Marco Zamora “New Work” At POVevolving Gallery

On June 11th, our good friend and hat collaborator Marco Zamora will open an all new exhibitions of works entitled “New Work” at Los Angeles’s POVevolving Gallery. For this exhibition, Zamora continues on his themes of urban life as depicted through his stark black and white with minimal bright color accents palette. Says Zamora about his vignette, snapshot-style paintings

“…these are paintings about present time. They are not only about an unspecified place, but they depict what is happening now. I feel like we are in a transient state which we have always been in and will be. Our culture is one of always needing more, always moving, and always working. It is our nature. Lately, I have been painting the homeless and people of the street because it is real. It reflects the NOW. These images are real experiences that I am recording and re-orchestrating as paintings. The actions of the American… the human condition in the place I inhabit at the moment… ”

In addition to the paintings in the show, Marco will create a sculptural video installation out of bricks, wood and paint.

The above image is a preview of the work in show, while another and the show flier are below.

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