Living Proof Magazine Issue #7


Living Proof Magazine Issue 7 is now available to the masses.

Kicking it off in this issue, iconic and legendary artist Kenny Scharf, who also graces the front cover, tells us tales about the first time he picked up a can of spray paint, how he met Keith Haring, and how New York City has changed over the years. Complimenting our Scharf feature, Clare Rojas, who is featured on the back cover, gives us an intimate look at some of her recent works.

Moving through the rest of the magazine, Tobin Yelland and his photographs are on display as he speaks about his subject matter and Richard Colman dispels the secrets behind his patterns and cone-shaped hats.

Rounding out the rest of the magazine, Jessy Nite (interviewed by Jen Stark) speaks about her work and how she’s not a lesbian, Mint & Serf engage in a conversation about a variety of topics, Othelo Gervacio (interviewed by Erik Foss) humors us with an anecdote about farting in church, Dominic Episcopo gets his hands bloody with meat sculptures, and Ben Pier photographs the soccer-filled day of Mickey from I Am The Avalanche in our fashion story.

Living Proof Magazine Issue 7 will be available soon for absolutely FREE at retailers and galleries such as Supreme, Reed Space, St. Alfred, Ubiq, Subliminal Projects, O.H.W.O.W., and more. The issue is currently for sale for $6 in our online store and will be available for that same price at other retailers. Limited edition of 10,000. Individually wrapped in a plastic bag.

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