Living Proof Magazine Issue #4: Jeff Hamada


Intro and Interview by Damion Silver

Powerful impact BOOOOOOOM from the cannon.

I don’t think Busta Rhymes knew that Jeff Hamada heard him and heard him loud and clear.

I met Jeff about two years ago in wonderful Vancouver, BC. Having never met Jeff, I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to roll––I felt like I was on an internet blind date to an extent. Our mutual friend John Hall linked us up, and all I knew of Jeff was his design work, which, not to jump on the wagon, but his work was dope.

I rolled out of the hotel with a colleague of mine, to find a young, twenty-something, Hamada waiting in the car. He popped the trunk to show some fresh-off-the-press designs for 3sixteen, and we went off from there.

Jeff gave us a whirlwind tour of the city’s food, shops, galleries, steam clocks, graffiti spots, suspension bridges, and national parks. After a few days, I thought Jeff was going to run for Mayor any day––handshakes and hugging children I tell you. HAMADA FOR MAYOR! Too bad I cant vote in BC.

Since our first meeting, I have been following Jeff’s design and art adventures pretty close. He has proven his ability to tap into so many interesting facets of the creative world, as well as providing a new platform in which to inspire other creatives.

Looking back, I guess there was a glimmer in his eye, kind of like Santa Claus in those vintage Coca-Cola ads. The glimmer that shows you something is going on the in there but you cant quite put your finger on what it is.

Jeff has his hands in almost everything–– photography, sneakers, design, apparel, blogging. With no end in sight, I think its best to get used to having Jeff involved in your daily life in one way or another.

I think that’s a good thing.

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