How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet

Carpet adorns our floors. It is beautiful, mushy, and you need to spend quite a bit on it. In general, we tend to consider the big-sized rugs as carpet as well. But they are rugs only. Carpet is that soft covering that covers every section and corner of your floor.

So, if you have carpet flooring or big-sized rugs/carpet in your room, mopping is not what you can do. You can dust it, but wet mopping is not what you can try on carpets. Only dusting can never sanitize the floor. Be it hardwood flooring, tile flooring, or carpet flooring. You need to use either water or solutions.

How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet

How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet

Steam Cleaner

Carpets are delicate and need to be maintained carefully. Clearing a stain from a hardwood floor or tile floor is easy. You can scrub it, use a solution. However, carpet is a different thing. You have to have a deep clean to sanitize it but without ruining its texture, look and color. So, many might prefer dry cleaning. But even that doesn’t clean the carpet enough. You need a thorough deep clean of a carpet.

In the case of deep cleaning your carpet, chose the best steam cleaner for carpets. Why a steam cleaner, think for a while. We have already nulled dry cleaning. Then, carpet flooring is almost an attached thing. Pulling the pieces out and washing them in water and solution, then drying them is a long and impossible process. No one does that.

Then you cannot drop the solution all over and start brushing the carpet flooring with a scrubber or brush. That is going to ruin your carpet. You are going to target and clean only the stain with a solution. And if you are one of those who have enthusiastically spent on a snow-white rug, then you know you have taken a gigantic hassle on yourself.

All these issues can be solved with just one cleaner, and that is only the steam cleaner. Now, the first question that arises in your mind is, how does a steam cleaner work on carpet. We are going to talk about it in detail, but for now, just know that it works and works the best.


Now steam cleaning a carpet is full of benefits. We are very sure you are cleaning your carpet daily. If there are some tough stains on the carpet, for sure, you have removed it. Not with the steam cleaner, of course, because steam cleaning is a process that is better done once a year.

There are various other ways. They might ruin the carpet, though. But a ruined texture of carpet is better than an ugly looking stain. At least it is not dirty and is cleaned thoroughly. When you are going to steam clean, you will feel the difference. Your carpet’s texture will remain intact, but the stain will be long gone that too with few swipes. It will look fresh, new, and get back its lost glory. Its shelf life is going to increase.

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Tiny Particles

None in this world could clean every corner of their house from dust. Because you dust one side and move to the other, and the previous one starts gathering dust at once. It is a cycle. Even if it looks clean, there are tiny particles on the surfaces. They are just not meeting your eyes, but it is there.

So even if you dust and swipe the entire house once in the morning and later in the evening every day you will see your sofas, carpets are losing the freshness and newness. They are getting dirty, and the covers, carpets, and rugs start dimming. It happens in front of your eyes but slowly. And one fine day you realize even after so much effort your carpet, covers need replacement. Why people tend to opt for dark colors, now you know.

Only dusting can never sanitize the floor. Be it hardwood flooring, tile flooring, or carpet flooring. You need to use either water, or for example, a good-quality steam cleaner.

So what steam cleaner does is it goes deep in the carpet. A steam cleaner, as the name suggests, is a hot wash with an effective cleaning solution. So, it is bound to go deep and remove even the tiniest of substances. So, no dirt, debris, mites, bacteria, no tough stain, nothing.

Mites And Molds

It might sound disgusting, but mites and molds forming on the carpet are natural. And they cannot be removed through dusting. Neither these are some tough stains which can be washed off. These are a different type of mess. If your carpet is not fully sanitized, they are going to form. So, the best way to thoroughly sanitize your carpet is to use hot water with an effective solution. We are basically talking about a steam cleaner.

How To Use It

For steam cleaning, you first need to dust your carpet thoroughly. You can use a vacuum cleaner because it goes deep and is easy to do.

There will be dust, dirt, debris, crumbs, minute substances, and if you directly use steam on them, the cleaning will not be as good as it should be if steam cleaned after vacuuming.

After it’s vacuumed, start using the steamer. Hold it in one place, not more than 20-30 seconds. Better is to follow the manual of the cleaner you bought. Make sure to let the carpet dry for at least a day.

Steam Cleaning- How often

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process. So, overdoing will never be a good idea. It is not a cleaning process that you do every day or once a week. Your carpet doesn’t need that. You can buy a steam cleaner, and they are not even that pricey. But keep them for using it on carpet or rug only when it needs a deep cleaning.

Even once in a month or two will be too much if you do regular dusting of your carpet. In our opinion, if you have too much traffic in your house, once in six months is okay. The best option is to steam clean your carpet once a year.

So, what we have gathered from this whole discussion is that you can clean your carpet in many ways. But once a few months, you need to deep clean the carpet, and the best choice for that is a good-quality steam cleaner. So, get one now.

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