stihl chainsaws.
FeaturesEcho products come with kickback protection and automatic chain oiling. Unlike Stihl, they make use of chain brakes which are activated by plastic kickback guards and inertia.Stihl products also come with kickback protection and automatic chain oiling, but they only use chain brakes.
WarrantyEcho chainsaws come with a five-year warranty.Stihl chainsaws come with a one-year warranty.
AvailabilityEcho chainsaws are easy to find when compared with Stihl chainsaws. You can purchase them through independent dealersand large home improvement companies.You can only purchase Stihl chainsaws throughindependent retailers; they have about 8,000 stores in the United States.  

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Differences Between Echo Chainsaws and Stihl Chainsaws


Since Echo and Stihl are two completely different brands, it is no surprise that their products are also completely different. As stated above, Stihl has a wider range of perfect products for every kind of job. On the other hand, Echo does not have as many products as Stihl, but they are also reliable. 

Echo chainsaws are lighter than Stihl, making them the perfect option for cutting through firewood and trees. They are also the best choice for people who find it easier to handle lightweight chainsaws. 

Stihl chainsaws come with many special features, making them a customer favorite. They manufacture special chainsaws that are to be used for emergency purposes. The MS 460 Rescue is a perfect example, a special heavy-duty chainsaw designed for emergency service work. 

Design and Build

One major thing Echo chainsaws have over Stihl chainsaws is that they are lightweight, meaning you can work for a long period and not get tired. Apart from that, they feature a pro-fire ignition system, which helps the chainsaw attain a complete power cycle in two piston movements. 

The best thing about Stihl chainsaws is that the components are manufactured in-house. Even though Echo chainsaws are powerful and lightweight, Stihl has the upper hand in durability because of their high-quality guide bars and saw chains. 


Let us look at one of the best-selling models of each brand; the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss and the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf. 

The Farm Boss produces up to 3.49 brake horsepower and has an engine power of 50.2 cc, which is considerably less than the Echo CS-590, but of course, that is not to say that there are no other Stihl chainsaws with higher engine power. 

The MS 271 is a heavy-duty, high-performance chainsaw perfect for farmers, gardeners, and landscapers. It has a chain oil capacity of 8.12 oz and a fuel holding capacity of 16.9 oz. Lastly, it weighs 12.3 lbs. 

The CS-590 is also a heavy-duty chainsaw that will cut through the toughest hardwood with minimal effort. It produces up to 3.89 brake horsepower and has an engine power of 59.8 cc (2-stroke engine), which is impressive. 

Warranty and Price

When it comes to warranty, Echo provides a better warranty option than Stihl. They have a five-year warranty on all their products (for consumers) and a one-year warranty for commercially used products. 

On the other hand, Stihl offers a one-year warranty on all Chainsaws (for consumers) and a 90-day warranty for commercially used products. 

As for price, there is not much of a difference between both chainsaws. Stihl chainsaws are somewhat more expensive than Echo chainsaws, while purchasing replacement parts for Echo chainsaws is more costly. 

For example, let us look at the prices of two models from each brand. The Stihl MS 210 C-E costs $290, while the Echo CS-370 costs $279. There is not much of a difference. 

The Stihl MS 271 costs $429.95, while the Echo CS-490 costs $349.99. Stihl is the most expensive choice out of both options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Stihl chainsaw is perfect for cutting firewood? 

The Stihl Wood Boss MS 251 is perfect for everyday light-duty tasks. It does a great job of cutting firewood and felling small trees. 

It is a lightweight chainsaw that requires little to no effort. It also comes with interesting features, such as an air filtration system. 

What Echo chainsaw is best for heavy-duty work? 

If you are looking to find an Echo chainsaw that will give you the best results for your heavy work, you should check out the Echo CS-590.

This chainsaw delivers a high amount of engine power and is known to cut through the toughest hardwood. 

Stihl or Echo?

It depends on your preference. Echo has lightweight chainsaws, which is a feature most people go for. Stihl offers a wide range of products to choose from, meaning you will find the perfect one. 


We cannot say that one is better than the other, but if we compare, Stihl has the upper hand in most areas. If you are the type to prefer lightweight chainsaws because you can easily maneuver them, Echo is your best bet. Apart from the fact that their anti-vibration system is also top-notch.

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